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i want to quit 4chan but i don't know where to go next? Any suggestions?

t. anon who wants to be normal not normalfag.
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How about quit using the internet as a whole for a while ?

If you really want to stop browsing 4chan don't make a thread on it
Quiting 4chan is easy part actually. Only thing that stopping me is besides this shit holes like /r9k/ /pol/ /b/ /soc/ and other nswf boards, 4chan has good boards to disscus things.

I can't quit internet well i don't know internet is cool.
It's too hot where I live to wear any of that shit.

If you want memes and want to be a filthy untermensch pig dog normie, I suggest the following sites.
>9gag on my nuts

>tfw I have no Pentecostal gf with floor-length Hair.
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Jesus christ Rapunzel this isn't Game of Thrones get a fucking haircut before you fuck your hair up worse than those hippies who roll them into shit-locks.
>tfw pentocostal
>mom stopped taking us to a church for a while and let 14-17 year old me cut all my hair off
>Used to have the prettiest hair I've ever seen, just below the butt
>Now hair-let
chill it keeps growing just wait

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Life sucks.png
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>Therapist asks me to describe myself in three words.
>I say, after giving it some thought, "Spineless, Unpleasant, Coward"
>Therapist seems to get mad at me and says "Anon you need to take this seriously if you want me to help you"

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>falling for the therapy meme
If you're a robot, therapy can't help you. It's for normalfags who don't have real problems.
Maybe it's just a shitty theraphist.
It's why I got out of therapy when I was like 13.
Lie, lie, lie.

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>be me
>going to the mc donalds with my parents after the visit with my therapist because my mom is too lazy to cook
>mc donalds is full of gipsies, arabs, normies, and couples of my age (19)
i feel sick lads

how is your day going
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Do not go to Mc Donalds, it makes you fat. Also burgers taste bad.
>not going through the drive through
fuck off string bean
their mcnuggets are full of protein, I run through a 20 pc after every workout

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mfw when op is prob a 10y old degen in his daddys cum dungeon
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Nice try, you muzzie faggot
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I hate muslims and niggers. Beat that.

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Haha when your friends on Facebook think you're suicidal cause they dont understand I R O N Y haha
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>le twitter ironically want to die meme
Actually commit suicide.
>instead of messaging himself he let's an algorithm send a message instead

People are shit.
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Lmao, kill me amirite?
Fucking do it pussy
You won't

ITT: That kid thread: weird experiences edition

>that kid who snapped and beat the shit out of the school bully, broke 3 of the bullies ribs and a wrist
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>the kid who shat himself in class, not once but three times
>that Muslim kid that thought he was better than everyone for having a different religion
>in human geography he ALWAYS has to pronounce the names of people or cities in Middle East because
>still got bullied for being a minority
>the school bully who got away with EVERYTHING because he had a "hard childhood"
>he stapled another kid in the face 7 times but got away with it because he had mommy issues

Eventually he did get fucked because he took a kids eye out with a pencil, landed him in Juvi for quite a while. last i heard he got into a drug ring or something. that was the last i heard from him

Reminder that if you wear anything but boxer briefs you're a slut. If you wear boxers you're basically automatically masturbating all the time because your peepee brushes against the fabric and just dangles around lewdly and leaks precum like a broken faucet. If you wear briefs you're basically walking around in a chastity cage lite with your balls and peepee all squeezed together in a lewd manner.
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What if I wear panties to bed?
t. cutlet
who mutilated you
It means you're a gorl & you should get out of my board desu

t. deluded autofapping permaboner slut
I'm uncut.

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>hear gay guys have lower standards
>browsing craigslist
>"Must be hairless, athletic, hung, twinks"
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>want to trap
>have a face like Robert Patrick

>"Must be hairless, athletic, hung, twinks"
You can be hairless, it's just a lot of work, especially if you want to keep it that way at all times. You can be athletic too. However the rest is game over if you didn't win the genetic lottery.
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>tfw average-looking gay virgin
>tfw people assume you're promiscuous once they find out

I wish this meme would end, I'm terrified of intimacy

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What's wrong with people, /r9k/?
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I kind of agree with the idea of the modern nerd. You could play video games and shitpost all day but as long as you work out, have good hair, and get a douchey tattoo you're pretty guranteed to get pussy.

I didn't do/have any of those things until college and as soon as you do people just start wanting to hang around you and that boosts your confidence way up even though I was still jacking twice a day and struggling to be good at Street Fighter.
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>vidya and shitpost
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>Illegal taking steps to blend in to avoid ICE

nice try Paco

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Pic related, my result.
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Kill yourself, you commie faggot.
File: 20170404_144155png.png (86KB, 1014x927px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Fucking centre-left. Odd.
I'm pretty right-wing on immigration.
That's like being homophobic but still finding pleasure in fingering your ass

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>Come home
>Feel like I shouldn't do anything to improve my life because I've already worked a full day
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half the reason I can't justify working myself

>life is exactly the same as it is now
>except I waste eight hours a day to make money to move out because that's what "adults" do
With my commute on top of my 9 hour day I get maybe 2 hours tops to myself everyday if I want to get at least 6 hours of sleep. Don't blame yourself, it's called wageslavery for a reason. When will it all end brobots.
Thats why you improve yourself on your days off.

>work 4 days a week
>attend classes at a technical college on my 3 days off

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How are you holding up

un fucking bearable
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Have intense migraines 3-4 times a month, but this last year I've been better at quenching them.

>realize the headache I'm having will 100% evolve into migraine
>lie down for an hour
>twist head in some weird fucking position
>an hour later, migraine is averted

Only works sometimes and my neck is starting to hurt really bad because of the way i twist it. But honestly, i'd rather have a fucked up neck than experiencing these fucking migraines.
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twist neck* not twist head lul
what did the doc say?

For all the cyborgs of /r9k/ to hang out. Robots and normies can come in too, but try not to fuck up the ratio. Beep boop
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How do you know when you're a cyborg?
File: 374.png (398KB, 1276x602px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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55 master race reporting in
Will do test soon, I actually might fall ij the cyborg sweet spot

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Nobody will love me because I'm abstinent and guys that approach me just want sex
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>hurr durr I'm abstinent
>virtue signalling this hard
virgin or not, you're still a worthless wankstain.
>Who are you quoting?
-every normie ever
what did he mean by this?

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