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Okay i think we need to set some ground rules /r9k/ as i am sick of seeing all these normalfags and summerfags on our board.

>If you have a gf you're a fucking normalfag
>If you have ever had sex you're a fucking normalfag
>If you actually go outside and socialize you're a fucking normalfag
>If you have any friends you're a fucking normalfag
>If you have a job you're a fucking normalfag

If you do any of these things and are not a virgin neet you are a fucking normalfag and DO NOT BELONG ON THIS BOARD!!.
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Dumb thread. Rules we actually need are

>No porn threads
>No trap threads
Did I miss anything fellow robots??.
Not a thing you fucking newfag

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The reality is that 4cucks dislike reddit because they cower at the thought of exposing their ego. Under the blanket of anonymity, they can post all their retarded opinions without facing any criticism or having to improve either their arguments or discourse in any way. This is why more often than not, the lowest status human beings on this planet end up here.

>b-but my freedom of speech
>b-but muh board and site culture

It's all shit. Post 2007 4chan and arguably as early as 2004 was always in decline. 90% of the userbase currently does not even stand for what 4chan was originally about and they have this distorted, misguided image of what they think it represents as pushed by the newer userbase, yet they feel some sense of entitlement as if preferring this site made them better than the rest of the internet.

It does not. Grow the fuck up and free yourself from the shackles that are 4chan in your growth as a person. A week or a month after leaving this place, you will begin understanding the truth if you have a triple digit coefficient.
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Reddit really is better. 4chan keeps up this appearance of "we can say whatever we want here!" but you can't. Mods on 4chan are infinitely less transparency than mods on Reddit. They can control the entire narrative of a board.
They do it for free goy, you should be grateful that they filter out the garbage for the board's sake and nobody else's.
I don't like Reddit because it reminds me too much of anime, I don't want to feel like I am living in Psycho Pass.

It's simply too overbearing for my tastes, even 4chan is heading in that direction, but I remain here because other chans don't get enough posters to provide enough new content.

I don't know what the fuck OP is on about.

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Going through a prettt bad manic episode, what should I do?
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Hahahaha that's hilarious count jumbo, I hope you feel good about yourself
Well that's odd. It was some guy who said he can hear me, he knows where I am, and there's nothing he can do to help. Now the post is gone
adderall, ephedrine, cocaine and some z-pills and you'll be fine in no time

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Give me one (7) reasons why I shouldn't kill myself RIGHT FUCKING NOW
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Pepe doesn't want you to do it
because i love u op

>he is a 6'+ virgin
>literally life on easy mode
>Still loses

Meanwhile I'm a non-virgin 5'7 manlet. How does that make you feel lanklets?
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>tfw 6'3 non-virgin robot
It doesn't matter. I could be ultra chad and if I still had my mind I would still be scared of women and intimacy as I am now. It just shows that I'm a true robot. People who just need to "be a little taller" are basically normies who got robbed of their cake. Like, get fucked.
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Pretty bad desu
>tfw super lanklet

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How the fuck do I get back in shape? I just don't have the mind for it back in the day I had a fitness buddy that lived up the road and we did shit together now he's moved away and we never talk so I have no one to stay in shape with and I live in a small town so it's like fucking impossible to do anything there's no one in my town going on walks alone is so boring all I can think about is how much it sucks.

I have a friend in the town over 20 minutes but I have no license so it's sketchy as fuck driving there but I can't just sit alone all the time idk what to do. I hate either being trapped inside or having to drive it's fucking bull shit. Why can't I just do stuff on foot.

I was like 170-180 back in the day and I'd sometime get up to like 185 or 190 but now I'm fucking 230. I see them move the scale at the doctors office and I fucking lose it and my fat distribution is NOT kind I have to pencil thin or I have man tits.
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Go read the sticky over on >>>/fit/ and maybe hit up some of hte threads

They're nice people and will help you out but they have a pretty low tolerance for repeating themselves or people not reading the sticky, so please do that.
>tfw 22 year old with a dad bod
>>tfw want to get in shape but it cost too much money I.e gym, food

I guess I'll stay fat I'm too intelegent to play into the jew fitness meme
I know about calories and exercise we studied it for years but I just can't do it. I can't just work out in a house alone it sucks. I can't go on walks without talking and shit me and my friend always laughed our balls off when we did something and that's what made it work.

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Do not click illegal CP
I hate you forever and ever op pls kill urself now and im awake because my pills havent kicked in yet
This is a your mother will die post, don't click it

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>would like a gf

>to get a gf I have to...
>be confidant
>have cool hobbies
>have lots of money
>work out
>have a big social circle
>not allowed to show the slightest sign of autism
>not be reliant on her
>be a sex god

What's the point?

It feels like after doing all that stuff that getting a gf would just be a step back.

Getting a gf and spending my time with her would just make me lesser in all the things I did to acquire the gf in the first place. At most she'd be a status symbol and child dispensary. Not something that would help me mature as a person since I had to do all the maturing to get her in the first place.

I really wish I didn't think about stuff like this so much, but it gets to me sometimes...
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Stop making excuses and get a gf if you want one.
File: 1349325926243.jpg (15KB, 221x225px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>have to go down this checklist I made to get a gf

At most you're purposely holding yourself back because you're too afraid to try.
Actually,the only thing you need is a mental stability and good job stability. All that ither shit you said is optional.

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>tfw my dick is o my 7.5 inches and 5.5 circ

Time to Kms I guess
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>tfw 9 inch dicklet
at least I can buy hormones online
File: 1485876664555.png (46KB, 253x294px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Dick is one meter long. I bet it won't even be long enough to get into the girl.

Might as well off myself :(
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Stupid b8 thread.
I have no problems with my 8" dick.
You just need to get very good at eating girls out and using your hand.

Don't listen to the trolls, 8" is average and perfectly fine.

What's the reason you go to /r9k/? Are you mostly a lurker/poster?
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It's a pile of shit so I fit right in.
People get me here more than the ones who logically should.
I have nowhere else compelling to be,.
Pick one.
Only place where I can talk about my mental issues
I only come here to post and I basically only read threads I participate in. I think it's fun to have a general topic board with other social outcasts that I can relate to. I used to exclusively lurk but I gained the courage to finally start posting and I realized it's actually way more addictive then just lurking

>tfw can't have certain strings of 1s and 0s on my computer
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just type them in senpai
>you'll be arrested for having a certain arrangement of pixels on your screen
why live

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How would you feel if your roommate that recently moved in with you slept in a coffin as his bed?
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why is it that I can tell that's a Blacked video?
That would be pretty cool tbdes
Its not blacked its a threesome and i think they are all white

I am thinking of spending all my money on luxury brands like Burberry, Zegna and Emporio Armani. Any tips?
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Virgin + NEET fashion = 4chan
Virgin + cuck fashion = /r/streetwear

Your call OP
What is NEET fashion?
boxer shorts and a stained t-shirt?
you're just giving money to rich people to give off the impression that you're affluent

you'd be better off dressing in cheaper brands and have money for consumables and travelling.

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I am a gigantic piece of shit and I want to die. Ask me anything.
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>I am a gigantic piece of shit and I want to die. Ask me anything.

whens the last time you did something nice for someone?
I made really shitty dinner for my family around 2 days ago
Where do you live and do you really want to die or are you just a hyperbolic cunt?

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Girlfriend questioned why she is even with me. I'm going to kill myself if she leaves me.
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that might be the most slavic person I've seen in my life
File: 1501446123475.png (208KB, 392x384px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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thots aint worth it b
wtf is wrong with slavs

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