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lmao can you guys guess what the purpose of this list is?

hint: made by a raging normalfag
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Looks like a bucket list of some sort.
100 Reasons Not to Kill Yourself.

As told by a roastie.
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ding ding ding, why are normalfags so fucking oblivious. well adjusted people genocide when?

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>Free will is an illus-
*punches normalfag in face*
Was that an illusion normie? Oh I'm sorry I guess I didn't have a choice.
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Ttippity Toppity Kekitty
Honestly if he was real about what he was saying he wouldn't get mad at you
Your entire concept of justice and right and wrong changes if you truly disregard free will as a fallacy
no it doesn't

if free will doesn't exist and you don't believe in free will but you get made when you are punched in the face all it says is that our moral sense is innate and beyond free choice. getting mad at someone who punches you does not have to be an abstract judgement of character, it's a very simple threat detection and survival technique. whether free will exists or not it makes sense that humans would punish murderers for example, because it is the rational response of self preservation.

determinism means there's only one way to think, it doesn't mean we are retarded or stop thinking altogether.

>tfw stupid government wouldn't take the picture on the left and put the one on the right as my passport
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anon... you have fetal alcohol syndrome
Fuck I wish
You look objectively better in the one on the right

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>car cucks
When will they learn?
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I saw a motorcycle fag get pulled over for doing that once. made my whole day.
Yamaha R6 here. Feels good to be uncaged and uncucked.
lmao alright OP enjoy your overpriced bicycle with a motor attached which you can only really ride when its not shitty weather. also bonus points for not being able to transport shite with that thing. car cucks amirite??

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>tfw used to be a brony
>still think about it from time to time
What the fuck were we all thinking man
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you wanted friends
I was never a brony but I guess it was the bright colors. Probably why so many autistic people like anime as well
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>used to be gay
>still think about it every night

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britfeel june.jpg
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Back to normal edition
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Can't wait for the crusade edition.
Is a kit-kat a biscuit or a chocolate?
can we have a movie night now doxanon is back on his medication

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"Go get some sleep."

"What are you gotta do?"

"I'll drop by your office tomorrow and we can start sorting this mess out."

>get in car
>bille jean starts playing

Why has no game ever achieved this level of comfiness since?
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They should make GTA 6 in Vice city but it should be in the 80s again.
"Go get some sleep he says."
"I've been sitting in this chair all night with the lights off drinking coffee"
>driving around the beach front at sunset while 80s music/your personal music station plays

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10 replies and I'll post a pic of my dick
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Bump.... plz.... I need attention...
Alrighto brother.
Curiosity brought me here.

no homo
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I'll post mine right now

enjoy lads

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I wanted to play some minecraft after that nostalgia thread.
Anyone up for it?

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>1 player in maximum 999 players
Yeah okay have a bump
Is it on the newest version or some old one to remind the good times?

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>don't believe in tarot cards but give them a try anyway
>enter my name and date of birth
>get this
>they all describe me PERFECTLY and they also mostly cancer each other out

>The Devil and the Wheel of fortune are the only dominating ones

>mfw I'm gambling my money on crypto


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Dumb phone poster here, take this I guess
You're retarded. Tarot cards/astrology/fortunes are all vaguely worded cookie cutter insights designed to get money from the gullible who find comfort in something above them that's out of their control, because they know deep down their issues are of their own and the last thing people want is for them to be the cause of their own problems.
OP why did you enter your name into a data mining site you spazzy twat?

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>Oooh h-hey Anon...wh-whats up? Mmm...tonight? Like...ahhh ffuck...like on a d-date?
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I wouldn't care about getting sloppy seconds from a slut, as long as I get to fuck her or at least taste her butthole

Ahsley Adams , marksheadbobbers hand jobbers
You have no dignity, sir.

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who here /afraid of public transit/?
>riding the bus for the first time a few weeks ago
>listening to music, minding my own business
>some skag comes up to me and tears the headphones off my head
>I have never been more terrified in my life
>she starts yelling at me for eye fucking her and for "ignoring her"
>no idea what the hell she's talking about, my eyes have been fixated outside the window the whole time
>start mumbling something about staring outside the whole time and not hearing her
>everybody is now staring
>I start crying
>get off on the next stop, despite it being like a mile away from my apartment
>walk home
I bought a bike the following day. I am never riding public transit ever again
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do you know what she wanted
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Weak minded never go into Bus t
Transit without expecting someone to not talk to you
She's an outlier. I've never experienced anything like that and I've taken public transport for years.

Hey guys just came from Reddit! I love this website! Hope I can make some memes with you guys!

Just a few questions:

- How can I green text?

- How can I register my username? (That sweet karma!)

- Is there an equivalent to reddit gold?
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This isn't even funny bait, this isn't even sexually attractive bait, this is just retarded. What feeling were you hoping to receive from posting this? What reaction did you expect others to have. On the internet you have the time to think about what you want to say for as long as you need to. With that in mind, the fact that you would post something to valueless makes me honestly worry about what it's like to interact with you in person. Christ.
A lot of us are from reddit so welcome I guess haha

>the greentext stuff is for stories and how ur feeling, just us the arrow key!

don't have to register but people pretend to get mad if you use your name, I usually use my reddit name so people can find me across platforms

no gold for now desu haha
- How can I green text?
you do it like this [code/greentext]

- How can I register my username? (That sweet karma!)
you put your name in the name field and put a hashtags after it with a password so nobody steals it
- Is there an equivalent to reddit gold?
there is. it's called a 4chan pass. although you have to buy it yourself. it will allow you access to the lounge board of 4chan. /vip/

if you need any further help just PM me ;)

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Children who grew up playing Nintendo ended up being weak jawed myopic beta males, while those who played xbox or ps2 were significantly more likely to be alpha. Mario and wii gay sex vs halo and god of war.
Now, it doesn't mean everyone who played ps2/xbox wasn't a beta-not by a long shot. But there is some definite correlation. I grew up playing gameboy and shit and ended up on this site. Friends who played ps/xbox grew thick facial hair, stronger jaws, sooner changed interests to sports cars, fucking women, and had 16+ inch arms 12% bodyfat going to the gym once a week.
I believe they were genetically inclined to play more violent, mature games, versus the submissive low prenatal-T betas who played pokemon, mario, or wii. just sayin
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idort master race
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>I played both Nintendo and Sony when I was a child

What the heck does this make me?
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Let me tell you guys a story. I am recently retired from a ten year career in the video game industry.

Throughout the course of my career I have several cool accomplishments but my biggest was securing a contract with Nintendo.

It was a huge deal for everyone involved because my company was small and this meant a huge boost in revenue and for them it was the first time for them hiring an outside company for the purpose intended. (Which I will get to in a minute)

So, I was sent on a 3.5 month trip to Washington only with the knowledge that I was going to help on a game that was very far behind.

What my team and I found when we got there and our true reason for being there was astounding and can fully explain a vast amount of Nintendos problems..


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>men in family are tall and handsome with great hair
>women are equally tall and gorgeous
>come out as a skinny short sperglord with horrible acne

Who here /shitgenes/
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das me except not a manlet
>tfw hair thinning
>literally no cure for this, you just gotta hope it slows down enough for your 40s-50s or shave it off now
Me, im a:
>shitty facial hair
>picked up hereditary diabetes that no family member has had for generations
Yea, it's pretty bad on my side too.
>likely teen who will have a growth spirt

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