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Chad or Tyronne?
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Depends entirely on the location
We will find out August 26.
In a fair fight, chad because of his athleticism and support from the crowd. In a dirty/no holds barred fight Tyrone because of his lack of mercy, possible possession of weapons, and fellow gangbangers.

Welcome to IslandCraft! An /r9k/ minecraft server of naval colonization, diplomacy and politics, and comfy building and exploring too if that's your thing.
For those who remember IslandCraft v.2, island generation has now been expanded so that you'll actually have to voyage to find new land.
Come on in:
Version 1.11.2, cracked clients should work.
Will add plugins should the community request them.
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Bump, got one guy on.
Bump, now two guys.
Can someone link a cracked client? I'm afraid to pirate without at least 2 referrals because of all the virus stories.

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My days as a NEET are over.

I was forced to sign up for the draft here in Kuwait, conscription starts soon too, I'm going to get sent to Yemen.

It's been nice knowing you lads, see you on the other side.
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Give em hell robot.

You'll always been in our hearts.
Good god man!
Will you ever return to us?!

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who here is jelly of my mulatto hairline?

post yours, and try and compete with my superior genetics
>protip, you can't.
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>ugly forehead wrinkles
>has to keep hair trimmed because of shit genetics
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I'm not really jelly at all
Ay yo nigga you can land a 747 on that forehead two hand hairline lookin ass.

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i just want a cute trap gf. how do i get one /b/? cant stand women, they are never loyal to a man.
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Friendly reminder that OP is massive faggot.

Keep scrolling!
They don't exist you stupid underage desperate faggot.

They will not sleep with you unless you are hot. Get this in your heads, they are even more sought after than ugly women. You have no chance.

Plus if you are not attracted to men, you wont be attracted to a man in a dress no matter how "feminine" they are. They take man shits, they have men sweat, they have deep voices, rough muscular hands and broad shoulders.

Grow up you sad little retard.
>i just want a cute trap gf.

how gay

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Share your autistic stories

>waiting at bus stop for my bus home from work
>looking down at my samsung s5, reading something
>80-something y/o woman asks me "Is that, by chance, an iPhone young man?"
>where do I begin.jpgagsjdjsh
>try to form a sentence but keep starting different sentences because there are so many things I want to inform this woman about
>i end up just saying random words and pausing as I can't form a full sentence
>look at the ground in shame and move away from her, say "sorry this is my bus"
>it wasn't my bus, i just wanted to leave
>head a couple miles in the wrong direction and waste money on another ticket

Other aut feels lads?
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>ride the bus
>sitting down
>old man enters the bus
>offer him my seat
>says "no, sit down you're probably tired" with an ironic tone
>leave the bus
>walk home
Fucking idiot ruined my day.
>Too autistic to buy anything from national socialist Korea other than memory and memory controllers
>Oh and IPS panels

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>be in relationship with another boy
>promise myself I won't cheat like I have in all my other relationships
>stay true to this for a few months
>end up cheating

Maybe it's because I'm only 19, but there's so many good looking guys out there and I can't keep my hands off them. This is my third relationship and I haven't been faithful in any of them. Someone kill me already.
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Maybe you'd be better off in an open relationship and need to find a guy who's okay with it.
You did nothing wrong.

C'est la vie
How fucking hard is it to not sext with boys while in a relationship?
Are you literally retarded?

>can't keep my hands off them
you probably could but anyways l-location

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Who else /longhaul/ here?

I'm dating my high school bully just to get back at her in the worst possible way. We've been going out for 5 years now and I'm aiming for 10 years so it'll hurt that much more when I burn the whole fucking thing down.

I am going to ruin this bitch. It's going to be glorious.
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You're doing god's work OP, deus vult.
At first I was worried that I wouldn't be able to sustain my hatred for that long, but I was wrong. It's easy as fuck! In fact, it's multiplying tenfold daily.
In 5 years, her tears are going to be the most delicious salty beverage known to man.

I don't even give a shit if it's childish or petty anymore.

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>Create a thread
>No replies
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Here's a reply.
Hope you're alright!
Are you that boring and uncreative?
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here you can have a rare reply

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>You're not entitled to sex, anon!
And complete strangers aren't entitled to my money. Why do so many girls expect to get drinks or dinner paid for them?

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Never ever pay for a date. Hell, a first date should be walking around, maybe buying ice cream and talking. If she's not willing to do this she wasn't interested in the first place.
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hillary for prison.jpg
106KB, 600x596px

just explain that you expect from her exactly what she's expecting from you. That's called "equal rights", isn't it?
Good advice, anon. I asked a girl yesterday to go on a date to the movies and she thought I was going to pay for her ticket and food.

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Post robot rooms, no normies allowed
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>cream of mushroom can under your desk
is that a cum can?
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Cleaned and organized yesterday, comfy as fuck now
But anon, all my rooms are robot rooms, don't you have your own place as well?

You ARE over 18, right?

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Atheism is a religion.

That is all, thanks.
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I was going to make a thread anyway but this fits


Answer what this paki is saying.
tldr version, he says that there needed to be a first cause/mover and that logically nothing could have existed without a first cause. I'm trying to make sense of what is true and logical at the moment, I don't have any special love for religion or atheism for that matter, I just want to know what actually is.

I've tried this thread on other boards and never got a reasonable or logical answer, which makes me wonder if atheism can actually answer this paki. I guess I'll keep trying until something makes sense.
Weeeeeee! Autismo detected. Atheism (literally without god in Greek) is a religion. Just like bald is a hair colour or being a roastie is a different form of virginity.
what is an atheism

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>tfw you fantasize about beating up your dad with a baseball bat but your not American so you don't understand what makes a high quality bat and can't buy one for real without fear of it breaking with the first hit
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Jorge just go to your therapist.
Why do you want to beat up your dad, Anon?
because if he dies i can finally be happy
and going to jail isn't that terrible in first world countries they give you tvs and internet and a free place to sleep in

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when was the last time you guys had fun? mine was in early april while playing video games when will god murder me desu
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When Trump won the election
Earlier today, I guess. Wouldn't call it "fun", more like I forgot for a bit. Was playing Path of Exile.
Last night, I was roleplaying with my fantasy waifu in bed. Spending time with your loved ones is very important.

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HotIine Miami
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l like that game
what the FUCK are you sliding
Best game soundtrack bar none. Undisputable fact.

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