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Robot income prospects in Australia.

>Military-Bux ($62,000)
>Autism-Bux ($23,000)
>NEET-bux ($13,000)
>Study-Bux ($11,000)

These are all base figures, can increase with stuff like rent assistance.

Military-Bux will be impossible for those of us who are in the mental health system.

What do you guys think?
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You get bux just for being a student, wtf
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she's probably a bitch like most women but she has such kind eyes wtf i thought the eyes never lie
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Military-Bux requirements
>Constant travel
>Cannot live at home in comfort
>Military-life in general
>Risk life and limb

Autism-bux requirements
>Consistent mental health check ups with psychologist/psychiatrist
>Consistent medical health check ups with general practitioner

NEET-bux requirements
>Fortnightly job search requirements, must goto job-center place every 2 weeks to get your log book of job searches signed off on
>Only lasts for 6 months, followed by 6 months of forced work

Study-Bux requirements
>Full-time university student
>Constant assessments and exams (stressful)

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So a few weeks ago I hooked up with a dude on grindr and had a lot of fun, he basically fucked me like I wanted.

We've arranged to meet up again late today but in all honesty, I think now that I've lost my virginity I'm not that interested. I don't really want to go, but I'd feel bad blowing him off like that.
I'm not sure what to do. Do I owe him?
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Yeah, you definitely owe him, but more importantly, you owe it to yourself.
holy shit is there anything more pathetic than prison gay robots
Being "naturally" gay from mental illness, rather than desperation.

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Tfw I'm the ugliest fembot here. I'm deformed and I have shitty skin but I'm not fat. Fml and fuck you cute fembots. At least people like you and treat you like a human. My dad called me nice looking only ONCE and no one else has ever said that to me before in my life.
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just post a pic, ill rate.
I'd fugg regardless
shut up
please live stream your suicide.

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>mum found the anarchist literature drawer
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oh to be 14 again
Good maybe she will learn something, I hope she found Emma Goldman's essays and realized how nothing has changed in a fucking century.
(((Emma Goldman)))

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How do you survive when to shave it off? I feel like an heroing at this point.
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shave it off asap, the earlier you (and friends/family) get used to the look, the better. if you have strong facial hair try shaved head with a beard, usually light stubble works very well.

it will be hard at first, but youll eventually realise how much better you look than with a weird combover or wig.

personally, role models like jason statham and billy zane, really dont make me feel so bad about being bald.
If it's JUST starting to thin then aggressive daily scalp massage could restore it.

If it's too far gone then you might as well shave indeed
Is that massage meme even real? Has it worked out for you?
I couldnt find any photo evidence except that Moyer guy.

>tfw agressively diffusing. My life or whatever of it was left are shattering before my eyes.
>cant shave. Bad scalp skin.
God is havin a laff at me

HONTO NI????????
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tony kaku
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Anta, biggu anus sugoi ne?
What is that spurdo even trying to say

Did the roastie deserve it?

>got fed up with neighbour kids punting balls into her yard
>bursts one and tosses it back
>killed for it

- http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-leicestershire-39804073
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why are poor people violent
Fucking hell people are cruel... animals, that's all they are.
Yeah, impoverished conditions typically bring the worst out in people. It's one of the reasons why you see racial minorities commit crimes, as many of them live in abject poverty (even whites living in poverty do the same shit). :/

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The only people i can hang out with are absolute SJW and i have to avoid the subject all the time or give vague answers because i dont want them to hate me or be triggered just because i think what they believe is stupid.
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Ex e-gf is a major SJW and she got me to think the way she did before I even knew what an SJW was.

Now that's she's left me I can't fit in with anyone because actual major SJWs who think men are to fault for everything piss me off, as she wasn't that bad, and others on 4chan get annoyed at how I view social "issues" and whatnot.

I think I'll just buy a fucking rope and hang myself.
>I think I'll just buy a fucking rope and hang myself.
you should
Do you hang out with punk people exclusively, or what?

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>be me
>turned 18 a week ago
>no party
>parents basically forgot
>no friends
>dropped out in 9th grade, no future

anyone know this feel? anyone want to chat? post ur discord, im feeling depressed and lonely i want a nice robo friend to converse with
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You look pretty ugly and you're also dumb so I don't think I will do that.
Do you play vidya and want a robot bf?



>roommate who is a Chad that has it all just shouted "I WANT TO FUCKING SHOOT MYSELFFFF"
What did he mean by this? Was he being ironic or some normie bullshit?
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Using violent gutteral sounds as a form of intimidation. He must have dropped weed on the floor or something
Tell him you are more than willing to do it for him.
this made me laugh genuinely. Thanks anon.
I can picture it in my head perfect.

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I'm scared to live through anymore stress
scared to end up in the hospital from failing to end my life with one stab to the neck or hanging. Aya was laughing saying the knife was blunt
i dont know how I can get a gun right now. There are certain things that restrict me from going to the store
like i said earlier starving puts off focus from the stress. but my limbs are aching all the time. It wont be long until I have another meltdown. living like this is terrible. dont know whats wrong with me. thinking about the server they made to humiliate me and how they were all using me to get laughs from the rooc server.I dont really know who to trust anymore. and i wake up with the worst feeling. just need a shotgun to end it. crying every second and i dont know why. must be because im fucked in the head like aya said. i hate lying down because it reminds me of the day he said those things to me
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You need to eat something.
What is it about Aya that makes you look up to him so much?
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fan art 7.jpg
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love you remu

File: my room desu.jpg (303KB, 1037x767px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
my room desu.jpg
303KB, 1037x767px
I'd love to see how some of you guys and possibly girls live.
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At the very fucking least you could actually post your own bedroom before asking others to do so.
that actually looks really cozy, I'd definitely live there
Disgusting but comfy neetcave

Did i fuck up her profile said she liked corny pick up lines
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>I'm sorry does he need a sippy cup to avoid spilling drinks
top motherfucking kek you fabulous faggot
Im op and thank you
Keep pretending to be serious. Girls love that shit.

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Is ASMR just a meme? I literally don't get it.
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>In speech class last semester
>Chick does informative speech on ASMR
I still have no idea what the fuck it's about
I find ASMR gross and no, i don't have any idea what's supposed to do either
What is there not to get. Just listen to quiet noises and be relaxed, and maybe watch some qts
>muh tingles

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The only people I've ever texted in my entire life are my mom, my dad, and my army recruiter.
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This is a unique and cool feel and deserves a response.

You sound cool, OP. Never change.
Are you in the Army right now OP?
You sound like an excellent military personnel.
>Only speaks to his superiors
Great quality OP

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