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>phone is a brick
>all music lost
>all dank memes lost
>all fap material lost

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You got off light. Phoneposting ought to be punishable by death.
If you stored stuff on your phone, you can retrieve it. If the content meant so much for you you could buy some equipment and perform some surgery.
if you fapped to what your phone shows you a lot i bet you can move up to fapping to your phone itself
if you think about it the phone is a lot like a lover-maid of you
think of all the good time and fap upon your phone while it sleep

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>I Let My Daughter Transition at 4 Years Old - And Have Zero Regrets Today

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>tfw this little girl will now end up killing herself in the future
i gave up on normies

people like this shouldn't have kids
>I have zero regret
You will once your "daughter" commits suicide because her baby clock keeps ticking and she can't find a man to love her fucked up body

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how do i stop being so self conscious and paranoid?
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simply by killing yourself
1. g2therapy
2. work out why you're self-conscious and paranoid
3. break the patterns that cause you to be self-conscious and paranoid
4. ???
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>yes...spend your hard working dollarydoos on a brainlet that chose psychiatry as a major! good goyim!
OP get off this board and stop begging for advice. Become self-reliant and everything will become obvious.

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>this is a sex robot
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those eyes are cold and dead
>just like with every biocunt
so are mine, it's perfect

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How do I make a body pillow feel like a real living person?

I'm very desperate for physical contact
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get a realdoll
that's too uncanny valley. I don't want to hug a corpse
Fuck, I just wanted to tell you to get a corpse.

>"uhhh ewwww! Anon, what are YOU doing in the circle!! I already told you I thought of you as more of a FRIEND!!!"
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I just came here to tell you Tyrone to your left has aids.
>black cock by far the biggest
Girls are so lucky man. I want to be bukkaked but I am a male (male) ;_;

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I hate weedheads and communists with all my heart and soul. Both of these should be punishable with the death penalty.
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Interesting argument, Anon. Care to fill in some of the logical steps in the middle?
I agree. Both are fucking annoying. They also tend to co-occur. Most potheads that i know of are commies, and most commies are potheads
They're savages. They spread crime and do not work. They bring loud crowds wherever they go and destroy property. They do not care about upholding the law.

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>Tfw shit self image and only like pics in which half of my face is blurred
>Pic related used to be my FB pic
>Everyone thinks I'm gay now

Guess I walked right into it
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Please go back to /soc/ faggot. Either that or commit suicide. I prefer the latter but the former is acceptable too
But you are right?
Look at this shit
It's probably those long ass fingernails.

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Why is /r9k/ so aggressive towards beta males?
Shouldn't 4chan, a woman hate central, support betamaleness, which represents all the things women hate, instead of subscribing to the most normie ideology of grading people on their ability to get laid?
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Shhh don't tell them. They might actually start to question how supporting eugenics benefits them in any way.
>Implying 70% of this site is not satire and memes
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Alpha and beta were supposed to be ways women view men. Idiots changed the terms into ways of valuing men.

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Would you rather have a gf with double Ds and wide hips or a petite, thin and waifish one?

No meme answers like "in the middle"
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Less Chads will notice her, it'll take her a couple days longer before she's riding his dick again
Petite one, I don't want some obnoxious sex object walking around with me all day
Big tits are a meme and will always age terribly

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i've started walking my family's dog just to get attention from high school girls walking home. i want to fuck them all so bad.

how did teenagers get so hot and slutty?
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>how did teenagers get so hot and slutty?

>Sexuality being normalised
>Degenerate shitty music vids
>Social media giving attention to attention whores
>Shitty parents allowing their 13yo daughter to walk around in next to nothing
>God help you if you point out how attractive she looks though
>tfw thought u were talking about the dog when you said u want to fuck them
im fucked aint i

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Normies are brutal and squeeze us ruthlessly.
Women have closed their hearts to us.
In cold blood they rejected us and despised us.
Women finally dropped their masks !

Despite all our attempts to be nice people, they despised us.
We held our hands in friendship to them but they also refused it. They cried out : "Losers !"

They maintain that robots are subhumans. They freely admit : "Indeed, you could have joined us" but they did not want it to ! Why should they change their minds and accept our demands today ?!

For so many years they directed their hate against us.
For so many years we have waited them to open their hearts to us.

They claim we are losers. That we don't deserve anything they have !

We could have reached to an understanding. But they wanted war !
Well, it's time ! They got their war !

Normies expressed despise and laughed at us, they think we are harmless underdogs. Perhaps they shall be cured of a form of insanity of believing that they are facing powerless outsiders ! Oh Normies ! Today you are faced by the entire world of robots !

It's time to finish off these normies. Oh ! Normies ! You shall get to know the power of the robots ! We will come from nowhere, invisible as always and kill your women, slaughter your girlfriends and trigger guns on you !

It is not for fantastic theories that we live. No ! We live and fight for what is rightly ours !

Do you want to die sitting on your chair alone ?! Are you stupid enough to keep quiet in the process ?!

It's time for revenge ! Take up arms against the normies ! Knives and guns ! And Wrath !

Kill and die for a great purpose !
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why the fuck are you doing this "....!" thing and can you please stop
It's too late OP.

I give up .
I pull the trigger!!
gt ur katana u fgt

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I want to have sex so bad my balls are going to explode. What do?
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I just jerk off or eat junk food.
I am on day 30 of no fap and would also love to blow a load, what do
O riginal

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Please, let me rest
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didya fap again to that pic? jesus op get a grip
Shit you were in the last thread?
naah it was a wild guess. a picture of a grill and you saying 'lemme rest', i assumed you fapped to it

What's for dinner robots 04/17.

After a busy holiday weekend, I decided to treat myself
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Bruh maybe you wouldn't have to eat so much shit if you just went vegan and ate filling foods

Probably not. I eat oatmeal in the morning and I'm usually hungry before lunchtime
Oatmeal is a meme. That shit tastes like ass. Just eat some fucking rice and vegetables man. Did you miss me?

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