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Anyone else thing women are fucking disgusting? I mean look at this, yuck!
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yes. lolis, though, are divine. how can women even compete?
>he fell for the trap meme kek
looks fine to me desu and her asshole is good

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Why does society not only tolerate but encourage this shit? They don't even hide their degeneracy anymore.

I wish I could travel back in time to the 50s.
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>a boy with long hair is a girl now
Because it's easier to just let retards to be retards and profit off of it.
Holy shit this is against US law actually. This is bannable and enough to get the FBI on you.

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Is it normal to cycle from anger to depression to anger over and over? When I'm miserable I savor my rage and want to hurt people I just get so FUCKING MAD
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It's called mental illness bro go get that shit checked out by a professional.

I mean you won't actually do it since you are making threads like these but at least now you know!
no is not normal. you sound like a psychopath
Yeah, I think it's pretty normal. It sounds like you're trying to protect yourself from the depression and the helplessness by getting angry.

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What are some noises that you autists find calming or comforting? Personally I enjoy the sounds of a kettle boiling.
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That sound modems use to make.
A long rainy day with no sun right after smoking a blunt and high as fuck. In my room in the dark while on 4chan or YouTube, and eating Chick-fil-A, perfect coziness.
Robotic sounds.

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Should I learn Korean or Japanese?
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Korean is meme shit
learn welsh
>Should I learn Korean or Japanese?

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I'll start

I hate when normies post stuff like pic related and say
>Omg I'm so depressed give me attention XDXXDXXDXDDD
Same thing goes for anything related to anxiety or any other mental health problem for that matter.

I hate that normies (especially people under 18) have become so involved in politics even though they don't have to even care about it for another 6 years.

I hate that normies will say stuff like
>Omg I dont care that Stacy fell down I guess that means I'm a psychopath XDXDDXDDXDXDDD

I also hate that 4chan has become an almost mainstream website. It's in the news often for pol's shit and then normies check it out and then start going to different boards like r9k and post shit like
>Hey guys XDXXDXD I'm totally not underage I'm 18, I'm a sociopathic feminist AMA
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All of this just sounds like regular 4chan behavior.
anything self-deprecation
normies are the worst for it
>lol memes lol filthy frank lol idubbz
they are modern day emos but excuse their behavior because lol post-post-post irony lmao I'm so self-aware please laugh at me. It's so pathetic and that's coming from a kissless virgin.
my anxiety made me quit 3 jobs

my depression makes me not want to work and consider staying at home all day

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Share females you have stalked over the years (Both cyber and real) and share stories, and advice, and some back story is welcome.
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This thread belongs on >>>/b/ and >>>/soc/
Not really, stalking stacies is a very robot thing to do (since you can't approach them normally). Also robots already have the stigma of being creeps
This is the r9k we live in now guys.

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Assuming they'r both perfectly loyal/will never leave you, would you rather have a 9/10 stacey TURBO normie gf or a 3/10 autistic fembot gf?
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>perfectly loyal/will never leave you
the fuck, why wouldn't you pick the 9/10 in this case?
Stacey is a turbo normie e.g. goes to parties constantly, has normie friends round constantly and just acts like a norie in general
9/10 stacey. 3/10 is a bit to low, 5 would do though.

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Have you ever payed for sex?
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No but I can see myself doing it if things don't change. Especially if it ever becomes legal in America.
its legal in Nevada, just not Las Vegas.
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Why is it always Czech pron fucking hell

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>Just get a normie haircut xD
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Hey, it's way better than whatever else he may have had before. If he just works out, he could pull it off no sweat
well this guy looks like a fattie.

Maybe he should finaly lose weight and it will work
Lose weight, the guy on the left is obviously thinner.

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Comment, tell stories and that. Wasting all your time on a 2/10 fembot that has no intentions of ever actually meeting up with you or befriending some totally not gay brobot whose kik shows up on 20 different /lgbt/ threads when you google it is just a few clicks away.
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>it's a "message everyone within a 200 mile radius and no one gets back to me" episode
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>message someone
>have nice conversations
>feeling happy
>person ghosts you
Yeah, pretty nice way to "befriend" a robot, thanks.
>check out other people nearby
>literally children still in school or gaybots looking to fuck who are also children or damn near
>every single one of them are normies
>several constantly reference partying and weedlmao

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>there are people who UNIRONICALLY think db super is better than db and dbz

What the FUCK has this world come to?
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You're just upset that women are becoming super saiyans and aren't just useless sideline eye candy like in previous incarnations. Get over it shitlord.
its all low tier anime, man.

Poor progression of story, poor pacing, its all just whose power level is above whose.

Its genuinely one big power fantasy. There is never any real thought put into things beyond 'get stronger and hit harder'.
Nothing is or will ever be superior to OG Dragon Ball.

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Should I just give up on having any emotional attatchments whatsoever? They just end up hurting you.
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If you try that you will be wading through a colorless world.
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There is no love without hate, no fun without boredom
The bad times are what make the good times good
I did it OP

Now I am constantly being accused of being a sociopath. I don't think I am one but several people have said it to me. I think if I was a sociopath they wouldn't know because I would be an accomplished liar if I was one. People generally don't like me at all.

>inb4 edgy

It angers me when they do it, just because I don't expel the energy to pretend care about every little death and lost child or animal and pretend to care about others like they do I am the crazy one. Everyone is lying about feeling for other people, you don't know them stop lying to yourself and others, it would make the world much more simple.

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>tfw will never become a school idol
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Not if I come for (you) first
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Isn't being a real life idol pretty difficult and shitty? You might get some nice rewards like cute friends and cute clothes but your life becomes your profession 24/7 as an entertainer with fans, mostly lonely middle age men, crawling up your ass each chance they get.

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how do i give myself schizophrenia?
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What do you mean? We talk everyday
Fake it till you make it

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