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Most anons probably don't realize this but /r9k/ has actually been ruined by r/incels, not by normalfags or /pol/. I know because i checked it out yesterday and i realized that it's basically a selection of the worst aspects of this board. See for yourselves https://www.reddit.com/r/Incels/
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Cringecels are the worst. Behead them if you find them.
Probably, but a lot of robots also worship holes. They need to be put in their place as well.
>Normie redditfags calling others Normies
Explain this shit.

I hate that I have a small penis.

No matter how successful I am in real life, my social status crumbles when a girl realizes that my penis is small and all those achievements were to overcompensate for my small penis.

There really is no worse hell on earth.
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If it's that bad, get plastic surgery or something. They must have some operation you can do.
On the other hand, I pack a pretty big pecker, and yet I'm completely useless in everything else.

It's somewhat funny. It's like a bad joke. A man that has no looks, no skills, but has a big dick.
how small are you OP?

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Do vaccines cause autism?
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who here is vaccinated and have autism?
are there any unvaccinated autismos here?
dont know but i can safely confirm that your birth lead to one casue of it.


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When did you first realize normies are a different species from us and their advice is worthless?
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Around college. Pic related were all my friends, yet I still couldn't get laid.
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When I was 8 and startting to pass my prime. Att least I already lost my virginity when I was 13 so I can relax.
Over the past couple of years when my fuck-ugly best friend has been fucking every chick in town and I haven't had sex that wasn't paid for in 10 years.

"Dude you would have no problem finding a girl if you tried. Stacy said you got hot since you started lifting, you should definitely talk to her dude."

This shit happens every other month, I don't know if he's just fucking with me, trying to build my confidence somehow or if I'm just that autistic. I have no problem approaching women I just have no idea how to keep a conversation going and feign interest in normie things.

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Enjoy your smashed, rancid smelling meat folds
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ah a new STD huh?
well what does it do?
is there a quick test?
in which way is it transmitted?
why should we care?
Had a really REALLY bad sexual experience last night. If I got out of it safely and my test results come back clean, I swear to God I'm staving off having sex again until there's love involved. If I caught anything, I think I'm going to go to a very isolated highway, kick it up to 180 and just crank the wheel.
We should start some false flag operation so more normies get infected
>Nothing will stop love
or some shit like that

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Will you accept her as your pure virgin gf who deeply loves you, cares about you and will make anything to make you happy?
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But she's not a Virgin anon
Pick one.
testing my porn knowledge without reverse searching

this is... remy lecroix, right?

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How are those seminal reparations cumming along Anon?
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I'd stop masturbating for a month if I could creampie a pussy like that
>tfw no black gf to cum inside

No you won't, and I'll tell you why. I actually did creampie a pussy like that, sweet and dark and smooth, and HOLY FUCK I only fapped more. I could still feel it on my dick weeks later. Anytime my mind wandered to masturbation, the warmth of it would be the first thing I felt. It lingers anon. It fucking lingers.

can you please give me a couple reasons to not kill myself at this point? i don't know if this is just me being an attention whore fag but i just really can't keep on

>"kill urself already fag" incoming, i know
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No, life sucks. If you can find no happiness, it should be totally legal and acceptable for you to kys.
There are very few amazing movies out there who can change your view of life, go watch them
Life has the potential to improve. Death has no potential whatsoever.

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This is how my ideal bf looks like. Your thoughts, girls?
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Why is he orange
>Why is he orange
He was tanning
gay manlet

>girls can't look pretty without makeup

Who started this stupid meme? Roasties? Femanons?

See this girl? Are you even trying femanons? She is way prettier than your ugly ass.
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>Who started this meme?
Insecure women and the industry that makes them feel insecure

I'm no one to talk though, I haven't left the house for even 5 minutes without makeup in months
who cares? if it makes them feel comfortable about themselves let them wear it.
i just wish i had something to make me feel less insecure about myself.
That girl is actively wearing makeup.

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redpill me on Tuplas
Seems like a pretty redpilled thing to do once you swallow the BLACKPILL
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please go back, we don't want you here
>redpilled thing to do

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I haven't showered in almost a week
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I haven't showered in TWO weeks.
I haven't showered in a month, haven't brushed my teeth in six.
Why though? Genuinely not criticising but explain the thought and feeling process behind that.

Why haven't you robots learned from the Japanese and started saving up money for the better way out???

100% of straight men want pussy and/or "love" from women. 99.999% of those men end up regretting it once they've finally acquired it. You're not special. You're not going to be that ultra lucky 0.001%. So stop wasting your time and getting your heart broken.
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Because they'll be outlawed in the west soon. The roasties will screech about having their power taken away and their cuck politician lapdogs will bend over to pass the bill pronto.

I dont want to spend my money on cheap models, only a quality android sexbot. But its not going to be made in time.
Better to relocate to a country that doesn't outlaw high-quality android sexbots than to end up committing suicide as a result of decades' worth of depression due to lack of romance options. What's your next excuse?
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>3D and disgusting
no thanks lad

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>someone start laughing near you
>anxiety attack burst
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>walking down the street
>group of girls on the other side start laughing as they pass me
>theres a hint that you might get accepted for full time work
>immediate flush of despair and panic despite the fact that its your goal
>group of girl notices you

About to fuck my cute gf. what are you up to robots?
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who dafuq cuts his firelogs in square form?
is the cute gf leaning forwards? or backwards? or the logs are laid in a weird pattern and the photo is "artistically" inclined?
Sure you are anon no worries :)

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