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I want to off myself via shotgun, but I want my cute face to still be intact. is there a way I can do it, or am I going to have to go with a different method?
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shotgun to the chest has a 96% fatality rate in suicide range unless your family is near a hospital you will die
and there it is a simple answer you can die is that what you honestly want because your family will learn to hate you for it, your friends will curse you and everyone who has ever cared for you will be in pain please think it through fully but if life is too hard to bear then make your decision
Just take a picture and leave it near your corpse.
>family will learn to hate you for it
don't care about my family
>your friends will curse you
don't have any friends
>everyone who has ever cared for you will be in pain
the only people who have ever cared about me already hate my guts and have suffered in one way or another because of me so i'm kind of indifferent

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>tfw finally having decent poos again
Thank God. I was getting tired of having rabbit poos constantly.
How have your bowel movements been lately robots?
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Actually had the first solid one in forever this morning. Pretty nice after eating hydrocodone all week.
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Pic related. Is there anything wrong with mine?

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If you're a woman, literally with every second after age 20, you are less desirable than you were the second before.

Do women start developing personalities in their twenties, to compensate?
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Graph is extremely false. Don't forget men age like rotten cottage cheese.

Bald spots, limp dick. You probably can't get it up already and cum in 2 seconds kekeroni
This. No young women EVER date or marry older men.
Lol... women get infertile by 43-55 years in 99% of cases, men are fertile way past their 70s in some cases

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Anyone else a fast cummer?

>last 10 pumps in doggo style before cum
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Not really but it's about pacing desu. You don't have to go jack rabbit fast all the time.
pogs were the fucking shit back in the day. only reason I bought junk food.
>go to Asian massage parlor
>teasing massage does half the job
>time for jacky
>cum in seconds
Always embarrassing.

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is he a grill?
Why does your school have ex friends?
Why did they bring him/her over? For what purpose?

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>he's still wagecucking instead of living off his investments
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I can't fucking deal with my overbearing parents anymore. I'm 21 years old and I'm completely under their thumb. Now they want to go through my computer and social media, and I'm powerless to argue it because I'm such a fucking bitch. If they try to take my shit or punish me I plan on commiting suicide
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It only gets worse anon.
I'm 25 and they try and force me to show them my bank account info and transactions, and when I work. Imagine not being able to buy food because your parents would kick you out for spending money and not saving it.

if you've just been saving money why don't you just move out?
Your parents sound based you fucking retard. I wish my parents did that to me when I was 25. I wouldnt have dropped out of college to snort heroin all day.

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images (7).png
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>New girl comes into class
>Decides to sit next to me
>Before I can get a word out, the Chads begin hitting her up
Who else hates competition?
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She eventually changed seats, and joined the group of Chads.
Even if you got a word or a million words in,s he don't want you


<333333 robots won't understand ~
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l don't understand this at all
expand your mind trap fucker

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Femanons, what the FUCK is your problem?
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Can I be a femanon (male)?
Spread your asscheeks for me you faggot

You can be a faggot(gay)

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>tfw using screen recorders on snapchat to record videos of stacy's twerking
>tfw they will never know
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post some please and thank you
Might have to convert to webm first

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>can't even get a basic retail job because no experience
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lol should i even bother? im 25 and never had a job do i lie?
Welcome to modern society. If your not Chad Chadingston or a moderately attractive female, you literally have two options in life. Slave away or homelessness. Unless you can somehow get being NEET to work for you.

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>mom saying that i need a job because she will die in 30 years and i will be alone in the world
>implying i will live 5 years more
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>tfw just started work
>my boss is female poo in loo
>HOT and young, long curly hair, 10/10 dresses very well, tight dresses and pantyhose
>Is dangling her shoe all day, even taking her shoes off and rubbing her feet together at times
>i cant resist staring in awe

I-is this what jungle fever is? What do? Why dont women realize how sexual shoe dangling is?
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Foot fetish is for animals who can't get sex normally so they have to get jollies from something easier.
Also don't go after coworkers it never goes well.

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>she said she needs to be alone for a while to figure some things out
>only dated for like 5 days
>i typically think about killing myself everyday, but for the past week i haven't
how do normies do this?
in high school i got my heart rekt by a gril and I just turned off emotions for a while, but now i want live. I cant take it anymore alone
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dump right fucking now

if she's already being a dramatic bitch 5 days into a relationship I guarantee she's gonna make your life a living hell

do NOT date emotional vampires
Need to be alpha in this situation. If you come off as desperate she will dump you straight away, ignore her till she contacts first and when you do converse again show half interest.
>>she said she needs to be alone for a while to figure some things out

That is 100% of the time code for she wants to fuck someone else.

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