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Memes aside, is there anything worse than being a lanklet?
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Being really short seems like a shittier deal.
yeah wearing those jeans
Being a lanklet and a manlet

I have in my possession, a 35lb box of cheese.

What do I do?
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Come on, I can't just throw it away... I might never get an opportunity like this again.
Put it on food?
How the fuck did you get the cheese, OP?

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How good looking do you have to be to get skinny girls to reply online?

What is the actual minimum requirement?
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there is no requirement cause skinny in itself isn't anything special you dumb retard
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Are you fucking kidding me? Getting a skinny girl is the hardest thing there is.

That belly button is fucking disgusting Jesus fucking Christ

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That's it, it's all over. The bombs are dropping, and you are alone on a silent rooftop to watch the world crumble beneath you

What is your end of the world music?

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If it really is the end I'm taking as many people down as I can. Let's face it, nobody wants to go to hell alone.
This song but in original language, i posted english version so you could enjoy it too, fellow anons.

I'm writing a police novel called "The Night Liam Died" and I need some help with something.

Let's say my character, Roderick Vaseline, needs to get a gun inside of a building with a metal detector. He uses a fake cast on his arm and when he passes through he says "lmao i have some metal screws on my arm because surgery..." and they let him pass but he has a hidden gun. He goes to the bathroom, kills the senator L. Sanchez, waits for the security shift to change so they don't recognize him and leaves without cast and leaving the gun too.

Is this feasible? How can they know you don't have a gun inside of your cast?
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It wouldn't work. Every metal detector that isn't from the 70s is able to detect the size of the metal. Also I don't know what comically sized cast would be able to have both your arm and a gun in it. And I don't know how your character is planning on "hiding" in a building after a senator just got killed. The building would go on lock down and nobody is leaving, not even security
3d printed gun with caseless ammunition.
The metal they they stick inside of you gets picked up through the detectors?

well anons, rent is due and i'm about 300$ behind. anyone know any quick ways to make money online? how do you even sell your body on craigslist? all the posts i see i casual encounters see to be professional hookers... god dammit... i'm gonna lose my home anons
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Interested desu
Are you female originally
Still not willing to become a working member of society ? Still falling for the wage cuck meme ? Soon to be the homeless meme ?

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How do I tell girls age r9k?

New neighbours moved in few weeks ago.
They have a daughter, cute petite brunette in glasses.
Often see her walking her dog.
She is tall but looks juvenile.
She could be either 15 or 20.
After I met a girl in my uni group who looks like a 14yo my age estimation went to trash.
I am 22 and don't want to come of as a pedo and get in trouble.

Any tips as to how I should play this out?
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if you know her name you could search her on normie book or instagram. chances are she either has her name written on it or mentioning school, or you could just look at her friends and determine she's the same age as them.
If you ever get to talking, either present yourself saying "hi i'm your neighbor. my name is anon and i'm insert age here, and you?" or just ask what class she's in or something. good luck anon, and may the woman be ripe.
Just assume she's in university too, ask her what is she studying or something like that. Then you either go from there or if she's too young say oh, you looked like you were 19. 19 is a complimentary age to suggest that she is.
sadly i don't know her name
i always see her alone
she's new so i guess she has no friends yet
i am a bit afraid it could be weird to introduce myself just like that out of nowhere after i saw her dozen times
but i guess it will only get worse with time
i'll try to do it when i get a chance
sounds solid and foolproof

thanks for the insight guys

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How would the world change if re-incarnation was proven to be real?
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Not much. People are pretty good at denying shit that's proven to be true.
In the best case scenario, the whole world would be unified and in harmony, leading to the true next Age/phase for the human population.

In the worst case, soon dismissed and oppressed. As if nothing had happened.

Then again, who's to say this has not already happened?
on a personal level
i like the idea of giving my future incarnations super special hints
or more broadly you could try to groom future qts for future you with big-legacy-achievements (i mean that's kind of what people do anyway without the promise of experiencing the fruits of the labor personally in reincarnations)
so if there is a proof of this reincarnation idea, you might get a lot of people thinking on these wavelengths - "damn if i have to actually be back on this planet i better try to actually be serious about keeping things good and maybe make them nicer"

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>faggots are a public health crisis
>shitting on their degenerate destructive impulses is somehow a social taboo
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Any healthcare system that is derived from the taxpayers is inherently flawed because only the healthiest of choices will ever be tolerated, because now it isn't a matter of your personal freedom and choice to accept the consequences of your actions, but now a matter of me paying for your stupidity.

I smoke. I like smoking. I drink heavily too. I accept the health problems that arise from that. I would never, ever want another persons taxes to go towards paying for my health care because that is unfair to them.
>people with destructive habits are no longer eligible for public healthcare in areas directly affected by said person's destructive habits.

boom fixed.
Life is full of these little paradoxes.

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> born in Russia
> life ruined
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>born in Lithuania
>life is ruined
At least you're not Indian.

fucking original post lads
It can not be that bad, unless you live in some Muhosransk shithole.

Keep it Chilled and About Feels Edition
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First for no fucking politics.
would anyone else fuck a 3/10 if offered?

i have no standards anymore. im not a virgin but i still think sex with an ugly girl is better than my hand. i know i could easily pull an ugly girl and fuck her. im at least a 6.
Ready to get drafted into WW3 lads?
Which front are you hoping to get deployed to? Asia, Middle East or Eastern Europe?

Why did you allow this to happen?
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Shut the fuck up and go outside you autist

Seriously, is this the same OP making these threads?
those horse teeth

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download (24).jpg
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>isn't our neighbors daughter so adorable and sweet anon?

I ha-hadnt noticed
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>Hey anon I read on the internet that women reach peak atttactiveness at age 22, what do you think?

Y-yeah that sounds about right
pedos need the chamber immediately
Nothing wrong with admiring cuteness

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Lift, get a job, and be more confident

Its just that simple
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I know you're memein but for most people, even if they change their whole lifestyle and appearance overnight it's going to take years for their identity and subconscious to catch up.

There is this massive momentum thing going on
Lifting and getting a job won't cure my Manletism
How about I do whatever the fuck I want? Enjoyment is a spook.

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How do you guys control yourself from how slutty these young teens dress?

Also, Whats your opinion on leggings
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Barely, that's how I control myself. Martial law hits and I swear I'm going ham in the streets

leggings are technically underwear, should be worn beneath dresses, skirts, etc.

but teens take advantage of this to flaunt themselves
>Sitting next to girl at a meeting who wore leather leggings and kept her legs crossed.
>Couldn't stop staring.

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