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>do acid with my super feminist room mate (white chick)
>while we're both super fucked up she starts ranting about men with small dicks:

>"If we killed all the men with small dicks, there would be no more conflict on this planet."
>"The subjugation of women was started by men with small dicks who felt threatened by women's preference for bigger cocks."
>"Civilizations with larger penises have treated their women much better historically. There is a reason why Asia and the Middle East treat their women the worst."
>"Asian men continue to instill extreme obedience into their women because they know they can't compete sexually with the other races."

Did...I get redpilled by a feminist?
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What about all the FGM and violent rape that happens every day in central Africa?
Why are women so oppressed in Africa then?
>Falling for the women meme
But feminism is for gender equality, amirite guys?

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Do you hate normals? Do you want to participate in operations to save r9k?

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hmmm. interesting disco stew
i'll take a look at it originally
Nice to see robots resisting the normals here

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Been bumping this OST all day
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>its all suicide, its all suicide, its all suicide
I'm listening to God is an Austronaut while I wait for the EVO Guilty Gear stream to continue.
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Sitting in a hotel room, other side of the country, listening to Mumford and thinking of her.

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>that kid in high school who was a dick to you for no reason
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Ye wtf was his problem holding my head in a armlock an tell me he just joking and hold it for 5 min nobody steps in to tell him to stop continu to do this for 3 years.
>that kid in high school who was trying to suck your dick for no reason
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>that kid in high school who raped you in the locker room everyday

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>you will never be a high school Chad
how does it feel that Chad at the age of 17 has harems of prime pure virgins lusting for him, and will continue to do so for the next 30 years, and YOU are a fucking virgin who has never even held hands with a girl??!?
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>This is what has become of our young people
>your anaconda
why even try in life. chads like this will do everything better than you and could take everything from you if they wanted to. its nature.

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What does it mean to be a robot? It seems there is no defined meaning to being robot should we make one?
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The only consistent definition of "robot" is that it's something negative, which confuses me as to why anyone would want to be labeled as one. Every time I see "X's can't be robots," and I'm an X, I breathe a sigh of relief.
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It can be seen as negative I see more often that people wear the title with pride.
The general consensus is that a robot
>is a virgin
>has no friends
>has no career (but may have a job or be a student)
>has average looks or is ugly
>is a male
all of the above must apply

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So, what did you do today /r9k/?
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Played the same fucking game all day, you ?
>ate some panda express
>got a coffee
>went to the library and played Deus Ex
>studied a bit
Now I'm back at my apartment, overall 6/10 day. Which game did you play?
>Playing games
>Being an adult
Pick one (1).

Alright robots what is your green flag for women?
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Proper spelling and grammar. I'm serious, and this metric has yet to fail me.
>has a she-dick
greenest flags for me

List things worth living for.
>Driving a car
>The off chance that I will meet my woman
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What the hell do you do with the gun? Other than that it seems like a good list.
Also music. Nothing like going to a house show and having a good mosh.



>Driving a car
fuck driving


>The off chance that I will meet my woman
never ever.


We always have fat feels, so how about skinny feels?
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Kek, wrong image.
>tfw too skinny to ever achieve Guts mode
I'm a twig, I could probably fit women's clothing.

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What is your penis girth anon?
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how do you measure it, diameter or circumference?

Pic very related
in that case 3 1/4"

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>people regularly say things like "God has a plan for you" on 4chan now
>inbred hillbillies who can't even speak English correctly advocate for tyranny and systemic murder

Remember when 4chan wasn't so retarded? No--you probably don't, because you've likely only been here for a few years.
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The Crusader/Nazi LARPing on this board is largely just a retarded extremist contrarian reaction to the rising popularity of SJWs. It seemed like most of the people here used to be atheists. The 2016 election only brought in more retards
/r9k/ used to be more akin to WizardChan. It was "/b/ for intellectuals." But now, intelligence and dissent is frowned upon, and you have to be a teenager who listens to TeamSesh, plays CS:GO or LoL, and watches iDubbbz and Filthy Frank in order to fit in here.

Dank Memes Famalam! cuck!
>No--you probably don't, because you've likely only been here for a few years.

Unless you've were on here when anonymous were fighting Scientology. 4 chan has mostly been retared. It is the website that made Baily Jay.

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Who here /ugly/? How are you keeping up?
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Thinking about becoming an hero. What else can you do when you are ugly?
Make money and dress fashionly, it will instantly make you better looking
As you get older, you start to give less fuck about it. Money is more important.

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Femanons, why don't you have a body like this? Do you wish your body looked like this?
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I didn't win the genetic lottery oregano
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All they gotta do is work out. Right? Just quit the soda and drink water. Eat healthier and work out.
File: 1498604061422.jpg (57KB, 800x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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i would kill to look like that but im not a femanon

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Why aren't you gay yet, anonybot?
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Because I don't have a mental disability you gay faggot
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>Why aren't you gay yet, anonybot?
I am tho
I'm gay and actually hooked up with a ""straight"" guy on r9k.
He filled the stereotype with being a 26 year old chubby beta dude with slightly below average looks and no social skills.
But he was cute and hung like a fucking monster, so it was a really nice experience taking his experience.
I also made pancakes in the morning, said he wasnt gay but liked the company.
best part is he used a rubber at first, he took it off to finish by jerking off on my back, but just told him he dosen't need to use a rubber and this will be his only chance to know what real sex feels like. He actually put it back in after that and came inside. Great success.

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