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I really want an gf too fat to move. Where would I look?
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Reddit I'm sure or tumblr
Noone knows where to go?
Reddit, Tinder, Tumbler.

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Who here /literallynofriends/?

I used to have them but then I fucked up by never talking to them, so they don't want to have anything to do with me anymore. It's my own doing. I have mixed feelings about it.
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Yeah me too. I'm trying to make friends but I don't know how...
I don't even bother any more.

It all seems so unnatural. I'll hang out with people, but it usually lasts less than a year before I move onto another set.

I avoid staying with one group for too long as being a single male for so long, questions start to be asked and they get increasingly personal. When I'm unable to provide an acceptable answer, they start to view me as a creep.Takes a year for me to go from a "fun guy" to a "creep", so I ditch them after about 6 months.
I only had three good friends my whole life. I stopped hanging out with one because he moved in with his boyfriend.
One friend killed himself by getting drunk and falling off a balcony. Another became schizophrenic after smoking too much crack. Very strange.

I'm trying to get revenge on a girl who public ally humiliated me a few days ago at work by creating a fake tinder/Facebook account and matching with her before openly rejecting her online in front of all her friends. How do I make a convincing and decent tinder/Facebook accounts. I need Chad photos but they all have to match and they can't be a actor or something because they would know. Preferably seeking Asian male (that's what she's into because all her boyfriends have been Asian).
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Come back to this site when you are 18, kiddo.
>at work
You mean at school, kid?
Jesus christ, i suspect most r9kers are barely old enough to be allowed to browse this site. Says a lot about the state of r9k. Theres realy no use staying here anymore

I have a job and work dumbass. And I don't even see the argument here, most teens have part-time jobs anyway so even by using your logic it still could occur at work.

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>Come on in Anon! You're just in time for the party!
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why is everyone here so tall?
because it's a yacht club and having money makes you tall foo
I don't know any of you but ok. I'm ********, nice to meet you all. Thanks for inviting me.

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You want a woman? Stop fucking crying about it

Two rules to get a woman:
>be attractive
>don't be ugly

That's all it takes. Stop fucking whining already
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Remember that what is attractive to women differs with each one. No matter how Chad someone is, some girls will still not find him attractive.
what's your point? origigi
>take ugly guy's image
>make a fake post to make him seem like an asshole just so it's OK to laugh at him for being ugly
really makes you think

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>be me
>at work
>have one of my laptops with me
>supervisor wants to look something up on YouTube
>opens YouTube
>all my recommended videos are there for all my coworkers to gaze upon
>it's all the cringiest weebshit imaginable

I wasn't even logged in or anything what the fuck man
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That's presumably the result of HTTP cookies. They are automatically installed on your computer in order to collect information about your personal preferences/ tastes so that advertisements and recommendations can be tailored towards you. This can be reduced in effect by the following;

>Disabling cookies on your internet browser (although some webpages may not provide you with access for doing this).
>Using private browser modes which delete cookies upon exit.
>Deleting your cache, cookies and internet history. (This will allow you to conserve hard-drive space on your personal computer, even if it is not a large quantity).
you couldve had them use a browser that isnt the one you primarily use.
This is why I only use youtube in incognito

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While you fatasses complain about being fat, Chad eats like a pig (probably more than you) and STILL is skinny.




How does this make you feel knowing that he beats you at your own game?
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if i would eat one of that cookie, i would immediately gain 50 pounds
Genetics based high metabolism and he throws up after a video. He is still one of the fastest eaters of all time.
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So much power.jpg
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>be me
>be fat kid for most of teen years
>decide to get fit
>lose weight
>gain so much muscle people think steroids
>cardio and strength is beyond that of skinny rat bastards, humilate them in the gym with my bigger lifts and ripped gains

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Why is it so hard to get a GF if you're not an outgoing guy?
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Because humanity knows what beneficial traits it wants from a pairing.

And if you like anime, you already lost the game.
If you're not outgoing, you meet less people and talk to the few that you meet less. Plus most girls like extroverted men, even "introverts"
I want to be initially shocked at my fairy smoking, then think for a moment about how funny it would be to get her addicted to cigarettes and fuel it.

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If you're so lonely why dont you just get back with your ex?
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>implying I have one
Fuck off normie rrrrrreeeeee
I know this is bait
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She moved on before me. They always do. Always.
>your ex
I don't have one and probably never will.

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the virgin infant.jpg
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have you ever been breast fed? if you haven't been breast fed than that is the main reason why you are a beta male
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Nah my mom died before I was born.
I was breastfed and I'm still a beta.
By my mom, yes, but now I want to be breastfed as an adult again. Ironic innit it?

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who is her bf?

is it a black dude?
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bart is a cuckold
also who is this bitch
Why do people care who other people fuck. Just worry about your girl
>implying I have a girl

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images (11).jpg
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Why aren't more of you serial killers? It's literally so easy to get away with.
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how to be a serial killer
Step 1.
>leave the house
Instant fail.
last time there was this koko crunch guy at the hood talkin' shit about corn flakes
You could always invite someone to your house

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>going back to school after being a shut-in NEET for 4 years

Why is this so panic inducing
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Change is scary.
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You've spent 4 years of little to no time ordering your environment.

Everything outside your regular environment is chaotic, so it is for everyone else. But the difference is they're exposed to the chaos of everyday life, everyday.

This ability to order the unknown comes like building muscle, you have to routinely develop it or you lose it. Once your comfortable relatively speaking, add more "weight" and repeat until a mental Chad.
You've gone feral.

Hw waz life beefor yu witdrew fom societie?
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hi fren, r wee boat own a adventr??
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I was only there because I had to be.
>tfw permanent little boy
I waz wlking a round tying to fnd speritual enlitenment but ur dubz say we go for adventur

Women at age 30 are at their most beautiful.
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>democrat flag
>three times the usual age accepted here
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Memeing this might help with the marriage/birth rate desu.
>three times the usual age accepted here
oh 4chan...
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Stand back, peasants, actual study coming through

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