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no face dress.jpg
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How would you feel if you went out on a date with a woman and she wore this dress?
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I would feel pretty happy and say I like her dress.
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Yo thats pretty cool, is that an actual dress or just an edit or something?
I'd probably cringe slightly. Not for her liking the thing, but for her feeling the need to show it off.

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have you ever had a fucked up dream that seriously effected you or fucked with your head?

>have a dream where I'm seeing what is happening through the point of view of another man
>he's raping a dead black teenager on the ground of a back alley
>her throat is cut like halfway through her neck
>he's talking trash and saying arrogant shit
>in my mind i'm seriously getting angry at this guy but i can only watch through his POV
>he gets up and I see dozens of other girls laying on the ground
>moves onto the next girl who is an asian teenager
>I can vividly see the horror and fear on her face as this arrogant cunt is raping her, her face will stay with me forever
>he keeps moving onto even more women, all asian teens and rapes them while mocking them in an arrogant american accent
>I wake up literally wanting to slowly behead this imaginary man so that he could feel every slice of the knife
>i want to talk trash to him while he dies just like he did to the girls he raped
>I've never felt so sure about wanting to murder someone

I'm curious why the first girl was black and why the rest were asian. I do have an asian fetish, but not in the sense where i can see the fear on their faces as they get fucked. I've never been able to tell people I had this dream cos they'll think there's something wrong with me..
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Todays blackpill: no one cares about your dreams
would you prefer another feels thread, oh wise sage?
When I was a schoolboy I had a dream about a zombie apocalypse running rampant and eating everyone. I was trying to run away from a mob of zombies in a school hallway, but they caught up and began to crowd around me ready to eat my flesh. I curled up in a ball on the floor. At that moment I had a rush of emotions preparing me for death, giving me this 'who cares' outlook on the situation. I woke up just after.

Now I know what it feels like when you know death is upon you and you cannot escape--your body just relaxes and accepts your fate with a big sigh.

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>katya will never be your gf

life is so unfair bros
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Waiting for me in St. Petersburg
And I am not coming
>>waaaaa, some ransomed won't be my girlfriend boo hoo sucks to be me!

How about working to improve your life instead of expecting everything on a silver platw

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Any other circumjewed anons restored a bit of sensitivity by wearing a condom on the ol' glands for a bit?
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uncut masterrace here
how can amerifatrts even compete?
Plz no bully i cant help that my parents are gullible good goyim. now can anybody tell me if theyve tried this and gotten results?
Aren't condoms wet though? It'll look like you've pissed yourself. I've never worn one because I'm a khv.

File: 1472621175917.jpg (49KB, 480x454px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Be me
>open up porn site of my choosing (pornhub if you insist on knowing)
>pick out video from my favorite category (pov)
>start fapping
>about 4 minutes into the session I get a message (when did pornhub get a messenger?)
>it was a woman
>says she 5 minutes away and wants to fuck
>instantly go on r9k

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Finish the fap and then see if you have any interest in talking to a whore.
That's a popup you idiot. You don't have an adblocker?
Shes only 5 mins away

fap your way down the road to see if she out there

ITT: Worst thing you have ever done/witnessed
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>used to have a railing where we lined up for dinner in our juniors school this was next to big classroom windows
>Saw some kid jump over his friend from atop the railing and he went straight through the window
>saw a shard of glass split his leg from knee to groin
>saw a kid fall on a railing that was sticking out of the ground

wasnt too bad but i thought it had gone straight through him
Pissed in my step-brother's prescription dandruff shampoo for YEARS

Called the cops on a friend because I was jealous my girlfriend at the time would rather hang out with him because he had weed (He went to jail for a year)

Get cheated on by high school girlfriend, find proof of who it was after we break up but keep it a secret. Try "Being just friends" in college after she gets into a relationship with some other dude JUST so I can get her to cheat on him too. Eventually scheme works, and she says she knows how bad she fucked up hurting me blah blah blah, how happy she is we can be together again and how things will be better, we smash. Next day I message her new bf on facebook and tell him she cheated on him. He tells me to fuck off and says I'm jealous and lying - so I tell him why she and I broke up in the first place including the proof of who she cheated on me with in high school (Her marching band director). Her bf dumps her and tells all of her friends the secret I had been saving for just this occasion. Her friends thought of her as a slut, her parents found out their underage daughter fucked a teacher, her boyfriend dumps her, Band director gets fired as fuck and registered as a sex offender.

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How do normies like beer?
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They usually like shitty light beer such as corona or heineken. Normies are pussies.
It's an acquired taste the mind gets used to very quickly when the substance in question relieves it of the pain of thinking.

I work in a liquor store and the majority of customers who buy beer are older guys. The younger normie faggots buy premixes.

Normie faggots in their 20s don't like beer. They drink it in bars and at parties to seem normal, even though none of them like it. They're all victims of peer pressure. Stupid retards.

I'm drunk right now.

File: bods-emgn-4.jpg (72KB, 960x618px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Christian Bale in Batman Begins had 104 kg, which is a 31 BMI
Just six months b4, he weight fucking annoying 55kg, which is a 16,4 BMI for Bale's height.

So.. I'm 20. And since puberty my BMI was miserable and shameful 16,0.
>mfw realise that i am in a worse silhouette than Bale's Machinist.
Rushed to gain fat for first time in life. Achieved 17,9, my present BMI, and growing up to 20.

Can I expect to be more respectable when left my manlet body behind?
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if you are trying to gain weight without lifting weights you will end up looking like shit. Remember that you will gain ONLY fat because you are not stimulating muscles to grow. Christian Bale is an actor and he gains weight with steroids and loses weight with other drugs like cocaine.
of course he is exercising but it would take too much time to do it naturally
I read about the diet that he takes to lose weight.. Extreme values.
And to gain also. Extreme gym moves, and constantly eating.

File: IMG_1821.png (95KB, 400x310px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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oh hey remember when she learned this
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You didn't even do so? And what's the point of posting in the thread of a poster you loathe, seems redundant doesn't it? You could always ignore my threads. Someone clearly has an infatuation with me. Cute but still. Seriously?




File: britfeel june 2.jpg (1MB, 1900x1383px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
britfeel june 2.jpg
1MB, 1900x1383px
Remember to always ignore tripfags edition
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File: l2.jpg (79KB, 1520x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hey fellow /britfeelers/
File: xijinping.jpg (189KB, 1280x853px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Smuggle British state secrets to Zhongguo
File: son.png (639KB, 784x563px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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How's the son?

Imagine being treated like a creep, kidnapper, lowest form of life on earth just for being yourself. Just for waking up in the morning and breathing. It absolutely sucks. You spend your whole life never hurting a fly and then these girls laugh at you and call you gross and say you look like a cereal killer. Then they date some abusive biker. Makes you wanna quit life.
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i've seen it happen dude. im actually the biker (not that abusive though) but shit like this has happened to some of my best buddies and happened to me as well back in middle/high school.

they're in the game but they're not even getting treated as a contestant even though they're great people and I like to hang with them after easily more than a decade. sure they're peculiar, but in the good way. blame social media and unrealistic standards among others. not much certain lads can do without just literally getting out there and hope a chick who's not completely brainwashed pops up and gives them a chance. It's still not much to go with in the end.
It's serial you massive fuck up
Girls expect you to be a jerk, a bad person. Otherwise you are a creep, a genetic failure.

File: 4bc.png (339KB, 680x680px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
339KB, 680x680px

>Take my little sister to McDonalds to celebrate her last day of school
>Get her a happy meal and myself some tendies
>Buy my shit, store is packed so glance inside the bag and leave
>Get home
>Open tendie box
>Nugs instead

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Do they even serve tendies at mcdicks?

It literally said Chicken Tenders, and besides tendies would just be a snack wrap without the other shit.
What's wrong with nuggets?

File: a yandere.jpg (15KB, 194x259px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
a yandere.jpg
15KB, 194x259px
I have an obsession with male yanderes and wish I had one of my own. Does anyone know how I can find or make someone yandere for me?
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You'd have to date me. But I'm taken.
Well do you know how your partner made you yandere?

go fuck off to there you reddit trash

File: IMG_1117.jpg (57KB, 681x681px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
57KB, 681x681px
>its an Anon huddles behind the bed in his hotel room with the lights off and hopes the shemale prostitute angrily knocking on the door finally gives up episode
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How did you get into that situation? Please tell us
tell us more my man
You have to expand on this

"Let us all remember my mother and brother while I drink my Grande Latte!"
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It's even worse because that's actually a venti frappucino.
what can you do? a girl's gotta have her frap xD
Her family's dead. I think she can have a fucking starbucks drink if she wants to.

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