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My life is a meme. I didn't think it could happen to me.

>be socially awkward beta most of my life
>first gf at 28 (she was 27)
>we marry 1 year later
>1 year into marriage already sex dropped off to practically monthly
>have a ski trip with the boys scheduled (entire week off)
>trip fell through, decided to just stay home and play vidya whole week (saves money anyways)
>wife very annoyed to find out, starts acting strangely, calling me lazy, couch potato, being passive aggressive
>midweek she tells me she's going on a short trip with the girls

You know where this is going. Long story short, months before I had installed a keylogger on her computer because of my own insecurities. I decided to make use of the logs and got into her gmail/facebook. Turns out she was planning on a sexapade in my own house with an ex boyfriend.

When I confronted her about this, I wish you could've seen how she looked at me. I've never seen her have such a hateful look on her face, or anyone's for that matter. I've never seen someone look at me with such visceral hate, as if I wronged her somehow when I'M the one being cheated on. HOW THE FUCK DOES THAT EVEN MAKE SENSE? I'm so fucking lost and hurt.
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Smack the slag around
She's your classic evil manipulative roastie.

You were supposed to be a dumb nice beta boy she could take full advantage of, she never loved you. The look on her face should have told you everything you need to know.
>he married his first gf

how does it feel to marry Chads sloppy seconds?

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I fap to gay porn but I only want to fuck girls, what should I say when people ask if I'm gay? I don't want them to think I fuck dudes.
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>I fap to gay porn but I only want to fuck girls, what should I say when people ask if I'm gay? I don't want them to think I fuck dudes.- 0 post shown.
Dumb sissy anime boi.
Kind of them same boat, I get off to 2d traps, but real ones even the "cute" ones do nothing for me and any other kind disgusts me.

I'm worse cause I fap to straight up "poz my neg hole" gay porn.

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>started talking to good looking trap I met on here
>share lewds and get along pretty well
>get ghosted a week later
They do the same shit real women do, it's not worth it. Trying to find love is never worth it
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You have to go full gay to get the lesser drama perk of dating penises, OP. Traps will indeed have some of the women associated problems.
>ITT /b/tards confusing traps with trannies again
Not attracted to masculinity though. A small penis is fine but a manly figure is a no

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Does anyone avoid going to a public restroom at all costs? I do because if I hear people farting and pooping in other stalls in the dead silence I burst into laughter.
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I avoid them because they're usually dirty as fuck.

Also I don't leave the house long enough to have to go.
>toilet seats covered in piss
>shitty toilet paper
>usually bad smell if the janitors aren't doing their job
>other people can hear me shit and I can hear them
>the entire room is just a cesspool of everyone's bacteria on literally every surface

I only piss in public restrooms. Thankfully I have a normal shit schedule and it's always right when I wake up. So it's out of the way for the day.
depends on where it is, if its something as public as a gas station the most ill do is piss in the urinal.
At college though ill take a shit, i dont mind.

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Why don't suntan lotion companies oppose interracial relationships and support white nationalism? Doesn't it make sense that if there are less white people and white people are racemixing that people buy less sunscreen? That could pose a serious threat for their bottom line.

>We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children and ensure eternally profitable sunscreen companies
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Alternatively, they could go full-on liberal degeneracy and support nudism everywhere. But the profits wouldn't be as long term as supporting white nationalism would be.
If I remember correctly, white skin has an SPF value of 2 and black skin has an SPF value of 3. That's probably bullshit since I heard it a long time ago from a high school teacher but whatever
The PR hit would send the company into a death spiral. There's too much competition to do that shit.
Bullshit I've gotten sunburnt many times before because I didn't use sunscreen. Then again I'm not as dark as most others but still

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Have you robots lost any friends to nigger culture?
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A friend in high school went and embraced that and hung out with another crowd. We still get along but acknowledge our differences so we don't talk much. One other was too into the Tyrone stereotype and I had enough and cut him off. He was very emotionally abusive. He's still good friends with the person I mentioned before. They both have the failed rap career too.
Yep, and it's a tragedy. They usually almost always fail.
Myself, ain't even mad because the S.O.S. band's the shit.

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do girls care about dick size?

i'm 19 years old and asian in europe, im going to college in a few weeks, my dick is average in length and looks tiny if i look amateur white porn, idk if it's because those guys have big dicks or what
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What's average length for an Asian?
if its 6-7 inches you will be ok lad
measure girth. ~3 and 3/4 to 4 inches is avg i think

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What's the longest you've ever edged? I just got through edging for 6 hours and busted the fattest nut in my life.
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Probably around 7-8 hours but then my nuts started to hurt.
Damn. What do you think would happen if you edged for hours and didn't bust a nut?
I'm pretty sure I have high testosterone because I've only edged for about an hour or so as my record.

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Everyone who posts in this thread gets a free anime girl
Get posting.
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Can i choose which one i get?
what kind of free anime girl?
is she kind?
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If you ask really nicely, and I have one in stock, I can fulfill your desire for that/

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Why aren't you having sex with sexy 9 year olds?
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because 9 year olds aren't sexy.
12-16 is best
b-because you'll arrest me if i do, fbi agent-sama
I've had a hard time meeting sexy 9-year-olds ever since I graduated elementary school.

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>tfw no cute tomboyish gf
Why even live?
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>>tfw no cute tomboyish gf
>Why even live?
why not just date boys?
because boys have a penor
Boys can't be as feminine

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Anyone else find it impossible to not come across as rude or semi-retarded in all your social interactions? Pic related in the beginning of the movie is pretty representative for me. I'll literally be at a loss for how to respond to some simple joke or comment and just awkwardly go "oh..." looking down the whole time and abruptly walk away to whoever's talking to me, or maybe I won't even manage the "oh". My speech is always odd and stilted, like an alien impersonating a human. I don't know how to smile properly without it looking fake or goofy. When a smile is needed, I default to this weird restrained half-smile where I don't open my mouth. The few times I've been able to muster the courage to say something I'd imagine a normie would say, I've just go the side-eye or complete silence. Everyone must loathe me.
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>tfw 18 and your mother has to talk to the doctor for you
Knock the gay teenage shit off. When you enter the real world you'll learn that it'll either man you up or it'll set you down a path of no return(most likely choice).
>tfw 25 and mom still makes the appointments and stuff for me
i go there by myself though

im 19 getting 4 face tattoo's soon. ama
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Have fun being a tool for the rest of your life.
do you just enjoy being an edgy faggot or are you shooting for perpetual unemployment or something?
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Do you think that you'll regret this? Y/Y?
Also, xxxtentatcion is a meme rapper

Femanons, why don't you become a sex teacher for pubescent virginal boys, introducing them into the world of carnal pleasures? You will never meet someone as appreciative of your naked body and touch as a horny shota.
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fuck off, stop reminding me that i'll never have this
Because boy dick is gross, and they're immature.
>boy dick is gross

WTF are you gay or something

prime teen dick is best dick

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Post your personal 10/10. Doesn't matter what others think.
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>Post your personal 10/10. Doesn't matter what other think.
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This, or a short haired blond girl I dated for a few weeks

How did that not trigger the filter?

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