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>got first credit card in the mail today
>says my credit score is 715
>have never had credit or a loan before
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It's a trick, don't fall for it. They want you to spend money you don't have. That's how they make money.
We're also in the middle of a credit bubble when they'll give credit to literally anyone.
Zero down mortgages are back. Hunker down, folks.
There is literally nothing wrong with building your credit. Use a credit card for small purchases that you can pay off within the month.

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Let us play the Bingo Chad game!
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>fucked a girl with a boyfriend
If i count yes (^:
>fucked a girl someone else was in love with
maybe, i've had 2 girlfriends (met both on 4chan) they had some orbiters here and there, but no idea if any of them were actually in love with her
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>tfw I've literally not done a SINGLE one of these things

Well boys, time to end it.
You're not supposed to. It's Chado. If there is anything on the list that you've done then your next move should be getting the fuck out of /r9k/.

As title suggests, how does one get a gf?
from time to time girls seem to be interested, at least i catch girls looking at me from time to time could be because i look like a loner though :"^)
am autistic and dunno how social interactions work, at least not the specific ones of getting a gf, never got told how to get one and neither tried, so have no clue.

is it possible getting a ldr gf that lives somewhat close i live in europe, so timezones arent a problem? and if so, how does one go about getting a ldr gf?

>pic unrelated
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Join some mmo, you will find a girlfriend quite fast, problem is, it will be one with a penis
Just keep being a failed normie and post your picture every opportunity you get.
You don't or you try online dating in places like reddit.

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Have any of you ever done anything nice for another person?
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yes of course

i dont really as much anymore since no one does anything nice for me, it's not about getting things done but its like no one else is nice
yes, everyone has or they're retarded

if you understand the concept of kindness you should exercise it
does allowing oneself to be used by a person count as doing something nice

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I've been kicking around these thoughts for a while and I want to get them written down. This thread concerns the overall quality of 4chan and the way that conversation usually plays out. This started as a single post and ended up something like an essay so I humbly ask for your patience.

The first step to articulating an accurate appraisal of the quality of 4chan must come from moving past the pithy truisms of '4chan was always shit' or 'people were saying 4chan was bad when -I- got here'. So much of the conversation gets hung up here, but no meaningful discussion of where 4chan is at and where it came from can ever come from these cop outs. They serve only to cut the discussion off at the head. To lay down an ostensibly definitive answer without actually doing any thinking. These sayings aren't based on an examination of the changes that 4chan has undergone over the years, it's a reflexive response & a cheap way to flaunt meaningless pseudo-cred (and more often than not the people spouting them are just aping other posters)

If we throw away these worthless platitudes and acknowledge that change in quality on 4chan DOES happen; that old users leave and new users arrive, that moot has fiddled with the site, that the prevailing culture shifts (not only on 4chan itself but the entire internet), that moderators have influenced content with their actions, that boards CAN and DO organically experience periods of intense activity and creativity which eventually slows down, solidifies and disappears (i offer /a/, /b/, /sp/ and even /r9k/ as examples of this) and these are all responsible for fluctuations in quality, then we can start to have a substantial discussion on where 4chan is, has been and where it's headed. (Cont 1/11)
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One of the most common arguments that I've seen advanced and wish to preempt is that 4chan doesn't 'decline' as much as it 'evolves'. That 4chan in effect goes through distinct and identifiable periods that can be distinguished from each other, but that none of them represent a change in quality so much as they amount to a simple costume change. I fail to see this as anything other than an attempt to deny the concept of 'quality' altogether. It's an opinion that doesn't reflect an examination of what those changes actually meant, but simply claims that 'for my own concern, they are interchangeable' which speaks more or less to an agreeable and uncritical attitude in the individual than a serious attempt examine the issue. I hope that my arguments will put this notion to rest or at least encourage someone to rethink that idea.

I want to firstly try to engage the notion that quality on 4chan does not change: that it is 'zero-sum'. That as one board declines its creative energy is spread totally undiminished to other boards and the quality of 4chan doesn't change even as boards get worse. I do not think this is the case. I believe that more realistically the creative energy of a board is a unique configuration of particular posters to particular board. Someone who generates amusing OC on /sp/, for example, cannot simply be transplanted to another board and produce the same level of content. For one he might not even want to. His impetus might be entirely limited to that one board and he might not have anything to say on a different board. There are structural conditions unique to boards as well which dictate what posters can actually post. Boards with strict moderation are generally going to have less free-wheeling OC than more relaxed boards. Turning a lightly-modded board into a highly-modded board (like /sp/'s experience) diminishes the overall creative capacity of 4chan itself. It doesn't simply just shift it from one board to another (Cont 2/11)
Secondly the addition of new boards disperses the efforts of posters, even if quality was zero-sum across the whole of 4chan, it can't all go to the same board. The addition of new boards means that 'quality' is dissipated by being spread thin across a host of hitherto nonexistent boards, which has the effect of diminishing quality on individual boards (some of these new boards have unique interactions with the quality of others when their subject matter overlap /qst/ for example had a substantial impact on /tg/, arguably /lit/, /adv/ and /sci/ on r9k).

The idea that quality on 4chan is zero-sum becomes even more ridiculous when you elaborate what it actually means. That 4chan in 2003 is the same as 4chan in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008...2017. That in the entire evolution of 4chan from a niche community of SA weebs to its vertiginous rise to 'last boss of the internet' and onto today with the changes that entailed, 4chan was qualitatively unchanged. I propose that quality on 4chan instead resembles an organic life-cycle with fertile periods of intense activity brought about by unique conditions which attract new users, eventually reach maturity, and then exhaust themselves and become pale imitations of those high times (paradoxically, more users and more activity do not equal greater creativity which is the lifeblood of quality, since only a tiny minority of posters are actually responsible for content https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1%25_rule_(Internet_culture) , more users can actually have the opposite effect and drown or drive out the content creators under heaps of worthless shitposts). Quality then is not simply users posting but it is the right kind of user in the right environment. (Cont 3/11)
All posters are not created equal. It's common sense but its an idea that's worth exploring. Not all posters are able or willing to make the same contributions in their posts. Not only does intelligence and articulation vary wildly, but so does their effort and experience. Broadly speaking a 15 year old highschooler on his first week posting from his phone between checking his twitter and browsing reddit is not going to provide the same level of maturity and thoughtfulness as a 25 year old whose been here for 10 years (ironically in this regard, a NEET might be a better poster than a high-functioning adult because of the level of commitment they can invest in their posting). 4chan is the sum of its users and what they see fit to post so it stands to reason that changes in its users or their attitudes towards posting have a substantial impact on the general quality of the site.

So what makes a 'good' 4chan poster? This is something that can vary greatly depending on opinion, but there are a number of things that I think we can generally agree on make for better posters: intelligence, wit, creativity (e.g. creating OC rather than being a passive spectator), commitment (someone who invests more time and effort in their posts is preferable to someone who spends as little time as possible), familiarity & respect for the respective culture (nobody wants posters who treat their boards no different than they would 9gag). Too little of these respective qualities wreck havoc on a board and if we examine the change in 4chan activity over the last years we see signs that indicate legions of new users who exhibit a staggering lack of these qualities. (Cont 4/11)

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ITT: most traumatising experience
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Visiting >>>/r9k/ for the first time
My sister hanging herself from her closet with her scarf.
when my prosecutor asked me about photos in my 4chan folder

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Why are humans so fucking disgusting?
>can contract diseases that can kill you
>have disgusting intestines that are inside of you right now
>need to eat and drink in order to survive but watch out, a lot of these things are bad for you!
>can spit
>need to piss
>actually have to push out a shit atleast once-twice a week that stinks and looks fucking disgusting
>takes a lot of effort to look good
>actually can't decide what you look like nor can you choose what sex you want in the beginning of your life
>have emotions that can either be bad or good
>you literally are forced to live this life

There is no god. What kind of god would create such disgusting and horrible species? If A lot of these go for animals as well. If there is a god, he has abandoned us a long, long time ago. And for billions of people to not realize this is astonishing.
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this is a nice egelord comment, you even started bitching about a non existent god as if you would upset something.

faggots who are uncomfortable in their own skin are pathetic
You've just described most animals. What's your point?
How are you not? Why does all of these disgusting things that could be non-existent in another life appeal to you?

My dream is to DJ at a club or party. What do they do exactly?
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I want to be an emo kid more than I want to dj
Nowadays they dont do much. They just play mp3 files with a few fade outs here and there.

Early 2000's were the height of the hobby. When DJ's spun DnB and Jungle instead of this dubstep garbage.
>load playlist
>switch between songs
>sometimes do something funky
>bang your head slightly with your left hand touching your headphones

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confess your worst sexual fantasies, ill start.

the main one i have is i want to become a cumslut,i want to be bought my a mistress and i want her to use me as a little whore. i want her to dress me in a maid outfit with my hands tied, nipple clamps and a vibrator in my pussy going constantly. if im not good she will bend me over in public and let random strangers use my holes, telling each of them to cum in me.

the second is that i want to cuck another mans wife,i want to be able to fuck a girl so good that she goes gay and leaves her husband. i want to watch him cry as he realises hes worthless in comparison.if i cant get her to leave i just want to make her feel so good that she will always feel disappointed when he tries to fuck her.

those are the main two, i have some smaller ones but those are the big ones. im curious to hear what my fellow robots have to say
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i just wanna be gangbanged anonymously by cute guys that are std free basically

it would be even better if they were all people i know online
nice,gangbangs are difficult to arrange
yeah i know it will never happen

i also want to have a fanbase like a lot of those online traps

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How did women end up becoming so materialistic and superficial? Why do they put their material possessions and social popularity on such a high level of importance to themselves instead of being happy just experiencing life and being with people you love like us men?
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That's a nice hentai
Feminism has instilled the belief in them that they're more valuable and important than men thus turning them into spoiled, arrogant brats
Men don't make them earn their money or diamonds.

When you rub just the glans of your penis, does it feel good?
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Lmao I'm a girl don't hit on me
I feel nothing because I'm circumcised. Is that the answer you wanted?
As some one with phimosis, it's so sensitive it's painful to touch.

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Why do women like being degraded?

Do robots like degrading women?
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>Why do women like being degraded?
submission is in their dna. what kind of question is this?
Idk anon, it just feels good to be a sub for the majority of women, just like I imagine it feels good for thr majority of men to be a dom. What is wrong with that?
my ex girlfriend loved it when I called her "my little fuck toy" and reminded her that she was just a bunch of holes or me to fill. She loved getting spanked and for me to fuck her into submission until she couldn't move

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How much different would the world be if certain races never existed?

>probably a lot would be gone but asians would pick up the slack

same as whites

literally FUCKING nothing

loss of agriculture
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A world without shitskins is my dream
Or at the very least, a society that they can't enter and ruin
Read The Years of Rice and Salt. The Black Death kills all Europeans and Muslims and Chinese take over the world. All in all, things aren't tgat different. Native Americans are still fucked and the old wolrd powers have a single world war, except it lasts 30 fucking years.


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You are given a choice to be locked in chastity by a very attractive woman.

She holds the key and will let you have sex with her once every 3 - 6 months depending on your behavior.

You will need to eat her out daily or have another weed added onto your locked time.

If you are desperate for a release, she can bring one of her friends over and you will have to give a blowjob and swallow for one month to be taken off the time. This is optional but it will speed things up.

Do you accept?
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No. And women are delusional to believe such.
I rather jerk my weewee off.
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Lmao I can just beat my own dick with no compromise

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You ever think about life and wonder, why? Why bother? What makes you go up every morning, whats your reasoning?

Life is just repeat of everyday, then you're dead.
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yeah every day is the same shit but what should i do about it? kill myself? what if that what is coming after life is even worse?
So i just don't think about it and go to my shitty job to do shitty tasks for 8 hours come back home distract myself with shitposting and it repeats everyday
i really hope there isn't an afterlife, i want this to be it.
This line of thought never occurs to most people. They just go through the motions like mindless automatons and next thing you know they're 6 feet under.

In fact, some people actually lack a sense of temporal awareness, and only have a vague idea of when tomorrow will come.

Neuroticism is a curse.

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