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Why is plastic surgery frowned upon by westerners?
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Because they want good breeding and not just a pretty face
Waste of money, not prudent sin
Vanity sin
Health risk for vanity sin
Plus their genes won't be selected out so they will keep getting uglyier
Make fun of morals all you want but saving money and being humble do great things for society.
DESU outside of 4 chan I never heard a person mention breeding for wanting a hot chick.

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How often does/did your mother argue with you?
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I don't know. She hasn't got out of bed for months.
An argument implies both sides are equal.
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i just want to chill and play vidya, relax, not interact with normies. is it that much to ask?

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anon-kun...s-sorry but is it...i-is it okay if I k-kill you?

please anon, just let me s-slit your t-throat...I p-promise I won't hurt u...let me pls kill you

y-you won't have to suffer any more, anon...please just let me end your life and defile your corpse PLS PLS PLS PLS ;_;
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Sure why not. Make it slow.
Only if it's with a shotgun to the stomach.
No you'll get in trouble, it's better i stay alive to keep you safe

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48 things women hear that men just don't.

"No guy wants to sleep with a virgin."

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That's such bullshit.
These videos are literal cancer. Every single one of them is made by angery feminists that got rejected by Chad.
>don't be so bossy
Heard this one before
>you need to wax your eyebrows
This one, yep
>nice rack
Yep (I used to be fat)
>you'll be SOO bored at home
Yep, being NEET sucked

t: man

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Why do women love mass murderers so much?

You could be a fat, stupid, ugly loser but if you kill a bunch of people qts will throw their ass at you, it makes zero sense

Even fuckin James Holmes has a wall in his cell covered with sexy photos girls sent to him
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Because women are stupid
unsurprisingly not orginal
The ultimate male is the one that kills people. That means he defeated them because he's that much stronger than them.

or something
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kek I just realized how badly Elliot Rodger fucked up when he killed himself

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How come men don't have effective semen bio management built into our bodies?

It's either get sex and bust nuts, masturbate and bust nuts, all with brain fog after.

Why don't we have the option to not bust nuts, not get brain fog, and not feel so lethargic for doing it?
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You can not jerk off and you'll get nocturnal emissions. At the very least you'll get brain fog less often.
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you fuck straight back off to reddit with your nofap meme. men have been bustin'nuts for tens of thousands of years and suddenly it's a problem? yea sure.leave this place for the better you reddit memer.
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>"wah wah why can't i waste my precious bodily essence without suffering the consequences?"

>tfw can't take robots to Joans on Third because they would be publicly humiliated
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What the fuck is Joans on third.
You and nerds don't belong here.
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I'm guessing it doesn't exist in florida.

After 6 years of trying everything I give up. Think I tried everything...

>clean veggie diet (3 months)
>bread and water only diet (1 month)
>2 cycles of accutane (acne came back after 5 months after I stopped taking it both times
>changing pillow case daily
>antibiotics (acne came back after 2 months)
>washing my face 4 times a day
>taking omega-3 supplements
>exercising (both cardio and strength training)
>applying pee on face (nice fucking meme smooth skins)

I'm out of options. No dermatologist can help me. Been to many. Some of them gave up on me. Share your struggles and post what helped in your case.
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How old are you? Maybe you'll grow out of it but what do I know? I'm a "smoothskin"
20 now
Maybe there's hope of it clearing on its own then. As I got older, I found that I got less and less acne. I'm 27

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I've been fucking around with drugs and research chemicals for a while now, talking to random people, and just doing things that were temporarily fun.

I'm bored again, what should I do?
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How long is "a while"?
Which research chemicals?
Maybe not a while, maybe since the beginning of this year?

As for RCs alone:

I thought about trying some other RC benzos, but none of them look that fun and I don't have a strong interest in them.
Benzos are kind of boring. It's like kale, tasteless unless mixed with something else.
I haven't done any of those psychedelics, but I did used to take 25i. Do people still do that? It was interesting but got old really quick.
It's been like 4 years since I've been into hallucinogens. You're right, it's only temporarily fun, but so is everything else.

This is how my ideal bf looks lke. Your thoughts?
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you're fucking retarded and probably look like mayonnaise so this will never be a reality for you
I don't really like tattoos, and he's a little bit too muscular. Super /fit/ guys are always huge pussies, don't smoke or drink, eats nothing but veggies and chicken, a total bore.

I'm sure he'd make a great hookup though.
Dudes obvs on roids but whatever.

>tfw not at Disneyland
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Why the fuck would you want to go there?
>tfw you work down there and are forced to be happy everyday.
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>tfw when cat

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>that asian girl who cant handle my 6x5.5 average dick
why do asian girls cant handle a white average dick

is it because they fuck with tiny and little asian dicks?
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He was just pretending to make your ego feel better.
Cuz you're probably cut and it chafes
Considering I have only fucked asians and I have an 8incher, I can say they can handle them just fine, and she was probably playing it up to make you feel good about yourself.

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Anyone else /filthy/?

>my room
>clutter everywhere
>clothes everywhere because I don't bother putting it in the drawer when mom cleans it
>food packages strewn on the table, old dirty plates
>dust everywhere because I don't bother with vacuuming
>cat hair everywhere

I just came home from work and don't want to do anything.
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Hey anon, post a photo
I think we all want to see how it really is
I cannot, why do you think I greentexted it?
My desk has a lot of stuff on it, but everywhere else is quite organized. I just need to vacuum more often

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I know everyone is 8x6 here
But how bad is a 5.5 inch dick IRL? (girth is 5)
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What does it really matter? What does knowing whether or not it's big enough do for you? You use it to fuck and as long as you're getting off who cares
5 inch is the cutoff. Anything below that and you're micro tier, but 5+ is totally fine.
Pretty much dead average. Nothing to feel bad about.

ITT autistic shit that gets you hard
RULES: NO nudity
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this thread was dying and im bumping it

remember me, r9k
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nothing like the hard clank of a struck pin breaking the air tight seal of a bullets casing
>Reddit and Normy
pls leave

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