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How does one take it the next level with girls? You've talked , seem to get along, now you're talking about pointless bs because you have autism.

Please help me anons, I don't want to die alone
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If the next step doesn't come naturally then you're fucked

Okay so, i've heard legens of this crazy ancient method.. but you have to listen closely
You can't die. Quantum immortality

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a girl is coming over in 20 minutes and i fcking smell but i cant shower because theres no water.. i mean i smell so bad even i can fucking smell it, it's like cheese or something. what the fuck do i do this is my only chance.
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>fcking smell but i cant shower because theres no water
you lost stinky boy
tell her to stay away from you
just roll with it. natural scent is sexy
how sexy is 2 weeks wiwhtout showering? will she be repulsed?

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How do we save her bros?
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she's long gone. When someone goes to david icke levels of autism, it's too late
didnt she fuck like a dozen different twitter animators and right wing news dudes, whats there to save
Emily is pure

Did they deserve it?
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Literally who? Who are these people?
Yes. All stacies deserve it.
>Killed by gang members
It was their choice to go to a party and their choice to use a shortcut. I wouldn't use the word "deserved" though.

Why were the nazis so mean?
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Because we told you so silly goy
It was total war.
What else do you expect?

Experiments are great ngl tho
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because they grew up in difficult, conflicted times, in an education system that didnt encourage critical thinking and in a culture that valued conformity and militarism above all else

they were wrong to do what they did, but it makes sense why it happened

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Can someone pretend to be my mommy and play house with me?
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Sure thing!
>Go clean your room.
>Can't you do anything right?
>You were always a disappointment.
>I should have swallowed.
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OP btfo
ERPers btfo
Sure thing!
>Takes you to your room
>Locks the door

Pic related

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What was his IQ?
I believe that it was pretty up there.
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It was probably super low

Dude was going to community college and was pretty rich. For a rich person to have to go to CC, they have to be pretty fucking retarded.
He wasn't rich though.
He just thought he was.
I would say he had an average IQ. Probably somewhere around 100, he was just very delusional which made him look stupid.

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All alone in a strange galaxy...

I have no one left, parents are thousands of miles away, no friends, no roommates. I'm just so lonely

Haven't talked to anyone within a week

Wish i had a gf
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hey what up

Same pretty much except with a gf that you love but know things are shit with no matter how much you love. Sometimes your hurt less not having one as in my case
I'm not ok. Just trying to survive this whole life thing... how about you anon

pic unrelated

>be in college
>already have a 7/10 girlfriend
>hottie jealous over your success tracks you down
>after class she approaches and flirts you up aggressively, suggests that you come with her to her room
>tell it's not a good idea but she presses on, squeezes your dick and starts eating your neck in front of everyone, whispering, "I wont stop until you come along."
>half reluctantly go with her to her dorm room, mind you this bitch is easily 9.5/10
>she closes and locks the door, starts feeling you up and stuffs her tongue down your throat, forcing you down on the bed.
>you try to placate her but it's too late, she's already undoing your belt and has her hand down your pants working some voodoo magic on your cock as she keeps you pinned, wanting more.
>you have one last thought about your old girlfriend before she finally straddles you and sits down on your cock, forcing every inch up her suffocating vacuum cunt.
>she nails you against the bed, keeping your hands pinned behind your head like some alpha female
>it's not long before you give in and jizz hard in her birth controlled pussy, you make all sorts of incoherent noises, drool, and lose your fucking mind.
>the end, niggers.
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default nazi mario.jpg
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Hi, Norman. Pic related is what should happen to you.
This was enjoyable as Fuck.
In my mind Eva Lovia is the 9.5/10

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can we have a thread where everyone is just really nice to me for no reason?

I think that would be super ironic and funny
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Why are you reading in a pool ?
You are loved by me and will eventually be loved by all :)
it's good eye training.

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what is the best ben & jerrys flavor and why is it boom chocolatta?
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>Ben (((Cohen)))
>Jerry (((Greenfield)))
I don't need your fancy new age flavors, I'll just stick with my chocolate fudge brownie thank you very much

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>gf asks me to go to a "camping party" over an hour away with her and her friends
>at first she told me that "it's not my thing" so she wasn't sure if it would be okay if I came
>seemed like a weird excuse but I didn't really care because I didn't want to go
>she waits until almost 11PM at night to say "oh you should totally come"
>the place they are camping is over an hour away
>I was already in bed about to go to sleep
>told her I didn't feel like going
>now she's going to complain about how I never want to do anything fun
>for some reason everything "fun" she wants to do involves hours of driving and is always last minute

I know this is the wrong place to be posting this. I know normie ree get out kill yourself. I know she's probably getting fucked by chad right this instant and I'm letting it happen because I'm too much of a beta to go and do normie party shit.

That all said, are there any other anons with gfs who have to deal with shit like this? I don't mind going to the occasional party every now and then but for the most part I hate doing stuff like that.
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What a striking helper picture! May I save it?
Of course my man, it's all yours.
What if she's fucking dudes out on this "camping trip"

>asking you when you're already in bed
>"oh it doesn't sound like your thing"

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>Hahaha, beta males are such weak virgins! Sorry, this isn't the 1950s. Women are free now. You have to play the hookup game to get laid, bud. Tough luck if you don't like it.
>What?!?!?! You're opting out of the game because it doesn't suit your interests? REEEEEEEEEE! SEXIST SEXIST SEXIST!!!!!! It's YOUR fault these poor women are alone at 30, scum!!!!! DIE DIE DIE!!!!!!!
Why do roasties think they can have their cake and eat it too?
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Sex is meaningless these days.
If im traveling, I dont even need a hotel, I just make a tinder and I have a place to sleep.
Women have gone from loving creatures to a set of 3 holes, and so I treat them as three holes.
Sure, theres probly a girl out there thats more than 3 holes, but I sure as hell cant find her for shit.
because they can. This generation of cucks will support them when they're old and fucked up.
Men are men's worst enemy
This seems to be the only good thread on this board. Fuck,I was gone for like a week and a half and /r9k/ already went down the fucking shitter.

You are a normalfag if you use Windows, OSX, or a mobile device to post on 4chan.
You are a normalfag and you should go back to R*ddit
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GNU/Linux is pretty great. I used it for years until my company bought me a brand new MBP retina. Took me a few weeks to adjust, but it's pretty great.

>developer experience is pretty much the same as *nix
>casual, non-work user experience is superior
>hardware is great
>makes me look like a richfag, so starbucks stacies know I can provide betabux

Far from a fanboy though. If I were poor and had to buy my own computer I'd still be running GNU/Linux

Huge fan of free software. Use it every workday
Must be fun to use a messenger pigeon.
>>>/g/ is that way boku no blackman

Who else is such an outcast that they can't even enjoy nerd culture?

I hate anime and I don't play a lot of video games.

When I think of people like these having fun with like-minded friends and having partners they can share their hobbies and passions with I feel angry and sad.

Nerd culture is a second chance for loners and even that I managed to pass through.
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what DO you like then, anon, if not for that? what do you enjoy doing?
anime sucks and most video games suck dicklecockies
Sure. It's hard but there do exist people like you. People who get bored aligning themselves with a preexisting culture. Once you find them you'll build your own off shitty inside jokes and shared interests, no matter how foreign.

gl, don't kill yourself yet of that's the issue. It will happen.

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