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I just started coming here again after like five or six years and everything is exactly the fucking same.
/mu/ is the same goddamn type of threads and subjects that I have been seeing since 2007 - 2009, holy shit.
/v/ is nothing but endless spam threads with no real discussion going on.
At least /pol/ is still somewhat interesting.

I can't tell whether I'm infiltrated by COINTELPRO and I'm only getting a filtered version of 4chan run by bots, or if people have just lost any sense of originality.

Did all the oldfags leave for other imageboards, greener pastures?
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go away we dont want you anyways desu
>Did all the oldfags leave for other imageboards, greener pastures?
either way you're looking for fags, don't worry you can probably find a bf over on soc
I'm basically a zombie at this point, reading /r9k/ like the news.

strange life this is

I don't have the mental strength to argue anymore, been thinking about ending it all soon.

bought some new shotgun shells in case the old ones only half fire from having old fucked up primer or something.

not sure where to go to do it.

could do it in room, but then it would make such a mess.

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Why do normies likes to tan? It's doesn't even look good and what's even worse are roasties with huge contrast with their tan lines. And it's skin cancer inducing on top off all of it. There's literally no upside to it.
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why do scum robots like to stay inside and not do shit with there lifes. There's literally no upside to it
It's comfy inside.
Hit a little too close to home there?

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Today has been hot. I procrastinated all day long at my college library. I will probably fail my finals. I've had an emotional overload due to my crush sitting in front of me. I'm just fucked up. Lanky dude with no charisma or special skill, no social skills either. Nothing to look up to. Tomorrow will be the same. I know I won't know love. Tonight, I still have to eat with all those plebs in the school eatery, and I can't afford to go outside. More forced socialization, I guess.

It's not like a severe pain just came in now. I regularly have hard bouts of lovesickness or depression. Now, I'm just feeling tired. I just want off. I wish death could strike me in one of those moments...just like that, I'd be gone. No explanations needed, no worries, nothing. Just cease to be.

Tell me. What can I hope for? I have no money, no talent, no beauty. What is it I'm waiting for?
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Suck it up faggot! Life is hard!
Eat and then take a nap.
What for, since I will wake up to only few moments of numbness before going bad again? I start my sleep sad, and minutes after I wake up, I automatically remind myself of the shit, and go bad again.

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Why do white people think they can be robots? You literally live life on easy mode. Do you really not realize you live a privileged life?
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Being a black gangsta in jail counts as being a NEET. Having someone pay for you counts as being a NEET. Anyone can be a NEET faggot.
You really cannot beat this dead horse enough can you OP?
You fuckers don't have to worry about going outside and being killed due to your skin color. You get to live with your parents for free because they love you. Women are more likely to date white men. Like the list of things goes on. White people are living on easy mode.

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Man weed is so fucking lame and gay now don't know why I thought it was the best thing for months on end.
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lol weed is probably what made my NEETdom last for 8+ years
all I would do was smoke, eat, get fat, and play vidya.

The worst part is that I still miss it.

be happy you didn't end up like me.
druggie junkies like you are scum.
You probably changed your INTP to ENFP
I did the same thing last summer except I was also working. What made you stop?
FuCk yOU niBBa

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Hey Anon, do you like my new lingerie?
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Wow, it looks beautiful on you. I like your hair. :)

a/s/l? :)
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there is something wrong with the bra part there, honey

try again
I-i like i-it f-femanon

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post your variations

Is there one for "the virgin talk"?
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This is old fucking news buddy take it to reddit or know your meme
Does this meme hit a little too close to home for you?
Did you just @ someone on 4chan

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who /feels nothing/ here?

>friend dies
>get into my first choice of university
>get degree
>make money of investments
>sister gets engaged

the last time i felt happy was making a girl i liked laugh with a witty quip. the fuck is wrong with me?
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I only feel continual disappointment. I try to ignore it but it usually gets the best of me.
What's wrong with girl in OP?

Her left eye, nose and mouth look off-center. It's unnerving
there's nothing wrong with her. she is a qt

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cringiest alt-right youtubers

hardmode: no styxhexenhammer666
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>these longsleeved tshirts make me look buff, r-right anon?
>look at my measly chest hair *leaves buttons undone*
>*makes fun of unattractive girl* h-haha I'm such a Chad
I know these guys are infinitely more successful than us but this is still incredibly pathetic
Don't care if you inb4'd, look at this fucker
he's incredibly funny to watch if you're in the right mood. He might be inherently /ourguy/ but he lacks all self-awareness that I think even most robots can laugh at him.

best part is he denies the fact he's been NEET for the last 5 years saying he's a political analyst or something, but before Trump he got fuck-all attention from anyone

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So i met this chick on craigslist last night and we got to chatting about hooking up. Then she sad this....

Do i go through with this and lose my virginity and cum inside a pussy? Or not.
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I'm kinda torn
yes cunt, there isnt a downside. She said she's on birth control so youre fine
do you want to pay child support to a stranger for 18 years?

Is anyone else here unironically a moralfag? While I get that 4chan is a place where people are free to express their most fucked-up opinions, I'll still never accept mindless rape jokes, insult brigading, etc. In all honesty a lot of what is said here is truly horrible, if you take a few seconds to stop scrolling and think about it.
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Morality is a spook. Joking about things hurts no one except the weak of mind. Weakness is also a spook. Don't be a faggot, essentially, and no one will bother you.
>complaining about insults and tasteless jokes on 4chan of all places
if you don't like it, leave.
I'm a white knight for Mayli

Weird things you do
(Not super autist shit)

I'll start
>Can't poop with socks on
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I've always worn my socks inside-out. I go nuts if I don't.
> take dirt off my fingernails
> smell it
reeee normies get OFF MY BOARD
>chew fingernails
>have a pepe collection (thanks for the rare one)
>always be playing a drum beat when bored

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>you are given a chance to completely ravage Princess Peach
>all you need to do is defeat Bowser in the arena
>he stands 6'6 and has yet to lose a fight

>a toadstool approaches you and tells you you can win the fight
>all you need to do is make a trade
>you'll be granted the best physique and prowess as long as the princess peach remains a virgin (and alive)
>the moment it's broken, you die from excessive weight gain and balding

What do?
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Hire a prostitute and pay her extra to dress up like princess peach
Fuck Toad.
>excessive weight gain and balding
Guess I'll be alright then

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How come all black men are tall, muscular and badass while white men are all effeminate, weak, frail and skinny and love to dress up as girls?
Is this because of genetic?
Asking here cause people of r9k are very knowledgeable about this stuff.
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Did u even try ?
I large percentage of black men are obese, at least in America
It's just what r9k told me, surely it's an accurate depiction of reality.
They know their stuff.

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>never had any friends
>kissless virgin, have hugged a few girls though
>too shy to use social media or dating sites/apps
>used to be extremely intelligent for my age and always prided myself on my intellect, now get shit results in tests because I can't study properly
>acute prosopagnosia, so if I see someone on the street that might be someone I used to know I can never be sure so I avoid conversation
>prone to bouts of anger when things go badly for me or if I come close to victory in a game and fail
>don't even have a full penis, just a shaft, it's been like that for as long as I can remember
Is there hope for me in any area of life, anons? Should I just end it all?
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post shaft
and if there's even the barest hint of a glans i'll go ballistic
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Fuck off, I'm not posting my dick. Take my word for it.
you don't understand
it's imperative that i see this

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