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"Gee, Anon, you look so uncomfortable. How long has it been since you left your house for fun?"
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Can you guys can it with these threads?

They aren't funny, interesting, clever or unique. But over all they don't even make sense.

The idea of these threads is that they put you on the spot and force you to think of something quick. "Haha why are you walking so funny"

Who is this person? How did I get here? Are we on a date? No one here ever leaves the house.
"Gee, Anon, you look so angry. How long will you continue to complain about these threads?

Don't be mad at people practicing social interaction, also nice double dubs.

recommend some animes for a supreme gentleman
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Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
Lupin is excellent so you deserve good suggestions.
Mononoke (2007) is abstract but maintains purpose despite, and it's good
Osomatsu-san was a good comedy anime about sextuplet neets but it's pretty deep into the territory of japanese humor at times
read Cromartie High School (the manga over the anime). It will make you laugh and that's just a fact
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I am watching Legend of the Galactic Heroes right now. It's a good anime.

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There aren't any interesting threads to me. So I want to make something to entertain my time. Literally bring wtf ever you wish to into this thread. Pop in and type a thought out and leave if you wish

At my inlaws house
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Do you ever get high and jack off? Holy fuck anon... WEED out!
Post the source comic
I can't get high, 1. I'm allergic to pot and 2. I'm in a highly safety sensitive job. But I can get drunk as fuck and I love that

It's a dude named pecan, you can find his comics at e hentai

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Ok so here's the deal
>new in town
>friend invites me to a birthday party
>filled with members of a known bdsm community in my city
>10 minutes in I get HOARDED by this sligthly hot 6/10 femdom
>10/10 compared to the other girls in the party
>i accidentally fell in fucking love with her, her flirting game strong
>i'm kinda dominant as well
>friend confirms she's mainly lesbian, and only fucks men she REALLY likes
>she says she wants to fuck me with her strap-on
>we kissed like crazy
>went home

The thing is, when I approached her at times, she kinda dropped her dominant posture and became really submissive, letting me speak and do whatever I wanted, as if she were a switch with me.

I want to fuck her but i don't want to get my ass raped.

What should I do?
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Bring her home and over power her the second her pants are down, then ass rape her

Next topic
I don't have, like, a LOT of experience when it comes to BDSM, so what do you mean by "over power" her? How to achieve?

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The Virgin Clitty.png
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Post your virgin/chad OC ITT, rares also welcome.
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FYI the "wizard" edits are unfunny, please do not post them
Yeah, whoever made the first Wizard edit should be ashamed. Why do you have to be "that guy" who takes the meme too far and ruins it?
Nigga hush
Get your wizards out now!
Also stop same fagging

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What reasons can a girl not get a boyfriend, if she's not interested or gay?
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she has already enough money
>What reasons can a girl not get a boyfriend, if she's not interested or gay?

extremely ugly like <4/10

keep in mind female attractiveness in male view is a weighted average with a mean around 7 so less than 4 is pretty shitty
>Never been asked out by a guy
>only guys I've asked out rejected me
>female autism
>Have a lot of celeb crush that make normal people seem bland.
>I have a problem with connecting with people.

What's for dinner robots 07/31

Lots of call ins today and worked extra
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Fucking shit, how fucking fat are you
and how fucking rich are you
What's the name of this fast food joint?

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just spent $200 on chaturbate to tickle a camwhores pussy for a minute
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I get one min with mostly real girls free on some russian website can get tits and tongue lip shit pretty easy, so if im lucky 40 secs of free shit while they watch me fap to
I use to pay the $3 10 min trail but they got rid of it, costs $9.99 for 20 mins now
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Wow, that... sounds like a real waste of money. And I say that as a porn addict.

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>yea Chad it's anon again hold on
>ew he just said he wants to court me to an expensive date and drop me off at home after with a kiss on my cheek and a goodnight
>I'll just send "yeah" "lol" and "k" until he leaves me alone again
>ok Chad now get that big cock back over here
>hey can we hang out after we have sex this time?
>o-oh ok you're busy? Alright
>yea I guess you can do it on my face why not
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daelet this
this is actually realistic
I know I actually talked to girls enough to know what they're like

The red pill is sad

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Robots, be honest

How many of your problems could have been fixed if you were less lazy ?
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Pretty much all except being socially akward and kinda ugly
literally every one. z
I wouldn't say I'm lazy just that I have no goals. If I did I wouldn't be lazy.

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How the fuck do i attract black women as a white dude? No bluepill normie answers either tell me the truth you normies
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Just do it. They're easy and horny sluts.
Be a nigga with his shit together, hit on a lot of them, be witty and shit. Get her tested before you touch her.
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You have no chance senpai, just go for asians, they love white men.

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do fat people deserve to be happy
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No one "deserves" anything especially fat people
not if they're fat by choice or inaction

dumb question
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but do fat people deserve to participate in the pursuit of happiness which we are guaranteed by the Constitution

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What did he mean by this?

Can somebody help me understand?
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there is nothing to understand about this picture.
You are the end of the line
Normies are degenerate as fuck so the future of the line is shaky and will most like lead to curly-wurly
your peasent ancestors just had normal sex and then that was pretty much it.
It's an awful chart that doesn't make sense because it simply doesn't. It's just some autismos understanding of the world.

>have a chance to fuck a roastie, pic related
>she shown some interest in me
>I know she's a skank or at least used to be
>she's already fucked 2 of my cousin and some other guys I know of but that's a long time ago
>she probably had miles of dick in her
>women never show me any attention so she gets my attention easly
>I don't know how to talk, fuck or even start something leading to these things

is it worth losing my virginity to a whore?
I'm getting king of desperate
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Just fucking do it. Trust me you don't want to end up like me regretting not doing it.
>is it worth losing my virginity to a whore?
Is there any other way?
ye you're probably right
but what if she think I suck and then she tells everyone about how I suck in bed or how small my penis is or something

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