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Long story short, I fell in love with a girl who was a 8.5/10. Turns out without a makeup she's about a 5/10.

Should makeup be banned? It's fraud, pure and simple.
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Other than blemishes girl without makeup looks ok.

If you were tricked by makeup you just had shit taste bro
She'd still be cute if she got the herpes removed
also, don't date porn stars and it wont be an issue

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>tfw running out of booze
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I don't see how this is anything to be smug about...
i don't think that is the emotion that face is trying to convey
Oh, I didn't click on the thumbnail and see the squiggly mouth....

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i've a question, when lesbians have sex, how do they know that they finished?
a friend of mine asked this a lesbian and she only memeposted shit,
but for shure i like to know
pls open my mind r9k
so my anus can follow
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When they both get tired of orgasming you moron.
how does one know that the other had one?
Women tend to be fairly vocal when they orgasm.

And it's not like people don't talk while they have sex.

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Im so disconnected I dont even know how to go about/where to start to get online friends. Wat do?
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First, you need to get a messaging app or program such as Skype, Discord or Kik. Once you've done this, you can start a thread here or on /soc/ asking for people's contact info. They usually hold Skype threads on /soc/, so you can share your own contact info instead.
Be sure to share at least a couple of interests with your partner, otherwise you'll run out of things to say and the chat will die.
If you don't want to start a thread here, you can choose to join a forum or the other site with an alien mascot. I'm not too familiar with befriending people on those websites, but I'm guessing you have to participate in the community first.

That being said, most internet people tend to be unbearable and circlejerky. You are not mising out much. Making friends online is a waste of time if you cannot meet them in person, because it's still wasting your time online. Making significant relationships in real life is the way to go: it's more fulfilling and you can actually do things together.
I wish it was as easy to befriend people irl as it is online.
You got steam or discord? I'll add you anon

Holy shit same

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Redpill me on sex dolls, /r9k/
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They are dolls that you fuck
They're unfulfilling rip-offs for desperate losers and you should be ashamed of yourself if you have one. Throw it out and get your shit together.
</red pill>
found the whymin

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that good feel.png
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that feel when you're a really good person
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I thought so aswell untill someone remarked that I never say thanks or please.

>tfw you've always tried to say thanks or please.

>tfw try to be kind and generous but the world doesn't reward you for it

yeah I know I should do it for the sake of being good, but I'm just not feeling it
I wouldn't know, I'm always polite but honestly I'm a quite rotten person

I work now.
Does anyone in nyc want to come to work with me tommorow?

I'll be a good, only slighly neglectful asocial host.

Ill pick you up.
I work 12 to 8pm at airports.
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hey you work? i think i know someone who also works, maybe i can set you guys up to work together, would be nice. his name is devin, go ask him at work if he wants to work together, he's a nice guy.

funny that i know two people who work, small world
I have no steam.
No skype or discord.

Im just a guy.
Looking at a bot

Askin em to do something absurd by relative standards
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Its neither immensely fun or especially boring.

But I assure you it is at least different.

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>15 page paper due tomorrow
>haven't started

>4 page paper due friday
>haven't started

>presentation tomorrow
>haven't chosen a topic

>senior exams start tomorrow
>haven't studied

>meeting with deans on monday about "conduct violations"
>about to get suspended anyway

how fucked am i?
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pretty fucked m8, why do procrastinate in the first place? robot depression?
a while ago when it was assigned i thought i had a lot of time then as it got closer i felt like i didn't have enough time so i just didn't do anything. now i have no time and i have to do so much shit or im going to fail all my classes and not graduate
apply for mitigating circumstances under the pretence that the emotional stress of your conduct violations has prevented you from working?

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What's the story?

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of course he deserved it.
what was the damage? I don't think he was choked long enough to die but I can dream.
He dies like an Oblivion character.
Im not ur bro faggot

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Believe it or not you can have a happy fulfilling life without women.

You don't need a gf to be happy. Stop chasing dumb sluts and do something fulfilling with your life.

If you meet a woman along the way, good. If you don't, whatever. Who gives a shit?
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This is the true path. I have a very dear friend that does not get this and they constantly put up with roastie bullshit. I hope he will eventually learn to be patient.
Problem is finding something fulfilling really.
What do I do if I don't have any passions/interests and wanting a gf is just the default placeholder for them?

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>be fascist
>embody atavistic masculine values
>strong mind, body and spirit
>never engage in degeneracy
>no gf ever/ perpetual virgin
>meanwhile soft, weak numale cucks with parasitic hedonist ideals get all the women that rightfully belong to me
Any other fashbros hate living in the age of Kali Yuga?
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Stop LARPing, sweety
we're all passengers on the same cruise to hell, someone's gotta get a better spot than you and you can't really do anything about it.
>doesn't just go out there and take what he wants
>instead he cries in this shithole like a little girl
Who is the weak one really?

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>go on /Pol/
>Make thread defending Shia Lebouf

Garunteed replies lads
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you do it, i'm too lazy
>Go to pol
>Post Elsa Jean with no text

Guaranteed triggering
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>go to pol
>tell them the Jews are genuinely good people
Guaranteed 20+ replies

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>Sperg keeps messaging me on steam, I respond calling him autistic and he spergs out, I remove him and sperg he starts to spam sperg call me sperg on discord, I answer sperg and all I sperg can hear sperg is him sperg shouting sperg and sperg sperging sperg out sperg sperg sperg sperg sperg sperg sperg sperg sperg sperg sperg sperg sperg sperg sperg sperg sperg sperg sperg sperg sperg sperg sperg sperg sperg sperg sperg sperg sperg sperg sperg sperg sperg sperg sperg sperg sperg sperg sperg sperg sperg sperg sperg sperg sperg sperg sperg sperg sperg sperg sperg sperg sperg sperg sperg sperg
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Starts beatin around the bush
I ban him
this is my favorite meme imo

Hey guys. I've been hearing abou ,,good old days of 4chan'' for some time. I'm here only for about 2 years and I'm trying to not act like some fucking normie or newfag. But the odl days of this site really interests me, so if you, experienced honourable elders could share your memories with me, I'd be very glad.
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It wasnt all about forced memes and politics. Everything was less spammy. Being called a fag or nigger was a loving term of endearment. It was more of an organized chaos and anons would come together and prank the world, because we were still a secret. Request threads were more frequent and anon would deliver, even it meant shaving eyebrows off
Wow I feel bad for missing those times. It sounds great.
because we were happy-go-lucky teenagers without adequate parental supervision shitposting and playing pranks from 4chan

life only gets harder as you get older because you need to be more independent. the average 4channer was simply unable to deal with it

some become disgusting NEET slobs, some become bitter, hateful and twisted assholes who vote for trump for no other reason than "it will make the liberals mad" and some become panty-wearing trap freaks

why do you think the "25+" threads are so common? because 10 years ago when we all started coming to 4chan, we were still teenagers. the internet was not 90% in the normie domain. raids were done as elaborate pranks, not as vicious attacks

search your heart, you know it's true

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You white boys can't afford this banging ass console
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Isn't that like the cheapest of all the next gens?
The switch is fucking gay. What are you,a kid? Only kids play nintendo.
judging from the broken cupboard
and shit chunks on the floor
and the over all level of filth
I'd say you probably stole the shit
you fucking dirty big lipped fat nigger.

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