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I just got diagnosed with Crohn's Disease today. Been having pain for years, but only in the past 3 months has it gotten really bad. Going about 5-10 times a day, nothing being solid, tired all the time etc.

I changed my diet but it didn't exactly help me in any way. Still went the same etc.

Anybody else here suffer from Crohn's Disease or any other chronic illness?
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im sorry to not know this feel
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>Anybody else here suffer from Crohn's Disease or any other chronic illness?

ocd reporting in
It's okay, not many people do. Utterly shit feeling really. On top of being ugly without a gf, you got this to deal with.

What are you doing to treat your OCD? How long have you had it?

Who here /caffeine/?
>Have such a high tolerance that it took a large dr pepper and a large sweet tea to feel any buzz
>get tired af without caffeine
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Caffeine junkie here. I love finishing off my first pot of coffee in the morning and then having a cigarette.
>that weak ass kid that died from drinking a mountain dew, a small McDonald's latte, and an energy drink

I didn't even feel bad for him, I just thought "Man, kid was a punk"
>tfw tolerance is so high I feel nothing until I get chest pains

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Enjoying another free night NEET boi? You should be thanking my friend for protecting your freedom, even if you're a scum
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Hey buddy I'm not the one who dropped him out of highschool and made him become a welfare queen
>protecting your freedom
they aren't doing it good enough.
they need to kill more people.
lol my dad talks like that

he doesnt fag

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>mfw women are fine with an abusive man that beats them but g-d forbid a mans social skills arent that of a demigod
why the FUCK is the world like this
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Tfw when i got a girl's snap chat with ck McChicken meme but im to autistic when i talk i got her to cancel on or first date
because the world hates itself and does self-destructive things
have pity on the world
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The secret to great social skills is to not give a shit. But be careful, people who don't give a shit, also don't give enough of a shit to show it. Or shove their lack of interest in other people's faces. Find a good reason to not give a shit, and it will work wonders.

t. Oldfag

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When fully erect, it's around 7.8 inches. Is that above average for a teen?
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6 inches or just under is average so.... yes
Cross that off the bucket list.
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Muh dick.jpg
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6.5 inches here, made this drawing of my dick earlier

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>21 y/o khhv NEET

>always been close to my older sister (25) who is also khhv NEET

>recently, like starting a year ago she's always doing things like crashing on my bed and smiling up at me

>casually spreading her legs on the couch next to me, smiling and making 100% eye contact

>talking about sexuality in general but only when I'm the only one who can here

>undressing in the same room and making eye contact while bending over to pick things up

>what is happening? desu
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she's baiting you

do you feel aroused by all that OP?
>OP could have the perfect life fucking his sister and living as a neet couple hiding from the cruel and judgemental society
>he instead decides to shitpost on r9k
She wants your dick. Don't deny her anon, you two share a special relationship and she wants to consummate it by taking your virginity. Just remember there's nothing at all wrong with consensual wincest. Go get em tiger!

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Sup /r9k/ who here is up for a comfy fembot server to hang out in
Come and join
>https://discord gg/HEe3g
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Neato, i got kicked out of my old one recently, been looking for a replacement.
full of trannies and orbiters no doubt
Sorry, but trannies and orbiters are not allowed

What are you drinking robots?
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Moosehead beer.
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drinking from the head of a moose. Now that's badass. I like it.
It tastes better when its shoplifted

> be me
> get 3 days off work before i start as IT guy at new job
> at divorced parents old house right now
> parent out of town
> brother out with friends
> me alone drinking a beer and eating a tv dinner
> watching bobs burgers on adult swim and eating a tv dinner
> using family computer to login here
> feel like shit because best freind just moved away and only freind now i am truly alone
how do i deal with this feel i mean generally ive been lonley my whole life but right now i just feel horrible i start my new job all alone i am all alone and right now i am all alone
> what do ??
> thinking about order pizza what is the best pizza to order ?
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also saw a condom comercial on tv so i flipped off the tv.....i feel like shit now ...still a virgin at 21....feel like a failure
I don't know what to do. I guess you could try to make friends, I did once and it sort of turned out all right for a while, had some fun and stuff. Most of the time I'm alone tho and it sucks but I'm so used to it.

I use the sadness and rage and loneliness to write songs. If it wasn't because of that hobby I'd try to make friends again.
Hey, at least you're starting a new job right? As IT guy you'll have way more interactions with people so take that as a chance to interact more, might make a friend. Go for a walk or go to a bar or something if you feel lonely. A walk will clear your head and the bar will at least get you drunk but you can also get the chance to talk to people

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you're being carried down a fast moving river and are about to be swept over the edge of a waterfall, at the end of which is rocks
before the edge is this post, it's the only object you can grab
there is no chance of survival if you don't grab it
Do you grab it and climb on to save yourself?
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...You've never been outside haven't you?
dude you can squish any bug with your hand/fist it's just really nasty for the bigger ones
you should post this in one of those stacy roleplaying threads, it'll be funny

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How does it feel to have a girl love you and want to make you happy?
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it feels great, feels like you have a duty to protect someone, to live up to the mental image they have of you, then when they hug you, you feel tickles through all your body

or that's what I'd say if I had experienced it
she has to be pretty to love her..
you don't feel tickles normally
it's when you're lying together in bed in the morning and she hugs you as you lie on your back and you look at her and she's looking at you with those eyes so you smile at her and she smiles back then sits up in bed and wipes her eyes like a little girl and yawns and asks what time it is then you hug her from the back and smell the fragrance of her hair as her soft body pushes back into you
then you get the tickles

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>have friend
>he's cool
>he gets gf
>am happy for him
>slowly starts treating her worse and worse
>less happy for him
>gf starts doubting relationship
>has shown interest of me before
>friend and me are basically the same person, except that I am musically talented and don't do risky dumb shit
>feel like he is being more distant lately
>feel like friendship is waning

Should I steal her or nah? Obviously I'm not gonna end a relationship for pussy. But if it's ending anyway maybe it's okay?
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Abosolutely, do it man with all of your will and no doubt
It depends. See if it starts to drift off further. If not, let it be. If it does, absolutely get that sweet puss
fagget faggot

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Wrestlers did you ever get beaten by a girl ?
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if if if if if if if if if if I would of gotten beaten by a bunch of uh, okey dokes,id have a wrestling hobby interacting with normies on a weekly basis and wouldn't be posting on a feminist basket fucking forum.
Somehow no. I think the biggest one in my district was 145lbs, and I started at 152 and moved up to 185 by my senior year. They were hot af, especially this one animal in 145 my junior and senior years that ripped guys to pieces. I had to ref one of her prelims and had to throw on my cutting sweats and tuck my raging erection into my waistband. Her double-leg was divine.
I had to wrestle a girl three times maybe. I won easily every time. They're just too weak to really compete with men. One time I even got to practice with a nationally ranked girl wrestler, and she could barely even score on me.

I did know about one kid on my team that had actually lost to a girl, but he was incredibly trash.

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take the pink pill.png
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Why haven't you taken the pink pill yet and embraced the homosexual lifestyle, /r9k/?

Unless you're obscenely ugly and/or obese, you're guaranteed to at least get laid regularly, even if you can't find a relationship. The whole "I'm straight" shtick drives guys wild and would make you VERY popular. Being a shy/socially awkward manlet can also be a plus for some, so long as you're willing to bottom.

>free sex and companionship
>protected minority status
>never have to deal with women and their bullshit

Think about it, guys. Feel free to visit /lgbt/ anytime if you have questions. Our (back)door is always open. :3
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but I don't want to get dicks in my ass
because I don't want to be a manslut

thank god for HIV, to be original

What's the most autistic item you own? It has to be a physical item, so no files/emotions/ideas

Bonus points for an image with a time stamp.
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A rainbow dash hoodie with rainbow strips around the hood. I fell for the brony meme but got out of it after s2
two girl's panties
I thought collecting them would be cool but it just turned most girls off if they found out.
one of them wore one from the collection when she needed it, so I have like a double worn one now.
when i was in highschool i used to wear a furry tail in school and out of school
i wanna die

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