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Hey guys, I'm looking for steam friends. I love overwatch. Add me?
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private profile I don't even know if we play the same games
So what if it's private? Send me a request. Wait, can you not send requests to private profiles?
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How do you add private accounts?

Someone add me I am a lonely fuck.

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What happens at the end of pornos??? Does anyone ever watch to the end?
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the girl either dies or cries
jews start rubbing their hands over all the shekels they are going to make
>girl pulls a gun out

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So anon does Tyrone talk about us?
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uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh I give him rides, idk, he has a big dick!
Nah, he only talks about hot girls.
No he talks about social media and shitty video games, t b h senpai. Same shit niggers talked about in high school.

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>tfw even Asuka wants BBC
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Does that mean the whites can have Misato?
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This is that Russian porn star with a goofy face.
All pussy wants BBC anon.

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images (1).jpg
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what are some ways to improve my general intelligence and capability for dealing with the real world?

i mean i'm pretty good at being anxious and browsing the internet, but those are about my only well developed qualities.
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Read Hemingway, Bukowski, Thompson and Palahniuk.
Also do yoga and find a creative outlet.
>improve my general intelligence
>Read Hemingway, Bukowski, Thompson and Palahniuk

>capability for dealing with the real world
sure, why not

>mfw NEET since dropping out of high-school at the beginning of 2005
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fucking loser bitch
The first year is fun, now it is hell. I just want to go to the beach with friends.
You fucking jel brah?

Yeah you fucking jel brah, haha, got em.

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Why would I want a girlfriend? They're all whores. I just want to rope one in so I can rob and destroy her, rob her of her virginity, social security numbers, I want to tarnish her reputation I want her to be my camslut online and massage my feet. I want her to clean my house for me while I jerk off onto her back. After she's pregnant I'm going to leave her and leave the state, too. She'd never have even known my real name. I'm currently on four different websites trying to lure in my victim. I'll make a second thread once I'm done.
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You're posting this everywhere. The thirst is amazing.
It's not thirst it's pure sociopathic, unadulterated hatred and rage.
It's another Supreme Gentleman in the making.

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>"accept them it's not their choice!"
>"omg it's not their fault they were born the wrong gender!"
>"how DARE you judge her!"
>"get away from me you creep! Disgusting loser! Kill yourself misogynist freak! Hateful little virgin!"
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even wizards hate incels
You know that Incels do a lot of shit talking specially in their sub reddit, they are bitter faggots who dont understand that its their fault they are like that.
Incels are a meme and do not exist. There are only volcels.

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homosex is the purest form of love
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If by pure you mean the most degenerate, STD-ridden, anonymous sex having, bug-chasing, paedophilic type of "love" then sure. Don't forget that "love is love" really means "cum is cum"

>>>/pol/ is thataway.

also, saging doesn't work like how you think it works. all you're doing is letting the thread last longer.
Basically it's putting your dick in some guys asshole then you get aids.

Also most gays are paedophiles.

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What do I do, /r9k/?
>start hormones because I want to be a more femmy boi
>see that most traps don't have very big boobs
>2 years on hormones later
>have D cups
>everyone calls me miss and ma'am
How do I fix this???
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trade with me please 1 year hrt and I have a cups and everyone calls me sir and mr
If I could I would. I don't want these huge things. I can't even walk without feeling them jiggle.
that's fucked I wanted to be a girl and ended up looking like a femboy and you wanted to be a femboy and ended up looking like a woman

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Kelly Baltazar.jpg
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What is it about this specific roastie that triggers people?
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I don't get it either. She'd have been a whore off-camera whether she had worked this film or not. It is a perfect example of a cute girl throwing away all of her potential though. Imagine marrying her.
People find it amusing that "oh so cultured" pictures exist of her and she's done porn.
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What? I'd marry the fuck out of her.

I've fucked loads of prostitutes. It's not like I'm any better.

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>24 year old virgin
>finally had sex tonight
What now? I don't feel any better than before.
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What all these fucking virgins don't understand. It doesn't change anything. You are still your pathetic self.
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What you Normie's don't seem to understand is the fact that you were able to have sex puts you above a virgin.The fact that someone , someone out there was repulses enough and felt enough of an connection with you to commit the most intimate social act between humans.

Some of us will NEVER know what's that's like.If you can't fucking grasp that you need to get the fuck out
It's more fun when you do it as a teenager

>bbc thread
>gets 130+ replies
>civilised paedophilia discussion
>deleted after 20 minutes

Fuck you mods. Eat a dick nigga.
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That's what got the money, cucks. more Normies will come here, not "eeew pedo scum". More normies, more money for 4chan
See? no one will reply this thread, it's all about sex and surviving.
loli thread

Okay bots, this subhuman degenerate scum known as amber rose, is one of the biggest icons/voices in feminism nowadays. She created the "slut-walk" which is pretty much a day where degenerate feminazis come together and protest against slut shaming or whatever.

Something needs to be done to counter this, I don't know exactly what or how so I'm all for suggestions. Some kind of doxing or something needs to happen because this ideology is being adopted by pretty much every single grill now.

>Inb4 "not ur personal army" because this isnt personal. This is a virus that needs to be eliminated.
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>She created the "slut-walk"

She didn't

>Okay bots, this subhuman degenerate scum known as amber rose, is one of the biggest icons/voices in feminism nowadays

She isn't.

I don't care about the specifics. She's coined the damn thing. And yes she is a huge player in the feminazi anti-slut shaming mess. Fuck off fembot
I want to bust a nut inside amber rose

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>tfw can't get a night snack because kitchen is crawling with roaches
I really fucking hate em
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Do you not own a gun? How liberal can one person be to not even consider shooting those commie bugs?
i perform nightly chemical raids but it isn't effective, these fuckers still manage to replace those lost in my genocides
>not controlling every roach you find with your mind games

Ask me how I know you're not a superior INTJ, op.

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