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Why don't you just get a T H I N N gf?
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Because l can't get any gf
I like them to be somewhere in the middle.
Im a complete mess. I'm morbidly obese. I can't talk to people. My head flakes dandruff like it's snowing no matter how much dandruff shampoo I use. I drink everyday and am probably an alcoholic. I goes days without showering and like to wipe my fingers near my ballsack and sniff my grossness. I'm stupid and mean. I'm poor. I'm on disability. I can't even hold a conversation.

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Being a manlet is reason enough to commit suicide?
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>be 18
>both older brother and dad are 6'2

pls dont let me be a manlet god pls im begging you pls
manlets are pathetic. just look at how weak that guy looks. what a joke. not intimidating in the slightest.
your bone age(not sure what its called) might be younger than your real age, im 5'1'' and im 18 but my bone age is 16 so my doc made sum fucking calculation wizardy and said ill be around 6'. try to get that checked out its real quick

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All progressives must be physically removed from r9k
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is it really such a crime to think that the world could one day be a better place?
it can be but not with my tax dollars or effort
Made me chuckle. That's a good one anon

How do i black knight for females? Is that even such a thing?
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wow, that's a cool drawing
What's the source
like... you want to beat women up or something?
Here you go anon, originally

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What a cool fucking character.
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>Playing 3d fighters
Being able to sidestep doesn't make it 3D.
Also, Tekken is the best fighting game series by far. Only Virtua Fighter comes close.
Kys boi. Killer instinct is the best fighter

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>spend entire adult life on 4chan because weeb
>try to reach out to people here and make friends
>they all shit on me in some way for having been born a woman
>give up
>try being a normie
>they all shit on me for having autism

suicide it is then i guess, see you space cowboys, i really would have liked to be your friend, but now im not so sure anymore
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reee get out
If you want validation and support take it to facebook. Nobody is going to give you that here.
>for having been born a woman
Does that mean you're a man now? Are ftm's /ourguy/s or are they still roasties?

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What did they do to you, anon?
What could they possibly have done for you or to you?
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thought my life was going to have a big change. thought I was becoming chad. But it all just backfired
>go to party for first time in a while, get really drunk
>some girl starts talking to me, going well and I end up in a bed eating her out and fingering her. most I have done with a girl.
> time passes, feeling good.
> all of a sudden the guy tells me to get the fuck out his house because apparently that was his little sisters bed we were in
> get told there was blood on the sheets and that I ate a girl out on her period.
> Was actually a different girl on her period that did shit with my friend after me
> Obviously I get the blame and now everybody thinks I licked a bloody pussy.

Just as I thought I was going to make it in life It all gets ruined by my asshole friends. fuck trying to be chad
Nah, man. Your friends are pussies. If you chilled with cool people, they would think you were a badass for eating a girl out on her period AND doing it on that cuck's little sister's bed. You have my respect, anon.
Thank's anon. I need friends like you

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Draw your best representation of how you're feeling at the moment. Do not say the emotion, let your drawing speak for itself.
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HAAAAaaaaAaAA HAAAAA HAAAA hAaaaaaaaaahhahahaha WHYYYYYY
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living in a constant state of this
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Origigigigginal feeling.

ITT you tell me why you have not been bothered to kill yourself and stoped yourself from taking up valuable resources that could be used on someone who actually appreciates and needs it.
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>tell me why you have not been bothered to kill yourself and stoped yourself from taking up valuable resources that could be used on someone who actually appreciates and needs it.

What a bullshit reason. If you really hated yourself you would just kill yourself. Spite is such a powerful word. You shouldn't use it as lightly as you do.
No, I mean that I know my existence is unpleasant for others, and I dislike them.

So how do you guys view the internet? Do you guys thing it's objectively a good thing, or a bad thing? Do you guys think it's a good way to connect with people? Do you think it further isolates everyone? I'm interested in your thoughts.
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Am I the only one why thinks, that Lain is extremely hot?
I don't know but everything about her is somehow really lewd.
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Don't fucking lewd the cyberpunk loli
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I can't help it.
I just get incredibly riled up whenever I see her.

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californian girl.webm
2MB, 1130x1080px
I think the thing I love most about cuckolding is watching a man, far more masculine than myself, just absolutely ravage the woman I love. Just imagine, a woman's ephemeral beauty, so delicate that she would wilt in the sun. I would like nothing more than to watch that idyllic woman get violently fucked by an unfathomably brutish, beast of a man. I think the only man who could possibly fit such a description would be an Black man, preferably drunk. I can imagine her lilting cries, muffled as he holds her face to the sheets while he pushed his massive black cock deeper and deeper into her. His dark skin would press up against her soft, unspoiled powdery white skin. They would contrast each other perfectly: his savagery, masculinity, and strength juxtaposed to her girlish innocence. Black and white, male and female, yin and Yang. They would be in perfect balance.

This is something that I, as a white man, am incapable of achieving. Cuckolding is a beautiful art that force two polar opposites together, and makes them create something special. I may not be able to partake in said spectacle, however, I can observe and appreciate the act. For the opportunity to witness such an enchanting occurrence, I am truly blessed.
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kys you dumb LARPing faggot.
I am not "LARPing," I am simply expressing the pleasure I get from watching my gf have sex with strange black men.
So you would want to see the girl in that webm getting ravaged by a nigger?

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We've all had problems robots. This thread is to commemorate and thank some anon who has helped us , who we wish could see just how much he's helped us, how glad we are. Even if it was a long while ago, still post. Maybe your leaf will drift to their doorstep one way or another, maybe it wont. they still deserve it. Post your story in greentext, post your message.

ill start by thanking that one robot who helped me when I was stuck in a rut due to an issue with my friend and my crush. The moral uplift he gave me was so strong,It made me revive, and risen from my ashes I am now in the best moment of my life, the best I've ever felt. Thank you kind robot, by the name of wildfeelz or something like that. Our roads have parted, but in my heart, we haven't. Ill forever be grateful. May luck follow you.
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bumping while I write
I'll like to thank those who saged and reported the cancer that is killing /r9k/ to make this place a quality board again.
Oh id like to thank those too. Its on our backs to make this board great again too anon. Dont forget that.

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Let's talk ITT about all the different ways we've ruined our lives.

>poor diet and low activity lead to stunted growth

>family being gone almost 24/7 or dying, mixed with only being exposed to bad people and abuse lead to severe ASPD, meaning I'll probably kill myself soon due to loneliness, even if only perceived

>never have anything to do, so I sit down all day every day for years and have fucked my nerves and circulatory system forever by doing so

>used to burn things constantly as a method of coping, therefore breathing in black smoke and ruining my lungs and brain permanently

>become fed up with people entirely to the point where that mixed with childhood abuse has turned into me thinking actions matter more than words so I uncontrollably explode and fight anyone who fucks with me

I don't even feel sorry for myself at all. I just like hearing I'm not alone sometimes in being young with an already permanently fucked life.
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Had unprotected sex with a stranger chick I met off OKC. I'm going to get tested next week but dear lord that was so fucking stupid. She's been avoiding me ever since so thats not helping my anxiety.

So either I get an STD or a kid from this ordeal. I am praying to almighty god I get out of this unscathed.
>did not learn to be sociable and likeable as a kid and teenager. Believed in the just bee yourself meme

>did not participate in sports or any physical activity as a kid or teenager.

>was lazy in school and didn't get good grades and ended up going to a meme college

>did not learn to manage money and am now in extreme credit card debt

I feel as though a lot of this should be blamed on my parents as the were normal, well adjusted people that didn't give a shit about the kid they made.
Fuck off normie I hope you have an STD a a kid.

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You have 10 seconds to explain why you don't have a twink bf.
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NEET with no social life who lives in retard homo phobe vile, really wish I had one, I do have a thing for this one guy but he's all the way in Russia so that's not gonna happen.
I'm a guy with below average looks, I'm short, I have a shitty fastfood job.

I've been called "nice" by others, but I don't have any actual qualities. Getting into any sort of relationship with someone else isn't possible.
>You have 10 seconds to explain why you don't have a twink bf.
I wanna be the twink bf

>Roastie keeps begging me to text her every time I see her in person
>She has my number and doesn't bother texting me

What did she mean by this?
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that you should go hang yourself
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She wants you to text her first so she can feel validated. Now fuck off with your humblebrag, mister normie
It's not a humblebrag. I believe you on that validation thing because she's done this shit before. She's a homely looking girl but I was into her for a bit. Turns out she liked the attention and every time I hit her up for hangouts she would blow me off like she was some Stacy. Guess she's having orbiter withdrawals now.

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