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Can we get more of these
pic my shitty contribution
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>not using the various "dang", "wow", etc. t-shirts
>implying chad doesn't come back to life long enough to attend his own funeral and the funeral after-party
>forgetting that the virgin is cremated and his ashes poured down the toilet
Sure. I just happened to finish this.
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Hmm... is this meme dead already?

So I am looking to adopt a dog and I found one like pic related
Just wanted to let you guys know. I'll keep you updated
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Yorkshire terries are my niggas
Here's my doggos
Good call OP

Having a dog is great, pic related
aw I really like that dog. I had a black lab for 15 years
too cute to pass up. his name is fucken snickers!

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Is it time for another MGTOW commune thread yet?
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MGTOW is wrong.
I dont understand all the hate behind the MGTOW mentality

Well a lot of people enjoy a lot of success with woman, so naturally MGTOW seems like a stupid bitter cult to them.

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122 - 5gtPweA.jpg
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>instantly loved by everyone he meets
what's stopping you from doing what he does?
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>implying that they aren't all uncomfortable/making fun of him
Maybe he edited out times when people responded less than enthusiastically to him, just a thought.
Even then, he's still an all around happier man because of this shit. I feel like buying a motorcycle right now and just ride up to total strangers. Where I live, the worst that can happen is that I get shot.

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So Asian bois how does it feel dealing with the racial reality of America?
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look at that little pecker

how sad
Asian boys are cute uwu
Right looks so awkward with his neck extended out of frame like that. Is he that ashamed of his jawline?

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Nofap day 1:
I don't think I can make it much longer. How do you guys do it?
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It's easier if you have a job or really time-consuming hobbies. Anyway, jeerking it doesn't hurt us....Pornography on the other hand creates porn dependency as our serotonin receptors get burned out. If you just don't want to fap, obviously the easiest way is to get a girlfriend but this is r9k/4chins, so.......
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you only live once
just do whatever u wanna do
I'm in my third to fourth week. I just keep myself busy

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>when your only friend leaves to hang out with his other normie friends who think you're weird and retarded
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Yep, friend changed his life became a douche to me.
I unironically did this. He became too autismo to bring out and it kinda got boring hanging out with just us two all the time. I don't regret it.
ohh man you sound pretty dope dude! yahya what you all broskies doing at dise rad ass saturday night, I know I be trying to be as rad as disse bromo right there.

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ITT:e talk about reviewbrah, discuss.
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What has reviewbrah ever been wrong about?
He's never been wrong.
Calling any form of fast food "good".

>talking to two robots and a fembot
>already exchanged pics and webcam
>already made plans with all of them to meet and fuck
>they all call me their bfs and are clingy as fuck
>gonna ghost them once I fuck
You people are so easy.
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Is it really fun to catfish someone and then dump them though? I don't see why you would do that.
Cause I can pretty much desu
It's just wasted time and effort, creates disappointment and a lack of faith in others.

You can argue how people are too gullible in this day and age, but no one will want to ever do it again.

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>mfw realizing I have only asked 2 girls out in my entire life.
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I've asked out 0
One asked me out and it didn't work out, that was over 3 years ago
yeah I was gonna say this. I've asked out 0 girls but had one long term gf
Kissless virgin I assume?

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pepe screaming.jpg
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>I hate almost all the games I play
>need the escapism

what am I supposed to do
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Just make your own games, bro. Everyone is doing it.
master lucid dreaming.

you will learn not to be bored through the deepest form of meditation.
Play better games faggot

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>drank one bottle of monster
>slight pain on the left side of belly possibly aort, increased pulse, strange feeling in chest
I don't want to die that way anons
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lol, you're just having a panic attack from too much coffiene.

You're not dying you're just having the coffine jitters.
So I will not die? I need to juzt calm down
Yea just drink some alcohol and take 5 or 6 Benadryl pills to calm down

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What does it feel like having a Big Black Cock shoved up your tight ass?
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aren't you the hapa loser or whatever?
eurasian tiger? or are you someone new?
its only good when its from a tranny, otherwise its kinda gay
john bettendorf is the eurasian tiger, i heard he was half pajeet when everyone thinks he's half chink
pooping backwards

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Guys I'm high and I've been high now for some about 2 hours but it feels much longer.

This shits so I don't know... im becoming to lazy to want to finish this and I also forgot the point of this thread.
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Cool. Now shut the fuck up. No one cares.
You sound pretty bogged pilled anon.
I'm high and enjoyling life, you in depression mang. hahahah You getting mad cuz I'm rubbing my happiness in your depressed head.

Two questions

>are you a hapa/mixed?
>if you could remove your non-white genes would you?
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I don't know what compelled my mother to breed with a white guy over an Asian but I hate her for it
nvm I thought you said remove my white genes, no to the second question
How do we go about establishing a hapa ethnostste?

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