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>Friend from highschool became MtF trans
>he's from our little redneck town in Literal-Whoville
>Constantly acting like he has to defend himself
>Always bringing it up and narcistically talking about how he has made this decision
>Ask him to join some of my other friends and I for dinner

>Two of my other friends are also Trans
>They are both subtle about how they represent themselves and don't make a big deal about it
>You wouldn't even know, or if you did, it wouldn't even matter. Matters of gender identity never even come up with them.
>Purposely invite them all to the same dinner

>Highschool friend starts in to his "I'm actually transitioning right now" and "Woe is me, I can feel people judging me" shit.
>My other friends realize what he's doing, "Wait. You realize that we are bother trans, as well. Right?"
>Highschool friend is awkward as fuck the rest of dinner. He's focused so much of his personality on how he is unique and "different" for making this decision, that he fuckin' collapses when he isn't the center of attention.

I feel like I finally understand the difference between someone who may actually be trans, and someone who's a fucking degenerate.
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>having three trans friends
might as well just have thrown in that you're mentally ill as well
>3/4 transfags from the same tiny redneck highschool
How do you know that many trannies in invite distance if you're from bumfuck nowhere

Hurr durr im retarded
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Fuck off retard

Welcome friend.

How are you?
What's with all the Xavier posts lately?

>Turning 67 in November
>Never even hugged a girl

It never gets better.
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Why didn't you just kill yourself when you knew it would be shit?

Is it really the cope of hope?
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holy shit richard is that u no nevermind he was gay have a bump old friend and stop being so sad think of happy time when u feel sad sad times will pass then you'll at least be content also is this a larp i smell a larp i dont believe a 67 year old would even know what 4chan is
I'm going to KMS at 30 if I don't kiss a girl before then.

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Come join our discord server "Robot City". We have over 100 members and we are looking for new people to join in with us!

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>over 100 members

sounds like a mess to me, just like most servers
>it's another discord server shill thread episode

fuck off
Where else are people supposed to do it? Reddit?

Neurotypicals made fun of me and bullied me all the time. Neurotypicals fired me from my last 3 jobs. Neurotypicals suspended me when I fought back against the bullies. Neurotypicals use autism as an insult and hate us. Neurotypicals are scum
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>t. Proud Autist
We are rats within a maze within a maze within a riddle.

We don't even know if there's a way out.

I see MGTOW looking to get some space from the matriarchy and it's a crude and mocked movement.

Trying to have dignity as an autist , is it possible? At best a woman will use you for money if you're lucky enough to be a genius.
stop being a faggot
edgy. also stop being a faggot

Give me 3 lessons you would teach your daughter/son.
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>Give me 3 lessons you would teach your daughter/son.
Dumb sissy anime boi.
>tfw you will never be a horny mommy who teases her son
That success is determined how moral and righteous a person you are because the Christian God is real. No one who is a drug addict or masturbates everyday to pornography, a pedophile or someone who loves violence prosper.

Honor your father and mother because God will reward you greatly, and his reward is shown and described like having good luck on your shoulders.

Do not let yourself be deceived by the beauty of women. Women are naturally foolish and are more prone to follow their animal instincts.

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So anons, anyone else go carhopping recently? I just did and HOLY SHIT such a rush I finally feel alive again.

Pic not related.
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Bump for crazy adrenaline rush.
I thought you guys would understand ;_;
wtf is car hopping?

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Some days, some nights
Some live, some die
In the way of the Samurai
Some fight, some bleed
Sun up to sun down
The sons of a battlecry

A battlecry
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You have been muted for 4 seconds, because your comment was not original.
reminding everyone that Jin > Mugen
I missed these threads.

Never stop origani

Help me guys

>i'm in early 20's
>Have had some mental struggles in the past
>Unable to control my worries and emotions
>Family advices me to go on antidepressants, can't handle my outburts elsehow
>Antidepressants leave me with permanent cognitive, neurological and erectional damage
>Can't even think straight anymore, emotional issues persist, I'm a total mess
>Can't plan in my head, feel like I have been "blinded" in a sense
>Father lets me sit in my room, is afraid of me and can't find me a real way out of this mess. He's too weak to help his son.

Can any of you give me advice?
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what are your worries atm, friend?
when you are offered antideps that's the sign you need to improve your life.
If you actually take them you might as well put a bullet in your head, you are already dead
Holy fuck. Family has been getting me on about "therapy" and "anti"depressants. Big wake up call, thanks op. Was actually considering taking.

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>dream about some poor starving, homeless girl knocking on my door and asking me if I can spare some food
>invite her in and cook her a meal as a show of my hospitality
>she's beautiful and also rather well-spoken and I have a wonderful conversation with her as I cook her food
>wake up
>realize, rationally thinking, that if she was beautiful she would likely be turning tricks/picked up by a rich man as a fucktoy and would not be relying on knocking on stranger's doors to beg for food
>if she was well-spoken that would indicate she's educated/intelligent in which case she would likely not be in the situation where she needs to knock on stranger's doors for food
Honestly it's not even sexual I just kinda wish I could feed someone who is down and out but ideally not some hopeless druggie degenerate.
Maybe I'll volunteer at a soup kitchen anyways and hope for the best.
>why a cute girl if it's not sexual?
I wouldn't feel as safe inviting a fully grown man into my house who could be capable of overpowering me and stealing my valuables if he so desired.
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That's a nice dream, anon. My last dream was about running a MBAM scan on an old computer... i wish my dreams were as comfy as yours

now you bring it up i also wish i had the opportunity to be kind without getting cucked. what would you say if the man was a cute beta incapable of doing that?
>nobody else on /r9k/ fantasizes about taking care of others
I guess it'd be the reverse, everyone wants a "mommy" gf to take care of them.

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ITT: Autistic things you've done this year
I'll start
>Be me
>Senior in hs, no friends beside weed dealer
>See and talk to his gf occassionaly in the hall after school
>One day show up to school 2 hours early to work on stuff in library (had afternoon classes that day)
>Run into her going upstairs
>She's completely distraught
>Ask her why
>She says bf broke up with her
>Snow for the first time in years the night before
>Say "It's probably because of the weather" and jog away from her into the library
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22 living in Vegas with a good job
>stay inside all the time playing vidya
>send memes to family.
>went to a bar so I could go out more, just watched YouTube videos in the corner
>went bowling with a friend. threw like 20 gutter balls in a row, wasn't even a competition till he got drunk
he still won't go bowling with me.
>order pizza to my house. quit hiding the fact that I'm alone, I now leave porn playing on my computer with the speakers on to freak out pizza guy.

I lie to my parents all the time to tell them I'm happy here and that I'm outgoing. I haven't spoken to a female for a while.
I'm a lot like you anon. How'd you nail down a job? That's what I'm trying to do right now.
went into a program about robotics and communications. I did better there than highschool. desu that was the only time where I felt kind of happy, the kids i went to college with in my class were awesome. took 3 years but I got out and have a half decent job. once I pay off my student loans I'm gunnar off myself.

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Did you ever do a criminal activity out of spite? Being disappointed with others, fed up with your life and similar reasons? Why did you do it? What did you do? How did it feel?

>inb4 i pirated a movie
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I pirated several movies.
>I pirated a movie, and IMMEDIATELY stopped seeding as soon as it finished pirating
hehe :D

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i was raped when i was 3
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did you cum? be honest how much did you like it
how does that make you feel OP?
i nightmared about it last night

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Any other /rappers/ on r9k? Or any musicians in general?
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Drummer and have been fucking around with DAWs a little bit
You'll never make it
Yeah I've been making music for about 3 something years now. Have made mashups before that. All sorts of fucking genres I don't even know what I make lmao

What's your opinion on white women with mexican males?
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Give her the Chile
Stop posting this stupid thread over and over/
I don't see a problem.
I'm from a small town in Canada that's part Native. We're like the Northern Mexico. If it wasn't for the goofy accent I'd consider him white.

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