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> be beta kissless virgin smart kid in the class
> be in team project with chad, turn out we both like board games
> go to house and play
> 8/10 qt older sister plays with us
> had good time and thought nothing about it
> now she says hi to me in the halls and smiles at me, want me to throw ball with her after class
what's the logical step to take from here? she's definitely qt in a tomboy way but 2 years older and can definitely beat me up. I don't see this working out as a relationship however i look at it. plus her brother would prob not approve and definitely not his dbag friends either.
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>what's the logical step to take from here?
leave 4chan because you are underage
if you are 2 years younger than a girl and she's still in HS you must be like 15 or 16 tops

this is the final warning, if you post again, i will contant a mod and get you rangebanned
get swole so her bro wont fuck with you

Or you could just, like, you know, hang out and think none of it like most people do.

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>What is the gospel?
The gospel is the message that Jesus Christ, who although existed in the very form of God, did not consider that equality something to be held onto and chose to leave that heavenly place, enter into his own creation and die for the sins of his people. But guess what he rose on the third day because death could not hold it's grip on the blessed son of God and when you are resurrected on the day of judgement the same spirit that raised Christ from the dead will also be the same spirit that raised you on the last day.

>How to enter heaven
One enters into heaven through faith alone, for Christ had already died for our sins and so what could we possibly add on to that? Are we to say that the blood of Christ is not sufficient and we are to add onto that? No, his blood cleansed us of sin and to be cleansed of your sins you first must believe and Christ will do the rest.

I invite Christians, agnostics, atheists and everything in between, that includes people of other faith, to discuss Christianity and learn more about the largest religion in the world. God bless! I the past I have tried to appeal to non-believers by kinda white washing but now, none of that but also be prepared because you might not get the answers you like although they might be true. I have also created a discord server which is mainly for Christians and non-believers looking for a discussion. It's not really meant for discussion, but if you do cause trouble, you will be removed from the server.

Thread: XXIII

Cont of: http://desuarchive.org/r9k/search/text/37949316/
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> I have also created a discord server which is mainly for Christians and non-believers looking for a discussion. It's not really meant for discussion...

uh wat?
Ugh, I need to edit it. But thanks for reading anyway. if you have any questions then feel free to ask.
well to be frank with you, i was really just looking for an excuse to bump your thread out of interest in healthy dialogue - but i'd still appreciate the edit since i'm not quite sure how your discord operates

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Can any trapanons here reccomend me hrt treatments without going to the doctor?
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go to an informed consent clinic op,
All you have to do is sign a paper that says you understand what youre doing
I go to planned Parenthood personally, i even get a discount on my meds and only pay $35 per refill w/out insurance
eat like an Asian
Will they judge you or give you strange looks? Not op but been considering lately but been too scared what they will think of me.

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What the fuck is this stupid fucking hot dog and why do normies think its funny?
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hotdog companies trying to get millennials to make eat more hotdogs
What's wrong, anon san? Is this meme 2deep4u?
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He looks cute he reminds of my who is still getting his cigarettes

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>yfw daddy issues have literally been scientifically proven to be true

High quality fathers who spend a lot of time with their daughter produce daughters who are much less likely to engage in risky sexual behavior.

Low quality fathers, or even high quality fathers who are often away or absent from the daughter's life, are associated with risky sexual behavior.

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>well raised individuals are less likely to make bad decisions
wow, who would have thought?
No fuckin shit
Pretty much every conservative value ends up being proven beneficial by science
what kind of issues do dominant women have? that's the kind of woman i want

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So Gorgeous.
So Mysterious.
So wonderful.
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and that pic is "So old" because her face looks like she got stung by a bee colony now.

that bitches fate was sealed the moment she was allowed to be on the internet.
File: 1480619882509.jpg (397KB, 1000x1302px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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k-on isn't mysterious
File: IMG_1385.png (559KB, 1136x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Just your daily reminder to sage/report/ignore/bury all 3D whore threads

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let's see what reddit is up t-

I seriously can't decide if it's them I hate more or this place but between the two I sure keep getting bounced back and forth.

lots less fags there for a liberal haven
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What are you hoping to accomplish by making this thread?

What type of conversation are you expecting to happen?
Stop looking at the front page. Use the filters, block virtually all of the largest subs, or just subscribe to the ones you like.
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Ideally, Mikasa and Sasha would both come to life and be totally into bondage.

If you are not with me, then you are my original enemy ! ! !
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if the Jedi hadn't postured themselves in a dualistic frame of reference, denying absolutes and saying truths are relative, Anakin wouldn't have been so morally pliable as to where he could be manipulated into killing all the babby padwan

tl;dr jedi r retreaded
Shut the fuck up christpedocuck Anakin did nothing wrong
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>be growing up
>like Star Wars
>see the Ewok Adventure and Battle for Endor
>"this is the greatest fucking thing i've ever seen"
>mfw they release the prequels and A New Shit, the new ones i will never even bother watching

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How's it going boyos?
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Not bad, meng. Just gave myself another NEETbux raise, feels good.

I'm glad I waited to become NEET.
Nice man, got any family around?
No, my folks live across the country. I became NEET when I moved from the West Coast.

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Japan bubble - 1984.jpg
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When was the comfiest time in history?
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never ever, humanity has always been shit
Good question. I have no answer but your picture is certainly comfy.
The comfiest time is in the now

If you wanna meet other robots irl make a marker and contact the other people on the map near you.

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Yvsyinhusuhsyg bump
Bump ybuhs

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>"Okay anon now whens the last time you had sexual intercourse?"
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2 years ago fml
Get the fuck out of here, you're not one of us

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"WHAT? you never held a ruler next to your erect penis?"

why would you meassure your own penis if it is not obviously either tiny or huge? what is the point?
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I'm afraid to see the result that's why
that's why you do it?
i'm so fat I can't measure it right lel
sometimes it's 6.7 sometimes 6.4

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>5'11.5, officially not a manlet
Cya later robots ima go do drugs and fug bitches with the other chads
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>tfw 6"2.2
>under 6"3 manlet
I want to kms desufam
File: hmmmmmm.jpg (41KB, 499x499px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be also 5'11.5
>wear boots
>now 6'2

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What is this shit at the bottom of my piss bottle?
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probably minerals
looks cloudy though
I'm guessing phosphorus
ions that you piss out, mostly sodium

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