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>be me
>be motorcycle rider
>bad at initiating conversations with women but once started, I'm fine
>at least once or twice a month women com up and talk to me about my bike
>even started carrying a spare helmet just in case they want to ride

Today I pulled up to a bar to drink alone, and a late teens / early 20's chick came up and started talking to me, took her around the block on it, got her number.

Why haven't you started riding motorcycles yet and gotten a hassle free foot in the door to women?
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I don't want to attract attention to myself
Insurance on bikes in California are crazy pay up front and pay a fuck ton
A bike won't help my face.

Does any one of you robots have a horsedildo?

I'm actually considering buying it.
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Get a boyfriend with a big penis
But horse looking cock is more attractive
Where would you buy it from?
I've been looking at getting one myself.

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I noticed a couple pedo threads today. Glad to see the janny isn't deleting them anymore. Who here /disgusting, sick, pedo/? I wouldn't act on my urges, but still. How do you guys feel about your situations? Do you wish you were normal?
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You need to die, theres no other option. Pedos are sick sick people and a menace to society. Worse than murderers
What's the big deal? No seriously, let's have some discussion, what's so bad about pedos? I said I would never act on anything, so what makes me any worse than someone who would actually kill people?
With 7 billion people in the world, we can set the bar pretty low with who we want to eliminate, can't we? We don't just have to exterminate anyone who has fucked a child, we can just delete anyone who wants to fuck a child, or thinks that's a reasonable thought to have, don't you agree?

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>"Don't worry anon, I'm having a great time! What do you want to do after this?"

What do you say?
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were going to talk about hinduism and watch videos about pastoral life in england in the 13th century and image ourselves as farmers with 13 kids and 5 just died
Can I feel your breasts? I'm so lonely.
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This fucking guy....

/r9k/, you guys are hilarious. Don't know why you say you're so autistic all the time.

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>"Hey dad, I'm retarded"

What's your respond?
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you only need to know one thing son, how to give a firm handshake
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>What your respond?
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Me too son.

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How does one become happy?

Nihilism is fucking my shit up
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You don't "become" happy. Happiness isn't a state that you reach. It's something you have to work on constantly. Find things that distract you from the inevitability of death, things that feel like they're actually worth doing, like they're taking you somewhere, like they last. Create things and relationships, nurture them. Learn to find beauty and meaning in the world that surrounds you, even if said world is inherently meaningless. Stop being such a little bitch, basically.
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>How does one become happy?
Escapism is a temporary solution and you will usually end up like me(spending most of your time sleeping with a bit of shitposting on the side).

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>"M-my boobs haven't gotten THAT big have they? I-I told you to stop calling them udders!"

How do you reply?
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i wan mami's mielkies
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can I touch them? m-mommy
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It's better to have Ioved and lost than to never have Ioved at all
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It's better to have FUCKING JACKED OFF than to not have jacked off, anon! Holy fuck anon! I'm high as FUCK right now holy shit tutti fruition I'm in a fucking high ass condition! Man you gotta get high and jack off! You are a faggot! An actual homosexual! WAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA holy cow.... WEED out!! I'm high as a giraffes nuts you God damn niggerinos... Lololololololol
waiting to be love
prob never cos I refuse to deal with my mental health
Why does it matter if youre going to die eventually? If there is no afterlife then life is just meaningless worthless shit and nothing was worth doing anyway

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I'm so fucking nervous that my NEETbux are going to end. I usually get 6 months extensions, but this time I was only given 3 AND I have to meet my worker in september. I think my time is up and unless I can get my psychiatrist to give me a disability diagnosis, I'm fucked. how do I proceed now? anyone in a similiar predicament? I've been a NEET for almost 5 years now, literally not done ANYTHING besides playing video games and watching movies.

please give me some support
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So go to your psychiatrist and get your disability diagnosis.
how long have you been on bux and why are you being removed from the help
When they cut my neetbux off I just got 2 mid-week night shifts at McDicks.
Pretty comfy since I don't have to do anything.

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Should we be able to "play God" with gene-editing?
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what, are you scared of space jesus getting mad at you?
Fuck yes. Maybe we can make something better than "humanity."
I'm personally not religious, but we don't even know what the possible consequences of gene editing are yet. If we were to make a mistake, what would be the price?

Femanons, what do you think if a guy bought this car?
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i like it, kinda looks like my car. what kind is it?
Femanons know shit all about cars. They don't deserve a fucking opinion unless they know more than "it looks cute!"
Is this guy a lesbian?
Or is he a slope or pajeet?

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>on train
>roastie standing next to me BRAAAAAAAPS in my face
>have to hide boner until my stop
Now I'm fucking worried someone knew what happened
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>>roastie standing next to me BRAAAAAAAPS in my face
How the fuck did that even happen?
She knew. She had her phone cupped in her hand, recording and pointing at your crotch to monitor for movement. This is a popular game roasties are playing on social media right now.
Manlets never learn, that's what.

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How do you feel about people over 30 with nothing saved for retirement?
I work at a joint nursing home/assisted living home. There's the luxury side I work at and the other side for people on welfare. Most of the residents on my side are genuinely happy people. We go on trips to horse racing and stuff. We have happy hour once a week before dinner and Sunday brunch. These residents pay a 200k entrance free before rent and expenses. Then there's the other side. They eat basically bottom of the barrel slop. No outings, hardly any activities, no family comes to see them. A good amount are literally waiting in bed to die. All they have to do is puzzles while we have wii sports. Comparing the two, my side is in much better health. You can't walk 10 feet without passing someone who lost a leg to diabetes. There's very few diabetics on my side. There are no obese residents on my side. Money really does buy better health. I've spend hours chatting with our residents. They're really interesting people. The poor people are eager to talk to anyone who won't walk away from them, like I do. They only reason I would ever sit down and chat with a poor resident is to find out where they fucked up in life to leave them here.
Sorry for the rant. If you could experience this too, you would have such motivation to invest and save. One more thing. The smokers. These are some of the most suicidally depressed people you will ever see. The only receive $10 a month from their check and that's only good for one pack here. I've seen poor residents crawl into the trash can in the employee smoking area looking for butts to smoke. There's a group who are up all night, all in wheelchairs, all missing a leg. They literally face a brick wall, don't say a word to each other, and chain smoke hoping today is the day they die.
You see the difference for yourself, I promise you, you will take retirement seriously.
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I worked in an upscale retirement community. There were basically just middle class and rich folks.

Some of the most interesting and friendly people were the lower middle class people that lived there. People like former teachers and blue collar workers like mechanics or construction workers. With all the foreigners flooding the labor market, those sorts of jobs don't really pay enough or offer the benefits they used to.

I worry about getting old and having no money, but there's not much you can do if you never get a chance to start some sort of career. I have money saved, but not a lot, and it's not invested. I focus most of my effort on maintaining my good health by exercising and eating well.
I'm kind of hoping society collapses before I have to worry about that.
>not killing yourself before you become dependent

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>alone at home
>someone rings the doorbell
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>peek out the curtains
>they peek back
>open the door
>it's a girl selling cookies
>open door
>"Hello, would you take a miute out of your day to talk about our lord and savior Jesus Christ?"
>Every time

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why youre robots are so BORING?
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Why is your grammar horrendous?
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because english suck my dick
File: 1500751258573.png (117KB, 272x293px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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why do you think we are robots?

Because we are entertaining and people enjoy our company?

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