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Do you like Latina feet?

Would you worship a pair of Latina feet?

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>tfw im not allowed to touch latina women because I am latino and not white
you can touch Latina women too! as well as white women for that matter
I liek ur mom's feet, fgt.

>"losing your virginity is easy bro just use tinder"'
>try tinder
>0 matches after 200+ swipes
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From what I heard if you dismissed enough your profile rarely comes up even to new people.

The higher your like rate the more your profile pop's up for new people who haven't seen it yet.

So uggo's get GG'd
Yeah, Tinder has a secret search pool where only Chads and Stacys can be in.
I also noticed that after 20 minutes or so it started only showing me really fat and ugly girls. Like it was desperately trying to find someone who would settle for me

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broaden your horizons
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25 onward has been spent doing that. The result? Being thrown out of my neet mindset, into the real word full of existential angst and depression. Was worth though
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Varg in the Brush.jpg
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Nice Varg pic.
Where'd you go, I wish to travel one day...but i'm broke for now

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>Masturbating in my room to porn as usual
>Be 33 years old
>Parents tell me they are going out all day
>Hear them come home and it sounds like they brought company home
>Hear a bunch of people coming up stairs start coming upstairs
>Think "Thats weird, doors locked so I'm good"
>Next thing I know my parents burst thought the door with my dick out in in all its glory jerking off to hentai
>Theres a crew behind them
>I completely freeze in shock
>Some guy throws me a blanket
>Parents have an "intervention" right there.
>MFW apparently I'm on some new tv show being filmed about Porn addicts
>Forced to sign a bunch of legal papers saying this crew can follow me around for 5 days.
>Mfw this is how my porn addiction ends

Fucking kill me senpai
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I'll be sure to tune in you wanker
>I'm on some new tv show being filmed about Porn addicts

Your family sounds like some bogan cunts for sure, only bogans go on national TV with their retarded issues.
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>Parents have an "intervention" right there.
Kek, what did they say. What kind of hentai was it? Did they see it?
>MFW apparently I'm on some new tv show being filmed about Porn addicts
>Forced to sign a bunch of legal papers saying this crew can follow me around for 5 days.
Why did you let them do it? You could have said no.

Lets reminisce about the happenings of previous years even if they weren't that long ago.

Do you believe /r9k/ is more boring nowadays?
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Influx of normalfags and the silent exodus of robots lead to no content creation.

But yes, It is more boring. /pol/ is where the exciting stuff happens now.
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>tfw no more insecam threads

What came out of /r9k/ this year besides oatposting?

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why is this shite happening
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> Bestiality then
> Racism now
I don't really see much difference.
>4chan is so libbrul now!
Trump shills are liberals?
Let me tell you how this image was made. Someone who learned of 4chan from facebook and has visited for a year and, being a trumpshit, got triggered when the one post they could find screenshotted here disagreed with their circlejerk, so they made this image.

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How do other robots deal with this crushing pain? It's literally killing me. I always thought working full-time meant I could live on my own, I thought going for an honest day's worth of work meant something.

Sometimes I break down, filled with rage misdirected towards niggers or jews but deep down I know this is my own fault. I am missing out on so much of life. Why are things this way? There is no greater pain.
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how old are you original OP?
Are you currently working full-time?
i moved out into a house full of 9 romainians - all i can realistically afford. i work full time and have 'good' job.

no rewards for going straight. i'm getting me a grow going to get myself out of poverty.

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crying baby.png
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>tfw can't order a salad with a glass of water from Domino's because they use non-free javascript on their website
the botnet wants me to starve
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>the botnet wants me to starve
I missed these threads
hey bud I think you got the wrong door, /g/ club's 2 boards down
GNUntermensch are insufferable

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>What do you take/use?
>Should drugs be legal?
>What drugs do you want to try?
About to try DXM again at 600mg. Last time it had guaf and I was pretty sick but still had fun. Got a few bottles from the dollar store
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Just a second
originaldo bbq
kratom on the reg. awesome drug thats legal for now, just gotta find the strain that is right for you and also not be an idiot about dosing. no lethal overdose point though, you just throw up once you take too much and then you're fine. also not really habit forming unless you don't know how to moderate, but thats true with literally everything. couldnt really ask for anything else from a drug, except its fucking bitter tasting and i have to cap em or else theres no way i can keep it in my stomach.

aside from that i love lsd but its a pain to get a hold of plus its not legal therefor sketchy for legal reasons and for maybe getting other drugs mixed in.

weed is okay but is also illegal where im at, less fun and more expensive than kratom so i really only partake if its provided for me.

tried salvia, crazy drug but i dont think ive been using it right yet.

pain killers are nice when i get them from prescription but they are stupid expensive to buy illegally, plus again kratom is just a better alternative. but like i said when i do have pills around ill take em because its a more convenient high than kratom.

probably gonna stay away from meth and crack. id try coke but i would never do on the reg because thats an ez way to throw away your life. would love to try some more hallucinogens like shrooms. ketamine and dxm seem sketchy to me but i havent researched very much. off the top of my head i can think of any other drugs that are worth talking about.

as far as legality weed should definitely be legal. any educated person can see that marijuana illegalization is a ploy to fill up prisons. i hope kratom stays legal but BIG PHARMA is probably pushing the dea to get it out b/c it frees addicts from their oxy-products. drugs you can OD on i have no problem being illegal, but thats more because if i ever had an interest in that kind of drug i wouldnt being doing it often so the illegal part isnt a big inconvenience.
I love DMX

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*sniff sniff* Oh man... what smells like dog shit? Heh heh. ah.. AHHH AHHHCHOOOOOO! *gets some snot on your pizza and almost drops it* Heh. Anywho, that'll be twenty-three dollaaaahs! Heh. Plus tip.

Your response?
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078 - qDVENEp.png
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why the fuck are you ordering a 23 dollar pizza you stupid cunt
You don't have to tip if they charge a delivery fee. Fuck em.
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Amish Mafia.jpg
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because papa johns is superior

I honestly like playing Minecraft but can't stand the people that play it
>Login to server to play
>Receive message from some guy I was playing with a few days ago
>He wants to commit suicide because some girl on the server rejected him
>He's 22
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Dude I know I stopped playing multiplayer servers because the people on them are pretty much all literal children
I also love how difficult it is to find a decent survival server, I don't mind a few useful addons but jesus fucking christ these servers are so pack full of bullshit features, I'm considering just running a local server for myself with a few bukkit plugins I need.
I found it surprising how hard it was to find a decent vanilla anarchy server. I joined a few of them easily back in like 2012 or so but now they seem to not exist. I would gather groups of wanderers and we would form a commune somewhere to defend from outsiders and share resources.

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Post ITT thoughts normies don't have or don't understand

>tfw you daydream about how your dog would react if he was forced to watch someone torture/kill you in a really disturbing fashion, pulling out your organs throwing them on the ground in front of the dog, etc
>dog is tied up so can't attack the torturer
>would he cower in a corner and make himself look as small as possible?
>would he bark nonstop in a frenzy, tons of foam oozing from his mouth, totally losing his dog mind seeing something so fucked up?

Anyone else know similar feels to this?
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Don't look away, doggy! Those are my intestines that man is pulling out. Will you eat them?
>never have to think for countless nights of how to ask grill to be ur gf

Normies can just ask without a second though, never understood it
That's a very interesting thought, actually. I never really wondered it but now I am.

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>try 3v3 lockout in overwatch
>2 to 2
>die during an ult that was just about to kill them all
>delete overwatch from taskbar
>feeling incredibly frustrated
>body heat increased like 5 degrees F during that whole ordeal
>feel like I have a fever

Why do i do this to myself, they said arcade was fun
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1v1/3v3 in overwatch is shit, the normal modes are a lot better
Everyone in Overwatch is shit
Im in plat and we won last night with no tank full meme shit pick team but you see the enemy team refused to leave spawn and spent the entire match just cussing at each other
File: 1273012760621.png (11KB, 300x309px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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3v3 was better before the damn lockout.
all other gamemodes suck.
Except maybe bossfights in custom games.

I wish i had never paid 60 jewros for this garbage. The community is worse than in league of legends and you will get verbally harassed in every match. EVERY MATCH.
The frequent glitches arent helping either.

Cant stop. Im addicted. Help

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am I no more than a character to other people?
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You're actually below character
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I see other people primarily as threats, annoyances, and obstacles.
are you no more than a non-character to yourself?

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How do people even function on less than 14 hours of sleep?
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7 is a normal tier 10 is a neet one 14 means health problems.
the last time I slept well was like a month ago. and I slept for more than 10+ hours, I can't manage to sleep for more than 8 hours. everything needs to be perfect for me to sleep that long.
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I sometimes stay up to over 24 hours because my life is a blur

Its ok

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