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Oh, my! It looks like someone has been writing nonsense on the blackboard again. It turns out, though, that under certain conditions, these strange equations are actually correct.

>Eight minus six equals two.
>Eight plus six also equals two.

Assuming the above to be true, what does seven plus six equal?
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2, because everything apparently can equal it.

Or 1, assuming in this instance + actually also means -.
13. The top 2 equations and the bottom one are written in different colors so the top 2 equations aren't related to 7+6.

Either that or I'm colorblind.
1. In this scenario 6 is obviously 0 and 8 is 2.

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How come men look fine without makeup but women look hideous without makeup?
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Because makeup is bad for your skin
Do you know you're a retard?
it is bad for skin though

I've never fasted before. How should I go about doing it for my first time?
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fuck off achmed

just because this isn't /pol/ doesn't mean we have to put up with your ram-a-damn shit
Be a vegan
I'm not Muslim though. I hate sand niggers. I'm doing this for weight loss

Guess which one in this pic cucked me
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top left orig bloxxx
The homosexual nigger.
doesn't matter. if you didn't date the girl on the bottom far-right then you have issues my dude .

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>be khv robot muslim
>have a job in the family business
>when not working, I'm either playing vidya or shitposting
>parents are organizing an arranged marriage for me
>the girl may be brought in from overseas, I'm not sure yet
>soon I'll have a loyal, faithful wife without leaving my room

why haven't you converted to Islam yet, anons?
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I'm a godless heathen talking to a cute girl in Malaysia. She said she'd like to visit, I told her "Uh, Islam's not very popular here right now".

Guess where I live.

dude come on, people aren't gonna kill her in the street or something

You just lost your chance at malay poon

What's your ideal gf anons?

Also, anyone have the template?
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Posted this too late in the previous thread. I have no shame
The one I have now, loves to stay inside, plays video games, watches anime, completely loyal and fucks my ass with a strap on whenever I want. Sometimes dreams do happen lads, hopefully you find the right one someday.
fuck i need the template too

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ITT cringey shit that's not actually very interesting when you type it out

>go out for drinks with people from work
>exhausted after a double shift the previous day, probably looked a bit drunk
>head outside for a smoke, drunk guy starts chatting with me
>we got on really well together
>starts telling me I'm too drunk to be out, that I should go home
>being so tired I agreed, hailed a taxi
>he gets really pissy when he realizes I'm not going home with him, just going home
>he bitches to my supervisor

Why do guys think they are entitled to sex just because a woman isn't outright turning them down?
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The same thing has happened to me, only I turned down female coworkers.

In fact, lots of women get like this if you turn them down. But I never thought it was entitlement. I just thought their feelings were hurt. Never blamed them, really.

So what the problem here? what was he bitching about?
He was probably bitching about OP being a normie with a steady-paying job who has contact with real human beings not on the internet.

That sounds about right, actually.

OP is a faggot.

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Why is Pepe always facing right?
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because he's a symbol of the alt-right
He's a right wing power symbol. Where my fashy bros at? Got any good memes to share?
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The Ira is left orientated

ITT: Autistic things you eat
I'll start
Ketchup sandwiches.
I don't know why I like them so much, they're fucking disgusting honestly.
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ham and cheese sandwiches grilled in a sandwich maker are delicous with ketchup, desu
Plain pasta with a shit-ton of butter
also nothing with a side of cigarettes and a shit ton of coffee since i want to stop being a fat fuck

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Have you fallen for the trap trap?

I already fucked my first trap...
I feel weird
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jfc rileys face makes me feel physically ill. it's this horrible mix of uncanny valley and hideous tranny
i've ashamedly jacked off to it before but the second they talk and the makeup comes off, they just look like dudes. would never do it in real life.
they aren't even on HRT you can hardly call them a tranny and not just a crossdresser

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honest question why does this turn me on???
im a straight male.
i find only the guy part repulsive but when the black hair sucked its fucking hot
why is this??

is this gay or straight?
honest question
im truley desperate to get some honest answer
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dicks arent gay, anon

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>wow, anon do you think you can lay around the house day because your father isn't here?
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You disgust me faggots
I want my milkies pretty please
Shut the hell up you gross neckbeard

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your in the club with your oneitis when this horse grabs her ass

wat do
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>U mad apeboi
>How can apes even compete
I get cucked, obviously.
show the horse im more equal than itself as it gets sent to the glue factory
Like with his teeth?

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she's right lads, the secret to confidence is ro watch the superman saga
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I wanted to be Superman when I grew up, so now I'm a paraplegic.
Wonderwoman was pretty ass desu. Third act was literal dogshit. Second was the only good one.
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Should women really be allowed to have any opinion at all?

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>"anon, if you want a slice of pizza, you'll have to eat my ass out!"
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Fine, I'll order my own. Fuck you.
>for plain cheese

No thanks
I'd eat her ass so good i'd have no room for pizza afterwards

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