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This thread is for people that face all the problems that robots face, but on top of it have to deal with actual responsibilities. Whether it be because your parents are too poor to support you or you made a foolish attempt at escaping robotdom and are now trapped there. Tell me your struggles.

>Tfw too much of a sperg to be a happy member of society, but not enough to get neetbux
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>tfw failed chad into neetism
>tfw dont even know if I can get neetbux
> 28 male here
> tried to enter normiehood when I was 17
> at first it was good then I failed
> exit normiehood, begin isolation and solitude at 18
> at 21 get job after finishing uni
> at 21 lose kisless status and have a gf for 2 months
> at 25 lose virginity
> at 26 begin binge drinking and isolationist policies
> wagecucking at same job for 6 and a half years now
> at 28 still alone, bald and mentally deteriorating
> no friends, poor health, no drivers licence, have parents who need money , they are NEETS. House is nearly in a state where you can't live in it.
> no hobbies, quit guitar playing
> lazy and unmotivated for self improvement but managed to quit drinking (2months)
> sit at home and do nothing
> don't even play vidya
> nothing makes me excited

I don't believe I'll find my qt who will be able to cope with my mentality and character traits. I am too difficult.

I want to cry
that's not cyborg... you're a fucking robot. if i ended up this pathetic i would just off myself desu

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Why do I smell like literal ass?
I already tried spraying deodorant on my buttcrack but it's not helping. I shower every fucking day, this is ridiculous.
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What do you eat?

Do you think you smell bad right now? Go ask someone else if they think you smell, and report back here with what they say. Depending on their response I may have the answer for you.
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>Why do I smell like literal ass?

Daily reminder that if you don't have a big cock you wont be able to keep a woman faithfully. Even if you're tall and muscular you wont be able to "hit her spots" with out a big cock. This is more true if she's been with a larger or man or masturbates with a larger dildo (which every girl who masturbates with a dildo does)
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>life is kil
Get a pure virgin qt , and that will never happen.
They all want chad, and chad being a man will give it to them eventually. You're pure virgin qt will be at school or online and chad will chat her up fuck her will leave you to dry

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love .jpg
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ask me a question, I'll answer via vocaroo
voice message. xo
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How do I start to enjoy life again?
do you believe in love after love?

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Big Butt.jpg
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>TFW realized I needed to stop going on 4chan and make some friends
>Get in my car and drive near the ghetto neighbour hood, drive near a bunch of black guys.
>They tap on my window and ask me to roll it down, I roll down. One of the guys say " Hey you wanna suck my dick in the mcdonalds bathroom? ", they all laugh.
>I laugh, and I chat with them for a while. While they all shit on me, oh well I got to make friends.
>TFW I'm an emotionally fragile faggot with terrible moon swings and I can't handle anymore of this. One of the niggas start stomping on my shoes and kicking me off a bench, they take out a bottle of hot sauce and threaten to burst it into my eyes.
>I go full fucking mad and start elbowing on of them in the back of their head, they grab me and start punching my face. I escape their grab and run away, I than run back and punch one of them in the back of their head knocking them out. I run back to my house while they chase me. I lose them.

Fuck me /r9k/ why do I have to be an emotionally fragile faggot that can't make friends.
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all hood niggers are pieces of shit

lol man, lol
What did his dick taste like?

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Hey Anon, wanna study together?
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Solo Gaming Only.
>"No, no I'm uh uh! BUSY! I already finished that project "

Fuck me, this happened IRL. But I was too nervous.
yeah sure. Where do you wanna do it?

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Only whites can be arya-
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Aryan = blond hair, blue eyes and lactose tolerant.
You do realize they're about 3/4 white?
they're fucking for sure

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Does anyone else feel like somethings is just wrong? like having a strange awareness of everything, or just blanking out randomly and having a 1000 yard stare...
Maybe just a feeling of something just feels off for and you dont feel like you are all there. share your bizarre feels
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I'm borderline convinced sex doesn't exist and I'm the only conscious person on Earth and people are watching me on a screen laughing at how I live in a world where sex apparently is everywhere, yet I can't see or feel it.
I don't think I'm going to live a long life. I've has an impending sense of doom for years. Shit sucks
Is it more anxiety, or just a gut feeling inevitable death or something that you know you cant do shit about?

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You ever just sit and think how it is weird how we're a bunch of walking orgasms? This whole world is basically a giant orgasm.
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Do you mean organism?
No I literally mean "orgasm".
In that case you aren't making any sense.

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>have one final today
>two papers left
>two finals Monday
>going to bullshit papers and barely study for remaining exams
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>been studying for 36 days now, 10 bours a day
>know everything by heart
>still two weeks till finals

what the fuck am I to do I've been rereading the notes all day for the past few days but its so slow now that i know everything
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>physics paper tomorrow
>did not study the whole semester
Oh yeah.
Create a fake test, take a day off from studying, then take your fake test.

Learn from your mistakes

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> be me
> brown Asian
> visit USA
> meet cute wife
> marry her
> get US citizenship
> get wife pregnant
> buy house
> dont earn enogh

I had to make a living, in a small house and cant afford college for my unborn son or give them the life they deserve

> take savings
> go to nambia
> open fish canning biz
> going good
> send around 4000 USD every monthy
> barely can rent a hotel in namibia and have to eat junk because only 600 USD left for me
> buy ships
> start selling ships to make more money
> go to Zanzibar and sell ship
> get kidnapped by apes or Ugandians, not quiet sure
> wife pays ransom money
> dont get released
> life in shack in the middle of africa
> wife gets madmode and sends private soldiers to rescue me
> come home after 18 long years of distance relationship
> and hostage
> meet wife at airport, kiss her
> feels so good
> ask wheres "anon" ?
> she answeres " he stayed in the basement"
> ask " why" ?
> says hes just kind of shy
> ok, probably from her side of the family
> drive home
> on the way home go grocery store, i buy some rootbeer
> man missed this stuff
> wait for wife
> she carries AT LEAST 5 pounds chicken tenders
>ask " whats up with this ?"
> she says quiet and somehow shamed " its just a normal grocery, dont mind, I have a suprise for you at home, 18 years of loneliness had to be hard"
> horny
> come home
> open door
> see shrek waddling out of my basement
> pushs me aside
> gos to wife " TENDIES TENDIES NOW"
> wife " anon this is your father"
> shrek takes the tendies and give it to me
> "now you will make TENDIES NOW NOW NOW"
>i make tendies
> whats going on
> he comes upstairs to eat
> go out of room, walk in "his" basement
> see PC
> opend a mongolian side or sth
> Porn Porn Porn

Wait a moment

> like a formum
> a thread with a picture of a white bald guy holding a glas
> text says "Frogs and Feel"
> theres a text with "(You)"
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> " a vodka with milk for me pls, its one of these days i faped around 10 times, i am such a neet, its all the fault of my fucking Nigger dad, its his fault that i am like this, he just left, my mom said hes making money for us to survive, so i can get my neetbux, i know this nigger isnt and should be gased"
> mfw my son thinks hes a half nigg

How can i save him wat do, Mongolians ? he writes with you waht can i do ?
thanks for the effort, was a good read
nice copy pasta faggot

oreg comment ofcourse

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Post song lyrics to describe how you feel about your life

>I get up in the evening
>And I ain't got nothing to say
>I come home in the morning
>I go to bed feeling the same way
>I ain't nothing but tired
>Man I'm just tired and bored with myself
>Hey there baby, I could use just a little help
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Can someone define "Love" for me?

When I say love, I mean the romantic love between lovers and couples.

What makes up love? Is it just shared experience? Is there a distinct choice involved or is it involuntary?
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Love is evol.

Theres no such thing, only attachment and desire to mate and procreate.

Love is like the general concept of God, It doesnt exist.

Theres no happy ending to this game. All hopes and dreams fade away, while the flesh and its desires decay.

The truth hurts, but if you're mature enough to persue it, its worth it.

The truth is like a stone cast into a bottomless ocean, its layers unfold until theres nothing left.
There is something to be said about the chemistry of love and its impact on consciousness.
>attachment and desire

Oh, so Love?

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Why do people on 4chan use Reddit as an insult? I get that the Reddit community is mostly gay but it's not like anyone has an allegiance to either site and if you do you're retarded. Whatever Reddit sucks yeah yeah ok but as an insult it doesn't make any sense.
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Yeah, whatever. Post more Toobie.
File: 1482386354038.jpg (487KB, 2048x1310px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Because anyone who can be identified as "Reddit" is clearly a non-lurking newfag and needs to either lurk more or get the fuck out.
Reddit is also a cancerous community, whose inhabitants spam cringeworthy memes well beyond their best before date. Not that 4chan is much better these days. We're stuck in eternal summer.
2 concurrent medias on the internet. Creates rivalry. /thread

Old thread hit limit

What anime character are you?

>go to http://en.akinator.com/
>describe yourself
>if it asks if your character is real say no
>if it asks if you are from an anime/cartoon say yes

pic related idk who this is
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It's clearly fake. Just people picking an anime character they want to post.
I tried answering all the questions truthfully and Akinator gave up.
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come on what the fuck
File: Capture.png (128KB, 385x532px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Where did I go wrong?

This is not how it was supposed to be.

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