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Anyone else feel like they all alone in the world?
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but anon you ARE alone in the world.
yes. I even try to make friends with robots here but they all either live on the other side of the earth or ghost me or both. FUCK.

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So somebody I talk to over steam mentioned that there are websites advertising prostitutes and that I could probably find one for my local area. I don't want to just go googling 'local whores' so how would I go about finding one of these sites?
Even if I don't ever use it I think it'd be nice to see the prices and what's available.
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You honk the horn and they will wave at you.
Then pull around the corner ask them about nude modeling. A cop won't nude model but a whore knows..
I don't actually live in or near a big city so I can't actually just drive around and look for them.
Backpage is probably the easiest but it's also totally random on the quality of girl you'll get
Occasionally you can still find girls on Craigslists, that's where I found pic related, just look in the w4m ads

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>all my highschool classmates have either great jobs, beautiful gfs or are following their dreams in one way or another
>Im just... here

God i hope i dont ever encounter any of them in the street
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And if you do, then what? You already know what they have. Why did you post this here in the first place? What's so fucking useful about this paragraph that you typed it out and sent it?
Ranting about minor concerns in here take them out of my mind and helps me relax. Furthermore if more anons with the same concerns appear i realize my problems are common and im not the only one having them so i relax more. There might be some anon telling me im a retard for worrying about that, which helps too. But ultimately is just about letting out my insecurities in a space where it wouldnt affect my social standing (inexistent here) at all so i can function correctly in my normal life.

So what's the point of your comment sir?

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How do you gently break up with someone?

My relationship with my boyfriend has been strained lately due to his stress. Ever since completing college last year, he's been struggling to find a decent job. Which, in turn, has made him a much less happy person nowadays; and, as you can guess, it's taking a toll on everything.

What became the last straw for me was Tuesday. We were on the bus, and I tried to address to him what he's become now. Call him out on it. And urged him to be more calm and collected, or I'm leaving.

And in no time, he started twitching, drooling from the mouth, feel to the ground, and laid face down, while others tried to help, despite being unresposive. Once the ambulance came and took him to the emergency room, the doctors determined he was just overloaded with stress and had a break down.

So, I want to take this time to break up with him and move out while he's still in the hospital. But I want to do it gently and with minimum impact. Because he's no longer the man I thought he was when we met. And he's become too much of a worse human being for me to continue. :/
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Lol just take your shit and go, don't say a word roastie.
He's already suicide bound, just give him that little push and you'll never have to deal with it. That's really all you want even though this is just a troll thread
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This is just lazy, it almost feels like satire, I can't tell anymore
So you abandon him when he needs you most? When he's trying to do all this for you, and make a life with you both? When in his weakest you leave him to the wolves? Fuck you.

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What degenerate way should I get my self off
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make grinder
get bull to plow ass
HFF with minimum effort
go to a soup kitchen or food pantry (wherever poor women go to eat)
solicit the junkies for sex
fuck them and don't repay them
Whatever you do, stay away from ""that""

So it's been about 5 or 6 days since I posted about this. I've been using apple cider vinegar pretty much every minute of those 6 days. Now when I apply the acv and tape my hand feels like its on fire. Before it was just mildly uncomfortable. Now its upgraded to fucking excruciating. When is this supposed to fall off?
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Soon. Couple of days. Yeah, it's gonna sting. But it worked right?
>no seeing a doctor
>going on a Korean organs traffic secret forum
Your finger should fall off in a week or two time. Just keep applying the treatment.

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>tfw no longer afraid of death
think about it, you just go to sleep, and never wake up. you won't wake up suddenly being late for work. you won't dream about falling in love then wake up to being alone. you have no worries, no desires, no pain, you simply sleep forever.
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In the other hand you wont dream anymore, you won t feel happy while playing vidya, you won t think anymore, you won t be able to walk, to see the stars, to contemplate
You wont feel anymore.

It makes me sad
>you die
>you return to where you came from
>maybe the forces of this universe that created you will create you again
>maybe this time it all works out

sounds comfy
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>go to the afterlife
>spend an eternity with saber
I cant wait desu

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Unresolved hurt that cannot be aired leads to anger that cannot be expressed, and then things start to get pretty dark.

Robots, I have a word of advice for all of you. Whatever it is that's on your chest, just say it. You don't even have to say it to anybody. The simple act of uttering whatever it is that's keeping you down and hearing the words come out of your mouth could be the start of your healing process, if you let it.

And after that, try saying the thing you've been meaning to tell that person. Maybe you've been pining after a girl or boy for a while. If you're already friends, ask them to get together in a /comfy/ place and tell them how you feel. Saying something as blunt as "I love you" might freak them out, but if you're attracted to something about them, if they make you feel something inside, just tell them. If they're really your friend, they won't be grossed out or offended. Even if they don't want what you want, at least they know where you're at, and it's off your chest. You will be happier moving on than being in purgatory.

Similarly, if someone really hurt you, but you're still obligated to see them for some reason--maybe a roommate, business partner, or family member--you have to tell them. Air your grievances in a loving way. Don't get hostile. Just explain why the thing they did hurt you, and ask them to please not do it again. If you try to be diplomatic about it, they will feel an appropriate amount of guilt and they will understand.

Here is what I am getting at: You are sad because you are lying to yourself and others. You are not only lying overtly, but you are also *lying by omission.* Your concealed hurt is what's eating away at you, and it will continue to eat away at you until you express it.

I'd highly recommend Brad Blanton's excellent book on the subject, "Radical Honesty," to anyone who feels stuck or depressed (link below). I've said the things I've kept inside for years, and there is so much weight off my chest.
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The link in question: http://www.nyapolitiken.biz/bocker/Brad-Blanton-Radical-Honesty[1].pdf

This book has seriously helped me through personal struggles, led to increasingly deep relationships with other people, and subsequently improved my social acumen. I'd highly recommend it to this entire fucking board.
OP, firstly thank you for the quality contribution to the board. Amongst all the shallow inane normies and their rampant tomfoolery, a true well-written robot post feels refreshing, like a warm shower after a long day of spraying roasties with orange juice from a super soaker.

And you're absolutely right about the honesty. The few times I interact with normals, I enjoy being genuine. For example, when they ask "how are you", I like saying "I have nothing but crushing depression and crippling loneliness, and every second I ask myself if it's worth it to continue living." Then during the awkward silence I say "but other than that I'm doing really good, how are you?"
>For example, when they ask "how are you", I like saying "I have nothing but crushing depression and crippling loneliness, and every second I ask myself if it's worth it to continue living."

See, I lol'd but chances are that eventually someone will really empathize with you and form a connection. I'm one of those people who is polarizing. Not everybody likes me, and I've grown to accept that. But the people who understand where I'm coming from make the possibility of rejection worth it, because there's potential for an actual connection --- not normie-tier "relationships" that are actually vapid contests to see how long each party can be mutually distracted.

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tfw you'll never have a batshit crazy qt that would cut someone for you
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Dated a chick like this in college for 4-5 months and it was great/a nightmare. Won't ever do it again.
i'll never have a batshit qt because i'm the batshit qt

>Tfw i won't date a psycho.

Great feeling imo.

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is it true girls can never really appreciate or support their men ? what are they really in the relationships for ? is there no point in ever having a gf are girls even capable of that ? all you ever hear about is girls bitching or picking at their bfs are there any women that actually appreciate or want to help their men through life ? it seems like every girl just cheats on their men or uses them there is no thing as real love.
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>is it true girls can never really appreciate or support their men ?

Not really but everyone else here will validate your opinion.
This is untrue in my experience. There has to be something about you that she fundamentally respects and you can't give in on that. Whether it's your job/character/looks, there needs to be somewhere she knows you're better than her and then she'll be loyal and supportive.

*blocks your path*

"Ooooh baybee you look good enough to EAT! Howsabout you come home with Momma?"

How do you respond?
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you got any condoms on you?
I loathe New Jersey with a burning passion so go find someone else.
origironeo commento

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I'm posting kakyoin with cool sunglasses every day

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Ah, now it feels like home again.
good reddit post my man
Didn't you skip like a bunch of days dude?

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>accidentally make eye contact with a girl as I'm getting on a train
>as I instantly look away I notice her look away so quickly I'm surprised she didn't get whiplash on the spot
>think in a mock girl voice, "Like, eww, he's not Chad!"
>see a really Chad looking guy getting on as well
>think in a mocking and really deep voice, "Hey Stacey, get over here you dumb bitch!" and the girl squealing in delight

This is basically my internal thought process 24/7. And then I bought chocolate and carb filled sandwiches at Tesco on the way home and saw lots of Staceys there as well which was tortuous. How am I supposed to compete with outgoing, loud, boorish Chads with better faces than me? Deadlifting over 5 plate did little.
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>go to type comment
>realize I have no answers
>my life is a train wreck
>can't even pretend to give advice anymore

I got laid by a girl magically wanting to have sex with me because she was a slut feminist satanist drug user and i had friends at the time and smoked and did drugs.

i couldn't get hard half the time because I was a porn addict as long as I remember

I thought about interracial incest while fucking her.

that's my darkness

now I'm 24, quit my job, and have a shotgun laying on ground beside me
>i couldn't get hard half the time because I was a porn addict as long as I remember
If you're circumcised, I'd much sooner blame that than porn. Slicing off 3/4ths of the nerve endings of the penis undoubtedly hinders sexual function.

>A new study in the International Journal of Men's Health shows that circumcised men have a 4.5 times greater chance of suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED) than intact men, revealing what appears to be a significant acquisition vector

Circumcision also fries the limbic system and causes permanent brain damage because the infant is fully concious and experiencing severe pain, so if any circ'd robot here is a failure, it's entirely your mother's fault for allowing the procedure. Overactive limbic system causes intense feelings of loneliness, anxiety and depression. Most of us would genuinely be normies if neonatal circumcision was banned before we were born.
you know I always thought the uncut cocks thing was a meme, but since I've become a faggot addicted to tranny porn, uncut cocks are beautiful and makes me sad I have one that looks it was whittled with a potato peeler.

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how do you smile
i actually dont know how
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Serious tip for everyone here, smile. Even if it's fake, it makes you feel a little better, I swear. It's like wearing a mask until you get home and you realize you're alone again and you will be alone forever
Why being worried about sadness when you can live in a total state of apathy for the rest of your days? Literally 99% of your problems will disappear forever
I don't show my teeth, feels really uncomfortable and weird and probably looks like that too
I think its somehow connected to your genetics or shit

idk im talking out of my ass

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It's not all gloom and doom on this forum, is it? What's something nice that's happened to you recently?
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i sucessfuly treated a vitiligo spot on my penis with steroid creams. it kinda damaged the skin and now it will hurt when i masturbate, but still better than having a white spot on my private parts. are you happy now?
the night I was going to die
I was sweating on the bed
and I could hear the crickets
and there was a cat fight outside
and i could feel my soul dropping down through the
and just before it hit the floor I jumped up
I was almost too weak to walk
but I walked around and turned on all the lights
then made it back to the bed
and again my soul dropped down through the mattress
and I leaped up
just before it hit the floor
I walked around and I turned on all the lights
and then I went back to bed
and down it dropped again and
I was up
turning on all the lightsI had a 7 year old daughter
and I felt sure she didn't want me dead
otherwise it wouldn't have
but all that night
nobody phoned
nobody came by with a beer
my girlfriend didn't phone
all I could hear were the crickets and it was
and I kept working at it
getting up and down
until the first of the sun came through the window
through the bushes
and then I got on the bed
and the soul stayed
inside at last and
I slept.
now people come by
beating on the doors and windows
the phone rings
the phone rings again and again
I get great letters in the mail
hat letters and love letters.
everything is the same again.
about to make 400 bucks

about 10k in debt still

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