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I like the smell of farts.
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aw gross i remember this show

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Why do some Asian women prefer to date white men?
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Why do some white women prefer to date Black men?
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every race prefers it
they dont
Swedish women are all fucking black and arabic men
This disgusts the Swedish man
So the Swedish man retreat to their homes and post on 4chan for 10 years as a neet
When they start to realize they're going to die alone they get a Thai bride

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I'm killing all the threads tonight and there is nothing you can do to stop me.
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kill me too frog man
As long as you take all the fembot/discord/norman threads with you that's fine.
I thought that thread killers where disbanded by Kek's followers after the Trump election??

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Wait. This isn't the plantation thread
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I watched my broad give up on me like I'm average

I went back inside the attic, count it up and started laughing, ah

I went back inside the attic, count it up and started laughing, ah
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Who here /freeballa/? This sense of freedom... I feel like chad.
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I wear thongs and g strings cause it makes me feel naughty!
Can I see your cute butt in a g string?
pIs respond ;(


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> graduation celebration
> people ask what we want to study or work at
> normie tier answers
> cool answers
> all mentally ill, atleast the ones wich its safely known answere
>" i wanna study psychology and become a therapist, because i am a good listener and intrested in this kind of stuff"
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Vast majority of people in psychology are mentally ill. Note how half the "describe ideal bf" threads are filled with "interests: psychology"
I know a girl that is majoring in psychology. She is the SJW assymmetrical haircut type. She has a drunk dad who apparently fights with her mom a lot. Also her mom is morbidly obese and has an oxygen tank with her at all times. The sad part is that this orphan guy I used to take to the gym with me is now dating her and she's turning him into a numale faggot. This used to be a 200lb+ dude that was my deadlift buddy. Now he's a fat fuck who's majoring in marine biology and is dating that girl who has had 20+ boyfriends before him.
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i actually am ok with sjw making numales as long they leave me in peace, i am just worried mentally ill treat mentally ill..
like sociologs dont analyse society, they rather push the views of their utopian society

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Despite decades of research and study nobody has ever proven the existence of women.

Now open your naive eyes and see that women simply don't exist.
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>Finland doesn't exist
what would be the scientific method of proving women exist in the same exact way every without different results
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Is that you Lacan?

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>24 year old KHHV
>NEET for a month
>At the mall, there's a New Age "Crystal Healing Booth" on the way to the stylist
>Booth qt recognizes "the walk," smells blood in the water, pounces
>Too spineless to say no
>She pulls out all the stops in her playbook
>"You're frustrated that no one takes you seriously..."
>"Other people have betrayed your trust and hurt you in the past."
>(This continues for a couple minutes or so. I vacillate between playing along, but eventually I switch to full on buying it because she nailed everything perfectly)
>"Anon, these crystals will help you get over your pain and put you on the path to spiritual renewal."
>She waves them around for a few seconds
>"I can already see your aura returning to a healthy glow. You're a good person, Anon. Remember to be strong, brave, and confident. Continue to do your yoga, and stop by if you need any more healing."
>Realize that I just spend $60 to talk to some qt for a few minutes because I'm bored, pathetic, and lonely
>Return home and go upstairs to my room.
>Suddenly hear my mother yelling downstairs.
>"Someone took the $60 I put here on the cupboard. $60 that wasn't theirs!"
>My dad joins in.
>"Are you sure he took it?"
>"Yeah, he always does this."
>"Okay, I'll go talk to him--"
>"He can buy whatever he wants when he gets a paycheck!"
>Hear a knock on the door. It's my dad.
>"Champ, we need to talk. Your mother and I have been talking, and we think it's time you got a job. I'm driving you around town to look for one, and I won't take no for an answer. Remember to go in there and ask for the manager. Stand up straight, look him in the eye, give him a firm handshake, and tell him you want the job. Simple enough, Champ?"
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This is a shit meme.
Fuck you for posting it.
>Dad's advice at the end.
I knwo you're meming but it's still so fucking accurate.

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extending a wank because you wanna find *that* video, manga or image is a bad idea, orgasms end up more painful than pleasant, like a shit that youve been holding for too long
thank me later
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Don't wank for more than 6 minutes.
I think your dick is broken, because I've never had that happen to me. Likewise with shits
This. Tug on my dick for 2 hours while browsing r9k then look at porn to jerk off.

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How do I know what perfumes smell nice or not?
i need to smell good now
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You can go by your taste, someone else's, or by a cultural consensus. The third option probably being the best in this case. A major factor in this case is your sex, as depending on whether you are trying to attract men or women what smells good will likely be different. As a man you may avoid perfumes altogether opting for the milder option of cologne If your just trying to attract a partner in general sticking to a generally praised product will be good enough. If you are trying to impress a specific person it becomes more of a shit show. In either case the best option is probably whatever is the most popular. Try looking at what the top selling products are online or asking at a store.

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Roastie streams grandmas funeral


What the fuck is wrong with women?
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You mean what's wrong with Mexicants/Vietnamese/Filipinos?
Shoutout to the betas who watch her though
>dyed blonde hair
Certified insane.

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Guess which one was me

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Invisible background guy
Obviously the my chemical manlet

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What happen to this faggot :(
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