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>tfw when you'll never get a bbw qt3.14
How are you anons
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I like those elephant games

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how THICCC you talking about op?
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This thicc

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Do really stupid girls actually exist irl? Are they as cute as they are in anime or are they just troublesome? I'm talking sometimes slow to react and clumsily dumb, like pic related.
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why would you date someone that doesn't activate your almonds?
Most women are dumb but it's not cute
It's finally happened

Someone actually logged onto 4chan to ask whether anime is real

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Anyone doing online dating?

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I have some experience with it, but if I post it, your threads is going to be nothing more than people REEEEEing at me
doesn't work for me.
whisper and yik yak are better to find girls.
im probably just ugly but im kind of charismatic so i get the ladies by talking to them
I occasionally lurk craigslist for strange anonymous sex but lately it's gone from 90% bot to 100% bot so I'm abandoning it

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Because I haven't seen one yet. INFP here.
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INTP reporting in. Drinking vodka and trying to sleep.
>that low res chart
I see the interlink...
hahaha thanks man. right as i uploaded it i said "fuck there's a higher res two pics over"

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What do you do when you cant live without something?

like being without it makes you depressed, and you have no motivation to do anything?

should i just kill myself now?
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you eventually get over it and learn to let it go. there are also rare occasions when you let it drive you to suicide.
I've felt that way after leaving a relationship. She left me for my bestfriend, and started dating him IMMEDIATELY after we broke up. I was shattered for months, but it has made me a stronger man, and I've learned more about myself and life in general from that experience than anything else. Life is full of suffering but how you choose to get through it defines you.
what if all you are attracted to is your girlfriend, its the only thing you like, and its impossible to get it
and its biologically impossible for you to get over it or move to something else?

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i hate adam.jpg
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>tfw straight but also a fucking twink
>gays hit on me all the time and women don't even try to soften the blow when they tell me how unattractive they find me
>tfw born the wrong sexual orientation
Just end my life
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post twink butt, family
get away from me faggot
b-but anon, I-I'm a girl.. I think twinks are cute

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Chad and me.jpg
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Post stories about your Chad friends

Me on Left, Chad on right

> Met Chad through older brother
> Chad lives next door and invites himself over one day
> Chad walks in to see me playing Persona 2
> I explain to him how to play and what the game is about
> Chad tells me that Persona 2 sounds like a game that faggots play
> My parents aren't home
> Chad invites over his GF and bros
> Chad, Stacy, and bros drink my parents alcohol
> Parents find out the next day and take away my psp for 3 months
> Parents lose psp
> I never finish Persona 2
> Thank you chad
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>chad friend tells me i'll never get anywhere without facial aesthetics no matter what
>he tells me he lookmaxxed his jawline via gum chewing and cheek fillers
>i decide to stop lifting weights and swallow the bogpill (this was back in 2010)
>chewing gum didn't work
>go to plastic surgeon he gives me an insane price
>work 2 years as wagecuck to afford it
>go to seoul to do the plastic surgery
Are you on our left or your left? Dude on our left is better looking than dude on your left.

Neither one is chad tho.
Thank you for saying so! He was Chad at heart

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simply the best game ever
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But Jagex insists on ruining it, just like they did with the last game. It's a shame, but at least I look forward to playing Super Oldschool Runescape in a couple years.
i had a friend who always used to make me play this with him but even in 2002/2003 it looked shitty, outdated and played terribly
tfw could never afford membership and could never get enough gold to buy one in-game

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Tell me about your current woes anonon
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i want to fuckin die
i just want to stop existing
i don't like this place
just make it stop please
too fucking dumb for ubuntu
I started doing therapy but I still feel like killing myself, and it's gonna be a whole month until I can see a psychiatrist.

Getting "better" seems like a hell of a long journey and what if I somehow become a functioning member of society but am still a depressed suicidal piece of shit?

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Who here /professional/ but still a robot

> Work at fortune 500 company
> High confidence at work
> Working on a masters degree
> Being groomed for leadership
> Six figure salary

But I still come home, still have no gf, still have nothing really going on outside of work. Chronic illness and ugly means money doesn't matter. Mathematician here considering living like a monk, just giving up on trying to be socially viable.
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Buy hookers. Play videogames. Travel. Done
I love golden retrievers
Same brah, if I go monk mode I'm gonna get one. Work less hours just chill with my big homie.

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The Pope will bless you with the gf of your dreams if you get dubs in this thread. If you get trips, you can kill yourself
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fuck off pope
let's give it a good old try i guess
thanks pope
bless me Francis

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>go Vegan
>life improves in every way possible
>even regrow my fucking hair back

vegan master race
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>become vegan
>penis gets larger
idk why I take the bait, but hell tell me more man, how come? especially the hair part

a lot of food blocks the blood flow in your body, preventing proper circulation from happening and naturally lowering the health of cells, like hair cells ofc

things like dairy food especially clog your shit up, and things like watermelon do the exact opposite, and clear up your system pretty fast

still need a balanced diet of correct nutrients but that can be done without meat

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This is the FOURTH FUCKING TIME that she has bought me the wrong flavoured tenders. I am fucking livid.

I keep telling her I want plain flavour tenders because sweet chili is too hot for me and makes my tummy hurt. AND SHE DOESN'T FUCKING LISTEN.

She doesn't give a shit about me, she is a worthless cunt. I want to kill her. Do you guys have any advice?
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Green text the story

Then we'll listen
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enjoy these times while they last op
>not preferring chilli chicken tenders

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I'm now a 21 year old virgin. Is this the point of no return lads? Also what beer should I get to celebrate?
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Try drinking lead.
Possibly a slug from a shotgun.
That shit fucks you up lol
T-thanks I'll keep that in mind
But in reality try something new.
Definitley go for taste instead of alcohol power.
Maybe try the "Gay drinks"
Try to make the best of it basically

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>stopped being a neet by studying at uni
>everything goes well
>no aspie/spillin spaghetti moments
>even some cute girls talk to me
>one day in hot teachers class
>i decide to send a lewd message about the teacher to a group of degenerates like me on whassap
>i sended it to the class group by mistake
>oh shit
>start hearing laughs and some girls saying "who sended that?"
>grab my stuff and leave the classroom
>people look at me with disgust while leaving
i keep acting normal since then but a lot of people avoid me now specially the qts
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name the actor in (OP)'s pic please thank you
the nightcrawler
Jakes gyllenhall

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