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drag him into a room with a phone book and lock the door then beat him on his torso and legs and anywhere but the face and arms

hopefully with the phonebook it won't leave bruises but either way you better beat his monkey ass
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Go back.
Get him drunk then tie him up and place him in a room and build a brickwall to imprison him forever.

>lie when talking to family to avoid inciting more conversation
Anyone else do this?
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all the time. e.g.

>how are you?

but in reality, i am not good; i am far from good.
Nope. I just don't talk to them. Get food, go upstairs. The worst is when you see family you haven't seen for years. Then I have to make sure my room is well supplied with nibbles. Weather the storm.

Lieing to your family means you still care what they think. You must learn to embrace who you are.

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How did you break out of brainletdom and attentionspanletness?
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You can't. It's impossible. You just have to accept it and live with it.
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>akko gorira
She a cute, I like her too
I started reading again, I started learning piano again, I started drinking coffee again, I play vidya that require a lot of focus, and I do some exercise cause it feels good.

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abos are beautiful.jpg
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>if you imply that these two don't belong to the same species you are considered racist
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black people shouldn't exist
Why didn't Australians quell them like Americans did? The abos weren't even warriors like Indians were. They didn't have hundreds of years of trade with Europe giving them access to firearms and horses. It should have been easy.
Agreed , they are a horrific mistake .

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Daily reminder that tinder is nothing but a numbers game. According to tinder themselves, less than 1% of matches result in a date
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Met my gf 4 years ago on tinder. She's insane, always self harming and ODing. Good at cooking though. Mostly we just shitpost together.
Those were back in the glory days of tinder before it went to shit and got bought out by the jews

Summer 2015 was the absolute prime
>multiple matches per day, up to like 10 matches per week
>girls actually replied back and held decent conversations
>was able to get laid fairly frequently
>lost my virginity during this time

Now I get like 1 or 2 decent matches a week and literally none of them even respond. Tinder is fucked now
Yeah it used to be awesome, the app was really quiet when I was on there, every girl was a 9/10 and they would put in effort. I had a lot of fun with it. Over time it got more exposure, feminist rags like Cosmopolitan started exposing it, telling its cunt readers to deliberately fuck with men.

Last I went on there it had tranny's. from literal hotties to trannys. I feel bad for the kids man, only chad shall know what it feels like to see a girls vulnerable sexy side.

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Remember, female sex dolls and robots objectify and degrade women, negating their humanity and reducing them to a set of holes.

...but dildos DO NOT reduce men solely to their genitalia and, in fact, FREE women from the oppressive confines of heterosexual, PIV sex and allow them to experience orgasms during masturbation. BIGOT.
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in which inanimate replicas of a the human form distress humanity to the breaking point
what does this tell you about humanity?

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No, seriously, why me? Why did I have to be born an ugly subhuman? Why did I have to be born as a short, disgusting manlet? Why did I have to be autistic? I ask myself these question everyday, and yet I can't find an answer for them.
My Dad is a 6'1" Chad, and probably plowed through the females of my town in his day and my mother is a 5'10" Stacey, who had won several beauty contests, so there's no reason for me to be as short and ugly as I am. As if I couldn't have been punished enough, I was born with autism. I can't hold a conversation and I almost burst into tears if I am talking to someone.
It seems that I am the only member of my family that was born a defective freak, take my siblings for example. My sister is a social butterfly, who no doubt takes a new Chad home every night. My 16 year old brother is already 6'4" and has the entire female population of his school lusting after him. And here I am rotting in my bedroom alone, all because I lost a genetic lottery, and I don't even know why.
I don't know what I have done to deserve this punishment, all I ever wanted to do was live s normal life, but no, I couldn't even be granted that. Everyone in my family has the best genes, and yet I am a subhuman monster.
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What do you enjoy, OP?
you picked the wrong stick, sorry pal
1. A lot of that "I'm ugly" is very probably mostly your perception and bias. In a few years you'll see.
2. You might be surprised how people change their appearance while growing up. You probably have some physical maturation ahead and you will look very different in a few years.

It's literally impossible that with those genetics (6'1'' father, 5'10'' mother and 6'4'' brother) you are a manlet.
You probably just define "manlet" as anybody under 6 feet. That's not what a manlet is.

Bottom line: be patient.
You won't believe how things can change in a few years.

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White women worship the BBC?
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>Be me
>Middle school
>Girl is crazy about me
>Right after we confess our love for each other my dad changes jobs and we move across the country
>Be me
>Meet smart, down-to-Earth girl who has a lot in common with me
>She's transferring across the country to her home state to save money
I did everything right. I followed all the normie advice perfectly. I'm decently in shape, I talk to girls, I have interesting hobbies. And yet the universe just refuses to let me win one. Anyone else know this feel?
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Ah, so innocent... I feel bad for you anon. First you need money, i guess you got the looks so just act like a Chad and pretend to be a fucking normalfag and hang out with girls you will get to have sex but remember: you will never ever find "true love" that does not exist so just pretend to be a normie and have sex
>you will never ever find "true love" that does not exist
Starting to think this is probably right. All the girls I've been into have either left or ended up being total cunts. Even if something like "love" is real it's not worth the heartache

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Fuck trying to find a gf.
>tfw no WEED
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>tfw weed makes me feel absolutely insane and i completely lose my shit these days
fuck i miss my dude weed lmao hippie stoner days, even if it was all bullshiy believing in something was nice
You'll grow out of that shit eventually
>You'll grow that shit eventually
One can dream

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>Select all squares with street signs. If there are none, click skip.
>no street signs, skip
>Select all squares with pizza. If there are none, click skip.
>selected all squares with pizza
>Select all squares with cars. If there are none, click skip.
>selected all squares with cars
>Select all squares with street signs. If there are none, click skip.
>selected all squares with street signs
>Select all images with roads. Click verify once there are none left.
>every box I click roads keep popping up

This is stupid.
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Come have an evening chat with us lads

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if women have an unshakable support system between themselves
then why shouldn't men establish their own in kind
or is it that men are selfishly competing in everything they do for the prospect of fuck
and thus would never extend the hand to a brother in need
if it be true that love is fiction's most royal deceit
then it must be camaraderie that challenges the throne

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Can someone explain to me how the Yakuza is allowed to exist in Japan?
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they went Disney
people look at them the same they would as a 50s rumrunner or a pioneer from the 1700s

They even have political standings or some wacky shit like that.

How do I overcome my fear of death and convince myself to commit suicide?
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presumably you'd need to dispense with the hope that anything will improve for you
and discard any worries about some kind of post-life punishments doled out by god
and finally dislike yourself to the degree that you'd have no problem murdering yourself

in the first case you can statistically prove that your chances of a quality life are vanishingly small
in the second case try and count up the number of times you've encountered a divine being
in the last case it seems simply a matter of accounting all your issues that brought you to this point and weighing them against your other qualities and making an objective judgement call

i'm not saying you should kill yourself
but i sympathize with making that decision
>overcome my fear of death
It never truly goes away, but seeing the possibility of a happy afterlife or seeing that death is better than a life of misery are good ways to go.

>convince myself to commit suicide
Just keep browsing this board. Good way to want to end it all.
I was just wondering the same thing. Weird.

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