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I saw a thread for shit Okcupid profiles earlier, and since then I've found a fair share of shit ones from my local area, and I thought that I'd share them with you Anons.
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For the record, I'm not from Ireland, I just bumped my search range up to 500km
>not underlining Aries
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Here's one that I put in the last thread, thought I'd repost it since people seemed to "like" it

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>partner up class
>teacher shouts at you for not getting into a group
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this is the worst, especially if you're in the middle of the room.
>partner up class
>teacher doesn't shout, just looks at you sadly and finds some other odd one out
>either that or ignores you and you do it alone
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>stand up to bully
>get suspended
>dad beats you

why don't you just stop aiming so high and settle for a chubby latina gf?
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Gunbuster: Aim for the Top
>settle for a chubby latina gf

I would have to settle for a chainsmoking land whale. A chubby latina gf would actually be nice.
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You know the deal. Are my women really worth your face?

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Anybody else ever witness rich Asian kids in their city/town? See them all the time at my school wearing designer shit. I also see them hanging out at this boba place next to a pool place I go to. They always have a convoy of Aston Martin's, Porsche's, Mercedes', and Maserati's and I've never seen them talk to anybody outside of their chink friend circle. They always look like they just stepped out of New York Fashion Week. Fuck them. I hate all of them. Anybody else notice this obnoxious archetype?
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Boba tea is the most pretentious fucking teenage girl drink out there

shit's actually really good
the left coast was a mistake
We can always use more Elliot's for the army.
>r/asian"masculinity" tries a different race baiting tactic

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itt: r9k protests

Brandish your arms and tell the mods how you really feel
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I feel alright today. It was nice of the mods to ask. Are you a mod OP?
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Ban all phoneposters IMMEDIATELY

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is there anything after death you think? i hope there isnt
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I'm sorry Op but I don't watch anime
We are born again as another person

You came into this world once there's a high chance you will again
Well gee that's a depressing thought, already fucked up life once, can't wait to do it a second time, a third time, a fourth time, ad infinitum

Got any Virgin/Chad OC? Post 'em
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Hahah excellent meme, fellow redditor. I'll have you know if I have any.
Does anyone have the one with the computer processors?
>delivers on his sequel, fans love it

chad's a liar

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3500 hours and counting, lads. How about you?
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Only 500 hours here. Another 250 on the original, and 12 on With Fire and Sword.
what mod are you playing?
currently playing 16th century. cool as fuck despite all the bugs
39mins I've got a problem

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Why don't you robots just go after an average cutie?

Just because Stacy doesn't have any interest in you doesn't mean you have to be celibate.

In fact, most average girls look more like the internet girls you obsess over and don't wear copious amounts of makeup. So what gives? Why not go out with the average girl?
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>implying i can get ANY girl at all
Your so-called "Average" girls will feel more entitled to Chads. Plus they're pretty much the reason they marry these girls because they're pretty much more guaranteed to stay with him for life rather than 7-9s who pretty much ride the Chad Carousel. Get out normie.
But you can, anon, the only thing holding you back is you. You won't get a 10/10 Stacy, but you can still get an average girl, who will be more likely to be virginal/inexperienced, loyal, traditional, caring and sweet.

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Ok so I was sitting in my car at the lights, admittedly my music was pretty loud, but there was this group of four people sitting in the restaurant adjacent, three men, one woman. One started looking at me, I looked back. Then they all started looking at me and laughing hysterically and wouldn't stop staring. The woman was laughing so hard she buried her head into the shoulder of the person next to her. I don't get it, I was dressed normally, waiting in my car for the traffic lights to change, minding my own business.... I don't get what was so funny but it's really rattled me... Does this shit happen to anyone else?
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you drive like a virgin probably
They were laughing because making eye contact with a random person in a car for a long time is unusual.
Me and my boyfriend thought you look ugly xD
soz not soz

Would you impregnate a femanon?
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I did.
I would let my bull do it
Yes, I dont care for women outside of breeding.

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Today I am finally going to finish that loaf of Banana Bread.
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File: Ritsu 3.jpg (34KB, 225x350px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Ritsu 3.jpg
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I love banana bread! Do it for me, anon!
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If you do it, you'll die prematurely. Without a doubt
File: 20170811_211036[1].jpg (565KB, 2560x1440px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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oh no this is going to be harder than I thought

I've had this loaf for like a month and these are the final two slices.

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Why are you still a virgin? Does it bother you much?
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Never tried then just stopped caring. I don't care about being a virgin and am content on dying one.
How old are you and do you know why this happened?
Virgin here. DESU I wish females would value male virginity more. I'm still holding to it like some share on the stockmarket.

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I saw a post on here about Oot Zelda being the best. That is not true. BOTW zelda is the best zelda.
>tfw no BOTW zelda gf
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BOTW is my favourite show not some elf cartoon
Honestly the Zelda in BOTW is probably the most well-written iteration of this character, yet.

Too bad she's in a dark souls ripoff.
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Yeah, I like the princesses that DON'T get kidnapped.

If you look at mitochondria variability you'd find that roughly 80% of all women throughout history and only roughly 40% of all men throughout history successfully bred and passed on their genes.

With this in mind who's to really blame for the up rise of male virginity? Isn't it simply biology?
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uh huh, so care to explain mitochondria variability in humans? Or did you just google search once
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Do you guys ever think before you post
I just google searched once and found a source, just like you can. Magical ain't it?

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