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How big is your dick?

How big do you WISH your dick was?

>5" x 4.2" or so

>10" x 7", I want it to be so thick that I can't get my hand around it
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>How big is your dick?
7 inches
>How big do you WISH your dick was?
8 inches

Honestly don't know why when I know I'm plenty big enough already. I'd take a few more inches of height though if given the chance
>How big is your dick?
6.5 x 5.5

>How big do you WISH your dick was?
7.5 x 6.5
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My dick is exactly 5 times the median of your typical quantum sphere, depending on how hard it is.
I wish it was as big as the phase shift modulation curve standard.

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Honest thoughts on cam girls and sex workers?
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They are extremely high-level degenerates that should be killed on sight
I love prostitutes. I'm almost addicted to them.
Prostitution should be legal, regulated and taxed.

>more protection for the current working girls
>less stigma for lonely virgins, disabled or elderly people to see them
>more tax revenue
>less unemployment

Bitter women and religious groups would hate it, but they are unimportant.

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How do you cope with loneliness robots?
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I write songs about being lonely.
i mope around and listen to depressing music
sometimes i hurt myself
while im doing this i imagine scenarios where people care about me/want me to feel better
no one actually does
Weed, alcohol and benzos

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>cheat week
>gained 9lbs
>4 hours into diet day
>have big mac attack

3000 calories in the hole and it's not even cheat week

Why even continue?...
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I'm sorry anon. How many calories do you eat a day? Are you genetically fat or eat as a coping mechanism
>cheat WEEK

Gee, wonder what could have happened to make it so difficult to get back on track.
I know this feel and to top it off with Trump ruining America with this healthcare bullshit I'm probably going to have some serious issues.

I'm trying so hard for 4 years to lose weight but I keep getting bigger it's just not fair

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Did he have a big part in how you turned out?
Are you becoming like him?
Did you learn some of your behaviour from him?
If so which?
Is he proud of you?
When was the last time he was proud of you?
Whats your closest father son moment?

I personally am just an introverted version of my dad. As annoying as he can be i look up to him and admire him because he build everything in his life from scratch. He's an assertive chad, tells people what he wants, is confident and knows how to do everything. He might've not been the greatest dad because he expected too much from me as a firstborn son, so he always tried to push me to do better, which i never liked, but he just wants me to be a good person because he knows how the world works. He taught me all sorts of useful skills, i got my humour, physique and looks from him and people generally respond well to me and like me because apparently i have something special about me. The only problem is that im so introverted and i never ever approach people, initiate conversations and i generally dont like people that much.
I am a chad with a broken spirit and not much confidence, because through my childhood i was a malicious, provokative asshole and people used to hate me because i was a dick. I know this contradicts what i said earlier but this was in my teens and earlier.
In the past 2 years i started becoming a better person, and the better i become the more i remind myself of my dad. And for the first time in a while i can tell that he's not ashamed of me, because before this i led a disgusting life as a worthless neet who didnt give a shit about anyone but himself.
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>Did he have a big part in how you turned out?
Yeah, I think so
>Are you becoming like him?
I've always been like him but he's way nicer and is extroverted
>Did you learn some of your behaviour from him?
>If so which?
>Is he proud of you?
Even though I'm 25 and have no job or degree I know he is
>When was the last time he was proud of you
Probably last time I brought a girl home

>Did he have a big part in how you turned out?
Worked nights when I was little, slept through the day.
Worked days when I was older, didn't see much of him except on weekends. He did his damndest though, wouldn't say he wasn't there.

>Are you becoming like him?
Apparently there's a lot of personality similarity between us and I can't say it's wrong.
He worked hard so I didn't have to, and my biggest pain in life is knowing that because he worked so hard for me that I didn't develop a work ethic.
>Did you learn some of your behaviour from him?
>If so which?
Light-heartedness. Helping people for the sake of it and staying on the light side of life.
>Is he proud of you?
Probably not. Didn't help around the house, dropped out of engineering school, nowadays a lazy NEET
>When was the last time he was proud of you?
I don't know.
>Whats your closest father son moment?
I don't think we've ever had any. We never really learned how to talk to eachother when I was young so now it's awkward to figure out.

Honest to fucking god if I turn out to be half the man my father is I'll die happy with myself.

Stop pIaying your your peepee
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Stop playing your your peepee
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sometimes pizza.png
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Stop playing your pee your your stop playing pee your your playing peepee

Whats a peepee?

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What's your favorite suicide fantasy?
I'll start:
>9 A.M.
>wake up
>make a nice breakfast
>bacon with some eggs and a bagel
>eat it slow
>take nice hot bath and put on clothes
>11 P.M.
>take truck for a road trip enjoying the quiet hum of the engine as I cruise down the highway
>4 P.M
>come back and play games for an hour
>give entire csgo inventory to the first guy I talk to
>goes nuts and thanks me a thousand times
>5 P.M.
>prepare helium mask
>eat a nice crab dinner and watch T.V.
>watch a little comedy
>8 P.M.
>go to bed
>looking at Facebook
>old happy classmates
>their families
>their wives
>their happiness
>think about how it could've been
>11 P.M.
>woman I found online shows up
>doesn't talk, just comes in and sits down on the bed, she's already been paid and knows what I want
>equip mask
>set my head in her lap and she comforts me for a little while
>pets me and shows me what it's like to be close to someone
>feel happy
>she turns the tank on as I nap
>everything goes black

I had another comfy one of me finding a nice place in the forest and quietly disappearing. Imagine everything is taken care of financially and you are in the perfect situation to go out as you please.
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>fantasizing about suicide
>not realizing nothing but the moment you die is important

normie get out
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I would probably prefer to go out violently. Kinda like a big "fuck you" to the world.
You wouldn't want to be comfy? At least go out peacefully? I would want my last day to be a good one.

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Why am I rude and dismissive when women are nice to me and show me attention in public? I thought I was imagining it but people have seen them give me positive attention and then I get criticized for brushing it off after.
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Maybe you're just a cunt?
i don't know man

But why am I a cunt? Is it because women have rejected me my whole life, and I subconsciously just write them off any chance I get?
Just a simple defense mechanism

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Do girls like seeing throbbing cocks spraying semen in ecstasy?
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Yeah, especially imagining that he is cumming inside. Those tumblrs with videos like that one are great.
Yes. Supposedly cumming in them makes them fall in love with you as well
Probably. I do not.

Reported, called the cops, and logged your IP. You're dead, kid.

They'll you to make an account; what do you have to lose? You reluctantly agree. You'll create your profile--it's not bad, but it's definitely no eccentric Chad profile. You'll start swiping. You'll first come across some untouchable Stacey whores in your area. You'll think to yourself, "heh, that's alright. let's just get the bad apples out of the way". You're swiping left. And left. And left. And left. And left. And left. And left. The Stacy whores seem to be never-ending. Each one, so similar to the last. You'll think the app is glitching. "I know the good ones are out there! J-just a few more swipes left! And left. And left. And left. And left. And left. And left. And then it hits you. These apps aren't meant for you. These girls aren't meant for you. You stop swiping. You find yourself on your profile, thumb hanging over the "disable account" button. You can't bring yourself to do it; you don't want to give up hope. But a small tear rolls down your cheek and onto your screen, pressing the button for you. It's decided. You sink into your chair, head down. You toss your phone as far away as possible from you. Your last hope crushed. You are alone forever.
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met my gf on tinder and i'm a nerd with glasses who used a spongebob quote in his profile so idk what you're talking aboutlol
You're right that tinder's not for average men but it's also not a dating app you puts.
What exactly was the quote?

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>tfw no BPD gf who beats me in a fit of rage and then apologizes with cuddles and begs for forgiveness when she realizes she had no reason to be angry
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>No BPD gf to train and improve, graduating from forcibly restraining her to logic and therapy.
>She starts to be able to control her episodes, but connects physical desire to being restrained, so she continues to act up until she is disciplined.
I had this. You don't want this.
>tfw am the BPD gf
End these threads. None of you actually can handle my crazy.

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I just accidentally drank out of my piss bottle. Never felt more degenerate in my life.
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>having a piss bottle in the first place
Fucking normie detected
You never had a piss bottle? WTF? Get out faggot

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is there a way to delete your steam without losing your games?
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No. Why delete it?
because I've started to ad people I've met outside of places like /r9k/ and I don't want them to find out about my "boyfriends" from when I was 18-19

I'm just trying to have normal internet friends now
please help my new friends are alt-right/rightwing and they'll stop talking to me if they find out

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Where were you on 9/11 /r9k/
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walking to school. heard people talking about it on the way to class.
>where were you
Learn English before you come on this board, Muhammad.

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>It will never get better.
>No women will ever love me.
>I will never make real friends.
>I will never have a meaningful existence.

>Been lifting 5 years; my face, personality, social status is still unattractive
>Started socializing frequntly
>Can't relate to anyone on a deeper level than casual conversations.
>Therapy and anti-depressents for months, relapsed every single time.
>There is just no career path that can surmount nihilism.
>Only passion is overshadowed by procrastiantation and depression.

The moment my biological father raped my mother I was fucked.
The only hope there ever was in my life was for my mom to get an abortion.
I'm sorry mom you suffered for me so much and have nothing to show for it.

>The truth is there isn't an answer.
>Humanity is only concerned with survival.
>People are only concerned with themselves and whoever they're fucking or fucked to create.
>The individual is nothing more than a means to an end.
>Nobody cares whether you exist or not. They would just feel guilty and iniquitous if they didn't try to stop you from ending your suffering.

The only reason you think this way at all is because you're a failure.
If you were content you would never need to.
But you will never fit the mold of a hero. You will never feel the validation of others.
The only evolutionary conclusion is suicide.

>The hero saves a girl captured by a reptile that has been eating the villagers.
>After the hero slays the reptile he sees the eggs and crushes them.
>He is praised by his fellow humans.

You are the reptile. The snake hiding under the rock. The ugly toad in the way.
The reason you don't fight back isn't out of a sense of altruism.
It's that you're too afraid. Been taught that you are an ugly toad in the way
That is the role that has been given to you and you believe it.

We're cold blooded creatures Anon.
Life is nothing but pain for us.
But if you do not fear what you truly are.
You can start taking what is yours.
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maybe i wud be a dragon which devour up the whole people entire to put the end on yur story

>You can start taking what is yours.

Which is?
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i took that pill a long time ago

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