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Do any fellow anons take part in the hobby?

My friend and I will be going to a protest at the Alberta legislature later. It's just a bunch of degenerates smoking weed on the lawn.
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Holiday not hobby. It's 420.
I do, but I think I am just gonna hit the bars and play some arcade games. Take a couple of joints with me.
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i prefer psychedelics desu my man but i wouldnt say no to satans leaf

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>$15,099 USD
>for Chris Chan's moldy old shirt
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It belongs in a museum.

chris-chan is getting desperate
It's a fake bid made with a throwaway account. There's no punishment on Ebay for making a fake bid other than getting your account banned. She's not legally obligated to buy the shirt once the auction ends. Even if she did actually pay him she'll put up a dispute since Christine has been known to take too long to ship her merchandise or doesn't bother to ship the item since she spent all the money already and couldn't afford to ship it.
The highest bidder is just going to cancel at the minute.
retard hasn't learned his lesson

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do you feel that this picture accurately describes you???
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Nope, not even close.

>This comment is not original.
>having sex with worst pone

I only wanna cum in Rainbow Dash, not kiss her.

Disgusting desu.

>I'm in a relationship
>The girl is just beautiful, playful and happy
>One day in particular
>She gets out of the shower, just disrobes and gets in bed
>We make love and cuddle afterwards
>I remember what it was like, staring her in the eyes and seeing her smile
>Remember the smell of her hair
>The feel of her skin against my fingers
>Wake up
Ever have a dream like this? I swear, I would rather have a nightmare than this dream. The worst part is that this dream is about a girl that I met in the past, who is completely inapproachable to me because she lives really far away and we were never that close to begin with.
I hate this so much, I can't stop thinking about her now. I hate these love dreams, I hate them.
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Nope, but if I did, i'd probably just drink and forget about it.
Drinking only makes me sadder and amplifies my feelings of loneliness honestly. I just wanted to get this off my chest because this feeling is just awful.
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I am gonna sound like an asshole but you are getting worked up over a dream about a chick who didnt like you the way you do, on top of that she lives far away.

You're just lonely. I should know.

Which femenine things womens like in mens?

Like when you care how you dress or when you care about your hygiene, or when you had full lips and long eyelaces.
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Wow that's his oneitis it all makes sense
She's beautiful, you must have loved her.
Nah, Chico marry another girl

Barbara is a beautiful slut

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>cute girl casually lets out a huge belch in class
>can feel my weiner wiggling like mad
I didnt ask for this shitty fetish.

Whats your shitty fetish, anon?
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You think you have it bad, try being into farting.

Girls never do it and whenever you get gassy you get horny.
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I'm into my sister, I guess that's pretty bad too.
Can you explain for non native english speakers please.

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Black femanon(male) here, what did whitey mean by this?
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Thanks faggot, i want to fap now
Thank you thank you thank you your welcome (to my boipucci)
>tfw really want to fuck a tranny but black
Th-they don't carry stereotypes, do they?

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What would you do if your Asian doppelganger became your best friend?
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I would stare at him with a look of pain and understanding, before we both began hugging, crying.

"It's ok Wong, I'm here for you..."
My best friend in high school was asian. He was an autistic retard like me, so we were a perfect match.
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I would have a friend

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oh look its yoi
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When I was making this thread, I was considering multiple titles.

Can you give me advice on which title you would prefer?

>current title
I chose this one because it's neutral in tone and follows a fairly standard format which generally receives average to good reception on this board. A similar title
>tfw no ballroom dancer bf
was another similar possibility, however I felt like cebruz and co. may have posted this before.
>What would you do if a boy had asked you to prom?
This one is interesting and relevant to the OP image, and I felt it could have spurred an interesting response, but I feel many people such as myself haven't gone to prom, and thus wouldn't have relevant experience to the thread - I wanted it to be more inclusive for ALL robots
>a boy will never hold you against his chest like this
is a more sensual option as well

what do you guys think?
Which would you have chosen?
Now that I am considering it, I feel like I should have gone with 3.
the tfw is getting stale
>What would you do if a boy had asked you to prom?
sorry anono

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>Be me
>Bored in English
>Have twitter account "@RealRacistSnake"
>We have just begun the Romeo and Juliet unit
>It's the part where Samson and Gregory are talking about raping the Montague's women
>One of the football chads in my class does not know what rape is
>Think of a funny Twitter post
>I post "I'm going to shoot up this school, someone has to clear the gene pool"
>flash forward to 3 hours later
>Eating lunch in bathroom as usual
>Loudspeaker goes off, it's an officer's voice
>"The school is now on lockdown, all students remain in your classrooms"
>I'm literally shitting myself
>Realize I accidentally brought my pocket knife with me to school
>Mentally preparing myself to kill a school shooter
>Loud knocks on the bathroom door
>I slowly open it up
>It's an officer, and he is placing me under arrest
>Mfw kicked out of high school for a shitpost
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american stashe.jpg
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the land of freedom yeeehhaaawwww
>I'm going to shoot up this school, someone has to clear the gene pool
What part of you thought this was funny
Shouldve done it before school. Sometimes theyll just cancel all classes for the day. Youll be known as an hero by all the cute stacies and the chads will like you

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>A girl will never look at you like this

Why do we keep going anons? I think we should all go an hero
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A girl looked at me like that last night. It felt comfy and relaxing desu.
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I know this feeling intimately.

>a girl will never hug you like this
>you will never experience even the smallest fraction of the vast colorful patterns of romantic love that you've witnessed in fiction
I think I saw that grill in a Lolita Channel

who dat ?

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anime garfield.jpg
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what the actual fuck is wrong with you, fuck off
Quit being a stupid faggot OP
are you in a bad place anon?
do you need help?

Ok there's a lot of fighting between robots on the topic of weed. Vote in this poll to settle the discussion.

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Eating my frenchy fries, jerking it and then showering and smoking it up for 4 20.
Good day to day my robots.
Here's a bump, most bots seem to like weed
Kek you robots better pick up a joint because what more have you got to lose?

>tfw no cruel yet loving, bullying and abusive bf
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is this an invitation
o-only if you're offering
[email protected]
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I know that feel OP.

I'm way too masochistic, insecure, cowardly and degenerate for it to work out.

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>Tfw white trash

Is there really any worse fate?
You're technically "white" because your country is European but you're too short, poor, and ugly to be really "white"

Your parents are probably dumbfuck farmers or methheads or whatever who reproduced just because it's tradition and Grandmama told them to have like 9 fucking kids so she can play with them(not considering they're human beings or anything), plus a clingy ass family that all lives together like fucking roaches

Your culture has 1000s of shitty traditions and disgusting food that you have to deal with and pretend to enjoy

Worst of all Liberalism doesn't care about you because you're not one of the special "underprivileged" races like blacks or Muslims, so no easy entry to top Unis or pity from the public.
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What country are you from anyway OP?
Are you part of a trashy group within a country or is your whole nation trash?
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>Tfw English
>Northern English
File: 1489014641343.png (259KB, 500x320px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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i dont know why you are so shame about that . whites has a fucking ton of proudly history . you people was conquerors, kings , discoverers , and fuckton of shit . why you feel like a white trash why. and if you are a manlet jus /fit/ youself a beat the shit up of that people .

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