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>meet guy with acne scars as bad or even worse than mine
>has a 9/10 gf
>get hope
What has made you guys hopeful lately /r9k/?
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I matched with someone on tinder
She thicc my nigga?
No such thing my dear lad

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/r9k/, I'm planning on buying a deck of Yugioh cards, but I don't want my family to find out that they're Yugioh cards when I get like 20 different small packages at the door. What do?
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Tell them you're buying enemas
Find one site that has all the cards, it'll be a little more expensive, but not much
Come out to your family as gay

I'm buying from tcgplayer, but the cards will all come at different times and from different store/sellers

/r9k/ approved albums thread
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Is this album /r9k/ approved?
the white album
this one sums it up i think

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>don't feel the feel when no gf
>don't become an orbiter
>don't love your waifu
>don't become a porn addict
>don't start hating woman
>don't beg for an online practice gf


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Why would I want to find a personal succubus?
Why would I want to throw money at a female just because she could make me ejaculate?
Why not just save yourself loads of money and watch porn?
If you're 50 and you don't have a family, you are one lonely person, one seriously lonely person... it's no joke
You are a puppet. You are literally just parroting what this guy is saying. It's exactly what he's telling you not to do.

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>convert to Islam
>go to mosque
>the women love you because you're white and not a misogynist like most Arab men are
>get a GF super easily
Why haven't you converted to Islam yet?
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Justin "The Chin" Trudeau
This. I'm surprised most robots don't do this, honestly. And you can do ANYTHING and libshits will still defend you.
That actually sounds like a great idea

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What is your main source of drinking water? Tap? Bottles? Streams? What is the cleanest safest source of drinking water?
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I usually have bottled, if not, tapped will suffice, but I'm never 100% certain about it.
I only drink soda.
How is your tap water? Is it city? Do you have a well? Does it taste good?

Has anyone gotten a bf before?

How would you rate the experience? Is it worth it? Would you recommend it?
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had an ebf for a while

it was ok that I got pictures of a nice butt every once in a while. never felt anything for him romantically and he would take forever to respond so I removed him
>had an ebf for a while
>it was ok that I got pictures of a nice butt every once in a while. never felt anything for him romantically and he would take forever to respond so I removed him

damn that's pretty harsh
weren't really too close were you
post his contact
>damn that's pretty harsh
waiting literally months for a response is more harsh imo
>weren't really too close were you
not for lack of trying.
>post his contact

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hey robots

post picture describing your first sexual encounter with a girl
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>post picture describing your first sexual encounter with a girl
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A fucking stereotype next fucking question?
Im getting tired of this anon...Post something or leave.
You always leave, dont you?

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Are you muscular, robot?
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Only where it counts bby
>Are you muscular, robot?
The average high school girl could beat me up
>Are you muscular, robot?
Yes, why?

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OK lads i need some help, what are some very common household objects i can use as a fleshlight? I know about all the DIY projects but they're all too obvious and complicated to make.
I just need something i can stick my dick in without dying.
It's gotten to the point i'll just be sitting around staring at my room wondering what i can use, this is my last ditch effort.
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latex glove + rolled up towel + something slippery
just buy a fleshlight / vagina sex toy of your choice. no household object is gonna come close
If someone were to find that in my room or see that in my hands it'd be very obvious

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Anon why arent you a national trotskyist yet?

Its literally the robot's ideology

>autism approved
>leftist so it still allows autismbux
>you get free gf
>hates niggers and jews
>shits on liberals
>shits on libertarians
>shits on marxists-leninists
>shits on ''fascists''
>ideology made by pure white community
>is at war with nazbol gang
>feasible unlike commies
>impenetrable arguments
>hates normans
>created fidgets spinners as propaganda



Discord ZwJ2AK
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naztrot gang is an anti (((anglo))) nigger organization that is anti lenin and jews pro stalin and hitler that will save the white race
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Why aren't you a pirate, anon?
It's literally robotproof.
>spend long times at sea
>no need to socialize with others
>just take what you want
>you can rape and take what you want
>explore world
>get to wear cool outfits
>can fish while sailing the seven seas

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Maro if you are reading this please come back i miss you. Lets finish watching. Eva
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Shitty glasses

Also looks like a fucking gook
>watching eva with a female

you're a fucking retard and you deserve to be manipulated by this dumb roastie
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Hey Op i got the best maro collection.

Anyone else who likes eating butter? I do, i like to eat it as snacks or when hungry, i just take a spoon and begin eating the golden goodness. I eat a few boxes of it every week, it's so damn nice and tasty, it really helps when i have meltdowns, i eat butter from my fingers to help me calm down, obviously i wash the box after i'm done, i have a favorite one that i empty new butter into, it really adds flavor.

Oh yeah, pic related is my favorite butter, can you others please post yours?
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No thanks I don't like dairy products
But dairy products are nice, especially butter, butter is the best dairy product. Do you not love the xanthous colors? The silk smooth texture?
>tfw op will die of a heart attack
r.i.p op


What's it like to groom your ideal partner from birth and fuck them when they're old enough?
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Gross miss use of trust.
But I assume you are a women.
>bitch looks 30
What? Did she have him at 14?
taking bets on if this boy will turn out gay or some kind of weirdo

my money is on weirdo

also what the fuck kind of cat is that at the end?

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What is the usual work day for a pizza delivery driver like?

What are the hardest parts of being a pizza delivery driver?
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Probably takes place during pizza hours so like afternoon evening.
Big companies like this usually drill procedures into your head so getting ripped off isn't a big deal and if you followed procedure you can't be held responsible.

I wouldn't know really but I'd assume it's easy but not really enough work so you'd have to take store shifts or do cleaning to make up hours.

If someone with experience could post that'd be nice. I'm a meme security guard so my job is basically paid anime watching.
I delivered a pizza in high school.

The money is shit and it isn't worth the wear on your car.
I used to deliver pizza. The worst part is the customers being assholes, and the hours. My place was open half the night and I usually had to work Fridays and Saturdays. But mostly the customers were the worst.

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