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Is he the patron saint of robots?
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>Is he the patron saint of robots?


Wasn't he an anarchist?
I thought robots want neetbux from the state.
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Stirner? He's the robot of robots. Never again will we see a man for such contempt for everything. Anyone who made Karl Marx fly into autistic fits of rage gets a gold star from me.

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Mummy May will look after her boys...right?
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Will she look after you though?

Brexit means Brexit
>almost unanimously agree to keep politics out of /britfeel/ unless something politically big happens
>something politically big happens the next day


>sit behind girl in bus
>secretly glance at her phone
>see her reblog a bunch of Huffington Post screenshots
>next she starts to reblog a whole bunch of porn
>reblogs some dog pictures
>she gets off the bus
>despite her dyed hair and piercings she is actually cute

Are Tumblr women just female robots and /pol/acks?
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>female robots
no such thing
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>spends an entire bus ride socializing online
>female robot
>plop plop plop

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what are your favorite steam games
need something new to play
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i got hooked up on Dirty Bomb for like amost 2 years now

its an shooter game
dont starve. it's an indie. hated it first cuz im a noob. now i laugh at newbs that play it on youtube
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i love my ex

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Normies don't have feelings or opinions of their own, and this makes them perfect pawns for wars, jobs and reproduction.

Natural selection hasn't worked for ages. Women can freely pick their mates by whichever standards they want. And since women are simple creatures of low IQ, they usually choose their mates accordingly. A man who is more interested in mathematics than reproduction is deemed strange and frightening, so we need normies to keep our numbers up and our collective IQ down.

The truth is, modern societies won't work if our collective IQ is too high. High IQ means people start following their own paths in life, rather than dedicating themselves for the common goal of sustaining a never-ending cycle of making money and then spending it.

The real reason why millions of immigrants are now let in our countries is to get more sheeple and bring the collective IQ down. The modern white man has become too intelligent to control.
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>tfw might be a sub-160 caveman

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>uhm smurt becuz im bad at soshulizing
>fukin normeez

boring thread

Socializing with normies is a pretty worthless achievement, in my opinion.

Would you rather revolutionize modern science or get along with beer-drinking rednecks?
Which one would you be more proud of?

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>Get in the car bro, we're gonna pick up some chicks

How do you respond
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Sure bro let's go slay some puss.
if there were any brads in the car i'd run away
I really don't give a fuck about women, fuck off
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>F-f-fuck you Chad!! I'm not gonna be a lame pawn in getting you even more laid, by trotting me around as some uggo charity case so stacey will think your really caring and selfless guy.


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help me varg.png
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roll 30202
fuck off, you're not my mother.
Iwjajajajas2we roll

Robots, would you rather have an 8/10 GF or a 5/10 aspie GF?
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what is the downside of 8/10 one?
The 5/10 aspie because I couldn't handle an 8/10
you sure as hell cant handle a real womayn i believe

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>hav argumen in thred
>clos thred
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And I thouht that /b/ was bad
>losing an arguement
Really? Pathetic.
how do u close a thread?

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>tfw a local stacey literally just referred to farms as "those viking things"
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well vikings farmed too man, she's not wrong
Why would farms be an exclusively viking thing?

Fucking vikings.
normies are so retarded when it comes to history and cultures, especially women. What are some of the dumbes statements you lads have heard e.g. like in the OP

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What's the nicest thing you've done for someone in your entire life?
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Giving this awful thread a (You)
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Offered to marry and unconditionally love and support a female despite her being an abusive manipulative fuckup with no friends or redeeming qualities

Her loss
For srs, anon. People here have to have some redeeming qualities.

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Why is japan so based?
Is it because they do not get shit like feminism effecting them?
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It's because they have a "muh honor" culture combined with only one race inhabiting their country. The most based countries only have one race, and I don't just mean white or Asian I mean specifically polish, Japanese, Russian, etc.

This is why America will never be based, we're divided in every sense of the word which causes us to be very liberal and thus not based.
only country i know of who bitch about feminism bullcrap is the US

citation needed

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Can we all agree that /pol/ is the cancer killing /b/?
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/b/ can't be killed by cancer because it is cancer
/b/ has been dead since the news reports
/b/ has been cancer since day 2. It's home-base for all newfags, normie tourists, underageb&s, and redditors.

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Fembots, how do you even compete with this?
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haha this fatass' penis is only 1 inch!
Lady penis
Actually femenine penis?

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when did you realize women can only get attention by removing clothing and not by being creative?

who was the last really creative woman? J.K Rowling? Martha Stewart? they're like 50 years old. can anyone name any other women who are known for their creativeness and imagination?

hardmode: can't be singers, actresses or sketch artists
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The woman that wrote 50 shades of grey, the one that wrote the hunger games, another that wrote divergent. The lead designer for uncharted
the very problem is that women creating innovation in their field receive no attention because the only thing women can get attention from is being attractive on camera, like you said
so you're unaware of their existence
and there's a fuckton of female visual artists, don't know how you've missed that
50 shades of gray is creative? okay then, never read it.

hunger games feels like a rip off of Battle Royal to me.

no one knows who the lead designer for Uncharted is or what she looks like.

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