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You fucking normies told me my life would be better after getting a job
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Probably because we thought it would, mate.

What type of job did you get? Getting a horrible fulltime wagecuck job is usually not what we have in mind.
a job you actually want*

also if you're making more money than before and applying more energy into productive activities, that is objectively better. just because you still whine like a bitch, doesn't mean your life is the same.

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Even if you do get a girlfriend, don't you realize she's only with you because chad tossed her away because he was bored?

How could you live with yourself knowing your GF wouldn't have dated you if chad didn't leave her. Let that sink in and then tell me you really want to date used goods
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you either get over that fact or get none and die suffering. for me, it's the second option.
Well why don't I toss her away too lmao
A lot of women don't give a fuck about Chad. Non-Stacies just see Chad as a tryhard.

What the fuck do normal people do on their day off?
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Social media, netflix, casual vidya, most commonly they go out
post on anime imageboards
I come here and fuck with you guys

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>2 years away from Blade Runner
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>being at all interested in yet another old rehash from the creatively bankrupt
>not knowing the original Blade Runner well enough to make such a dumb comment
You're a fucking idiot you need to fucking off yourself

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Anyone else felt terrified by some cartoons episodes when you were a kid?

Why do I feel that every kids cartoon has an alternative scary world? From the Powerpuff Girls, Courage The Cowardly Dog to Ed, Edd & Eddy.

ITT: Let's talk about terrifying subliminal hidden message in shows for kids.
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Courage the Cowardly Dog literally fucked me up, every other episode there was something terrifying happening (for a kid)

But I kept watching it because I legitimately was so worried for Courage and was cheering for him while hiding under 5 blankets.
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we are in that world RIGHT NOW
Dunno how some shit made it onto the air. Hell, half of courage the cowardly dog was pretty fucked up by children show standards. But for some reason it was Ed, Edd and Eddy that scared me the most. The episode where Edd's stairs are taken away from him, the episode where the culdisac is replaced with wooden props. Idk, something weird about that show as a kid.

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Enjoy your 45.12 minute lunch break, wagecuck.
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sometimes i dont even get one! Too much shit to do
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Tfw all day everyday is lunch break.
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>being a homo poor neet

im actually loling hard right now at your life

I fucking hate this account with all my guts
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Summer fag be gone.
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Stop making threads about yourself you fucking attention whore faggot
I don't even know what app that is.

I want newfags to leave this is the worst group ever

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My kink is seeing SU on model.
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not related to this thread but connie-posting in general, what's up with the Philippines?
Heh, Its a nice place. I don't know why so many natives are leaving. Do you know why?
I meant the LARPing. I want to know about the Philippines LARP because I missed the thread

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How do you dodge beeing asked about employment when talking to a girl? Should you just joke about it? Every time a girl asks me about it, it's awkward and kills the little confidence that i had.
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say you do bitcoin trading or someshit like that, when asked to explain, respond that it is to complicated and not very interesting, or just get a job
Say you walk cats or some shit.
"I work from home"
"what do you do?"
"oh just some computer programming shit, it's boring I'd rather not talk about it"
jesus christ it's not that hard

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Is it wrong to fuck a girl in a wheelchair without her permission if she's paralyzed at the waist and cant feel it?
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yes, that is actual legit rape and absolutely wrong.
yes, but once you get to court, make sure to tell it was an important experiment you did. Its for science.
What was the experiment? To see if it really was rape because she couldn't feel it?

Why is the Eminem look popular with women these days?
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its fucking horrendous
best guess is makes them look somewhat younger
what? no it does NOT

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Why are fucking god damned old people so fucking annoying and STUPID!?
>Live with grandparents
>Grandmother is a fat literal retard Type 2 diabetic that sits on her ass all day watching Fox
>Walks around bitching at every little thing, prowls through all my shit bitching, picks up my bottle of Melatonin and inspects it when its none of her business
>Fucking tries to tell me how to eat when I'm 160 Pounds and managing Type 1 Diabetes far better than she has ever managed her Type 2. She eats non stop shit all day and freaks out when I eat something and inject for it.
>Has the most punch-able fucking face I've ever seen. Has a hooked Jew nose to top it off. Wanna bash it in.
>Every little noise I make at night she fucking wakes up and comes out instead of just staying in fucking bed and waiting for me to be done.
>Says the stupid shit every time she opens her mouth.
>Live in the living room so I have to see her constantly.
And then my grandfather.
>A dumbass grease monkey who belches every five seconds, and is a giant smart ass who thinks he is the smartest motherfucker ever.
>Hardheaded as fuck, going blind in his left eye and has 70% vision in his right eye but still for some reason fucking drives. Too stupid to listen to us when we tell him not to.
>Tries his damndest to smart off to you and make you feel dumb.
>Want to fucking slap him half the time.

I can't wait to move out of this fucking shithole. I'm 19 and soon I'll be getting out. Thank God.
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desu op that sounds miserable. i would rather be homeless.
God good are you a whiny little baby. Have some respect for you grandparents and quit being such a bitchy edgelord faggot
Why do you live with then and not your parents?

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brad majors.jpg
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This is it /r9k/! I'm gonna get laid soon! Laid off of my job that is.. Any advice?

>inb4 REEEEEEE!!!!!!!!11 NORMIE GET OUT!!!11
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>Inb4 firm handshake beaten to death meme
Got anything else lined up?
unemployment is easy, just go to the website and say you sent 3 resumes and get your check the next day.

they usually can help you find work or training if you have a decent background. if i didn't have any skills and was fired from some shit job i would just move to a poor country and study programming/data science.
if she says go down in her do it, shell want to do it again later if this isnt a one time thing

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I don't want to accept the fact that I might be growing up and losing interest in video games, so I continue to force myself to buy video games that I know that I'll never play in the hopes that it'll reignite the spark for the love of video games that I once had.
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take a break man. if you keep forcing yourself to play games you wont enjoy them again
also it might be worth trying fighting or rhythm games, getting good at a game like that is rewarding in itself
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This is why you start out emulating old games or pirating old games. Use it to take a break from modern shit
Then go back. It's free, too.

I had a lot of fun replaying Diablo 2. It still has a good community.

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Maybe they were right

I work another shift while the NEETs are tucked in real tight

Do I stay and work my life away

I have no choice, I am a slave .... *sobs*
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Will those greenboys save me from this heIl...?
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We hear your voice

You will find

Iife to be so good to you and me

Come join the NEETs

Come join the NEETs
Question, for how long have you been a wage slave, Opee?

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