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How do you turn a friend into a gf?
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Go to >>>/adv/ and find your answer there
Asking her on a date works despite what the memers say.
dead board
Also i think a lot of people here can relate better

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Who should I reproduce with if I am a mixedbot?

I am a quarter Cuban, but look white, have always lived in a white household, and don't know anything about Hispanic culture. Would I be tainting the white race if I got a white gf, or just breeding out that defect?
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With a nigger
You stupid mongrel. Kill yourself, you are a pathetic excuse of a human being.

Literally a cuck for asking other men who you can and cant fuck.

Seriously kill yourself.
What is a 'quarter cuban'? I'm full Cuban of spanish ancestry. I'm white but then again there are things like afro-cubans and even chinese cubans.

Anyway, you sound like a cuck.

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any robots here play runescape?

i dunno why it took me so long to relive this nostalgia.. abouta do dragon slayer mayne
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how do i play this? it seems to be very comfy
do i have to download something? it's free?
I only play RS3 (aka real runescape).
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its free, but only f2p, members is much more wurf. have you played before anon?

i've played rs3 on and off for a few years its actually not as bad as people make it out to be! but im really digging this nostalgia from osrs i never gave it a chance until now

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Is it normal to be a straight guy but have a fetish for being turned into a flaming faggot
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No God didn't make you to be gay, that guilt and horrible feeling you feel is God trying to steer you away, don't ignore it too much.
But the idea of being a fag is really hot
Then say "nice try satan"

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well lads, i'm in need of some assistance from someone with knowledge in this area. today is my 3rd day off of work from being sick with some sort of flu, mostly gone. i was told that i need a release note from a doctor or i can't return to work. how bullshit is this? i refuse to be cucked into paying a doctor to write a note and waste my time to appease my retarded employer (americlap here). how do i get around this? will they fire me? how will unemployment work in that scenario? i appreciate it lads
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alright, i'm going to bump with some shamless pornography of good taste so hopefully someone will step in with some advice
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i realize r9k probably wasn't the best board for this but i've committed at this point
if you're sick enough to not come in, you are sick enough to drive to a doctor and pay them a day's wage to get a note saying you are in fact sick :^)
remember not to come in if you are sick because we don't want to make each other or our customers sick :^)
All these taxes we have to pay are absurd, better burden the health care system by having a physician check to see if Al is REALLY sick

they think you are lying and this is how they get back at you for inconveniencing them, sorry my man but I'd get the note if you like or need the job. I know people who have quit over it because they get insulted by such policies, but unless it is a shitty job or you have valuable skills I'd just shrug it off and take the hit

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Any other robots suffering in university?

>surrounded by large amounts of Normies, Chads, and Stacies who constantly party xD and get drunk xD
>forced to take annoying bullshit fucking courses like Humanities and Public Speaking
>forced to live in small shitty dorm with a stranger for the first year

I honestly wasn't expecting much in the first place but I fucking hate it already and I'm only taking summer classes.

The only thing I like about university is the gym is huge and has literally everything.
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If i didnt have a very good friend here i would not be able to do college. The whole normie situation is just too much for me. You really get to see how shallow the average person is while at uni. Not trying to get political but my favorite quote from walking around campus was "Michael Jordan said they dont talk in locker rooms like that." After the trump tape came out. I have had to deal with an insanely normie room mate and a muscle head chad during sophmore year(single rooms are insta locked during housing selections due to sports ball tards getting their choices first) the chad was the biggest douchebag i ever met. He would yell constantly,watch workout videos 24/7, talk about what he did during the weekend to himself. I pity the robot who does this with no one to relate too. Im sorry if having even 1 friend makes me a normie but im never getting laid so i consider myself a robot.
Also i should add in. You are in control of your future. If you want to do something with less normies try community college or trade school.
What is their IQ?

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Why is virgin an isnsult? Being a whore used to be an insult. What is wrong with this world man.
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It means ( usually correctly ) that as a male you are undesirable to women.
it's only an insult if you allow it to get to you desu mesu
it's your fault if it does
Insults only work if it hurts the person it's being used against. So "virgin" is an insult used against robots because its assumed that they would be particularly sensitive about that topic (ie. they're virgins and don't like it/don't want to be).

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>why am I a virgin?
>women only fuck Chad
>based on bullshit unscientific okcupid survey that I misinterpreted
>sit in basement all day, make no effort to get ahead in life
>blame women for troubles
>women won't give niceguys like me a chance
>I say women should be put to death, enjoy being raped
>why am I a virgin?
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t. normie

This isn't just an empty insult. You are a normie and will never understand our plight. There's no point in explaining, because you've obviously installed stupid assumptions in your head that will never go away.
Enlighten me Senpai, what stupid assumptions am I holding?
There's a process to it, we weren't born like this. We used to be "nice guys", because we were raised to be nice to people, what we got in return, was being treated like shit, walked over, and ignored by women. At some point, we thought fuck it, why not be an antisocial asshole, I'm not going to get laid by being nice, so why bother, I'm not going to have friends by being nice so why bother, I'm never going to be like the normie, so why bother? Why bother is the central question, that in combination with being an outcast made us apathetic towards the world and directed us to be antisocial.

>tfw I'm too shy to talk to a girl I've known for 13 years

Why am I like this?
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Aw that's such a cute kitty
Thanks OP
Would subscribe
Because you are a moron, OP.
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>tfw cant even use snapchat with a girl without breaking out into sweat and having anxiety for the next few days
>tfw even contacting close friends is incredibly stressful

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Who here sick and tired of /pol/ posters? They literally have an entire board for their pointless shit and also /b/. I say from now on we raid /pol/ threads. /r9k/ is for robots.
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Shut up shill!! Have you ever actually been on there? It's quite interesting if you hang around enough.
I'll admit I have found one or two interesting conversation threads after 12 pages of "nigger" complaint threads
Yeah it just depends on the week or what's happening around the globe. So far the whole week has been nothing but cnn raids and shit.

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Just to make it clear, I don't hate anime. I just hate faggy, roleplaying, submissive, obnoxious anime posters.
They're all closet trannies.

I want to hit them so hard.
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Please spank me, daddy.
You guys are gutter trash.
You prove me right every time you post.
Same man, same. I don't hate anime, I just hate the roleplaying piece of shit gay ass faggots on this site

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>Ey yo, white boi! You want some soup?

How do you respond?
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I'd eat it, nothing wrong with monkey soup.
what the fuck even is that shit
Yes there is, eating monkeys is what introduces the really nasty diseases like Ebola.

I'll eat just about anything but monkeys should not be eaten by anyone. Their biological similarity makes them dangerous to all of us.

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>stole some money from someone's debit card, definitely enough to be noticed
>haven't left home in 2 days now because I fear they will come for me soon

FUCK. Should I be this paranoid??
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How much did you take anon?
>How much can you take anon?

More details?

And depending on the amount I wouldn't worry. I didn't notice for 6 months someone had stolen 100 dollars from my bank account debit card. When I got statement I just happened to be looking over the purchases and noticed irregularities. They never even followed it up with police when I reported it. They just refunded me.
>They never even followed it up with police when I reported it. They just refunded me
This. Unless you're stealing HUGE amounts of money, in the 5 digit and above range, it's not worth the banks time to try and find and prosecute you. It's easier just to give the victim their money back, shits all insured anyways

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I think my boyfriend has sonic-level autism.
Ask me anything you want about dating an autismo.
Maybe gain insight on if having a gf is right for you.
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Assuming I have autism, please describe "sonic-level" autism.
Yeah elaborate OP you mean like Chris-Chan?
God I have a pseudo gf right now and its the worst
Shes my ex and I know shes just stringing me along for the sex and socializing but I'm too far from my friends (phsyically, they live far away) to not also need her

Never get a pseudo gf, its basically emotional cuckoldry

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Better start writing your CV now robots

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great now we can give more "incentives" to the rich
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Get fucked neets

get fucked faggots

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