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I need about 100$ till tomorrow and i have no rl friends to loan from so can you help me out?
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Get a job neet leech.
>>37805523 i am actually waiting to be able to go to college after this summer and i'll get a part time job as well but until then my time does not allow me to have one atm cause i need to study.

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Bored and dying from the heat... How are you guys holding up?
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Sexually confused male here. Vagina disgust me, I cant look at one without wanting to throw up but I'm not really attracted to men. I usually masturbate to transsexual porn because of this. I'm just generally attracted to femininity but I admit that very feminine men are somewhat of a turn on. Every crush Ive ever had growing up has been on a female yet I haven't lost my virginity due to the whole vagina thing. Anybody else felt this?
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yeah vaginas are ugly. But so are penises.
However it seems the type of person you are looking for as a life partner is a trap.
so how would you meet one? grindr? seems kinda pointless to come out bi If I'm not attracted to normal men but I guess its necessary
I don't know I'm a robot. I don't know about hooking up

>Fantasize about becoming successful member of society, because your intelligence, while being bullied in the school
>Grow up an alcoholic misogynist with extremely aggressive outbursts because of your childhood

Really made me think.
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Jews natural selecting of weak citiziens

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>used to have decent cardio
>now get winded after running for a few minutes
I'm not even obese, just little bit overweight
skinnyfat at best
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black sheep thread

How are you doing today?
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Well, anons, I've just told my mother that I'm depressed hoping that it would help things somehow. Instead, I got "well you make me depressed!".

Crazy how weird things feel when you finally come to the realization that things aren't going to get better, especially with the people around you, and that you're going to have to end it.

I feel really weird right now. Is this normal?
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Have a Gaddafi on me, anon. At least we can find solace that we will meet him in heaven.


l can't get enough
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I hear the comedown is shit, and the high is dysphoric. Apparently there are ways to extract it from the lavender/menthol cotton swabs.
If you shake it in a bottle of coke for 5 minutes instead of eating it, it's damn euphoric.

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>tfw just found out that dillion harper smokes
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Same, it's great isn't it? Here she is smoking a fat one.

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Is intelligence static? I'm tired of being a dumbass.
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Time for a story brahs
> Be me
> close friend and I plan to celebrate his b-day at his summerhouse
> He brings his gf and her sister
> So 4 of us at the summerhouse
> Friends gf has mental health problems and dep, had a migraine at the time aswell.
> She pretty much rq on everything and went in to a hysteria, started begging to go home
> In short, my friend decided to drive his gf home and leave me with her sister for 5 or 6 hours alone
> Sister is a roastie, but yesterday, there and then, I was still a fucking horny 19yo virgin.
> I met her only once and it seemed that she was into me, but it was still a little awkward
> Since our arrival we smoked alot of tree and drank some beers so I got pretty wrecked
> Internet was knocked out so i couldnt avoid her and desu I wanted to fuck her pretty bad
> We're sitting on blankets in the garden and grilling food
> Talking was gradually replaced with silence and we started to cuddle
> Eventually we got fed up with bugs/mosquitoes and decided to go inside
> Go to seccond floor to find my tabaco bag
> I'm standing in the middle of the room drunk and stoned feeling depressed about my life
> She walks in, leans her head on my chest and starts to hug me
> I wanted to burst into tears
> Eye contact happens and heads start to move closer
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> We're kissing
> After a few secconds my smoked out brain reacts and I realize that I'm making out with her
> Heart is beating fast, trying to not forget about breathing
> I'm on the floor with her
> I'm undressing her and myself
> Oh my fucking god it's actually happening
> Got to eat her out
> In the end I didn't cum in her bc I was too tired to get a full hard on, but nevertheless I smashed that pussy for a good 20 min
> After it was over we went to laydown on a flattend roof-like area part of the house
> We're both butt naked laying with our legs wrapped around each other under a bunch of sheets smoking cigarrettes and dringing cold ones under the night sky
> We talked about each other, about my friend and his gf and enjoyed the evening
> Almost fell asleep with her on the roof until my friend showed up at like 1am
> Next day was peaceful
> just chilling around the house smoking joints and playing board games
> As the evening aproached we we're getting ready to leave, but my friend wanted to pick up something at his grandmas house 30 min away
so we were left alone for about an hour
> Layed on the living room coach with her, cuddling, kissing and caressing each other
> Even driving back home we kissed and sat with arms wrapped in the back of the car
> She's 20yo 5'2 and she looks like a fucking loli
> I still think she's pretty cool doe
> Asked her if she want's to hang out in the future and she said sure.
I'm a normie or atleast a failed one by r9k's standards and idc... I hate this board, it's fucking cancer. Living in a society with this much value placed on sex alredy sucks ass,
but r9k just brings a whole new layer of darkness and depression.I'm sharing this story bc I just want to give some friendly advice.
I don't care if you're ugly or antisocial or a sperg. If you haven't lost your vcard and somehow find yourself with an opportunity or if it finds you, don't fucking throw it away
I could of easily decided to not go to my friends birthday and be a lazy shit that day or form some fucked up ideals that no sane person would have in order to excuse myself from going out of my comfort zone
I hate the fact that browsing r9k made me hate myself even more because of stupid fucking sex and vcards. I'm never coming back here so take care and bye.
>could of easily decided

opinion discarded sorry

What's the point of even surviving a zombie apocalypse? At that point, it's OK to just kill yourself. No one would blame you.

>everyone you've ever known or loved is now either dead or a zombie
>life is 10000000x more miserable
>you can't go outside without a 50/50 chance of death
>you are no longer an apex predator
doesn't that kind of defeat the purpose of being a human being?
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you get to kill the reanimated bodies of all the normies that were mean to you
all that stands, if you're a fucking pussy.
I would like nothing better than to have a chance to prove my worth and be tested by having to survive in such an environment. Every day life is so mindnumbing and boring nowadays and everything is so fucking easy.
Sure I enjoy parts of it, but I wouldn't complain about an apocalypse but my gf has to survive, otherwise ill fucking kms
It's not the same. They're not the same people who hurt you. They're just animalistic shells of what they used to be, only capable of feeling immediate emotions like hunger and pain, and only capable of expressing themselves via a series of unintelligible grunts and moans.
Killing them just isn't the same.

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What techniques did a robot use when bullied in school or life?
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i did the put my head down to feign tiredness but was actually teary eyed technique
>two months before hs graduation
>so far I've gone through school without any bullies
>the two chads that sit on the other end of my "pod" (a group of desks pushed together) decide to start fucking with me
>one of them pulls out a bottle and starts spilling water all over my notes
>try joking along with them, try asking nicely for them to stop, pretty much everything
>realize that I'm going to have to actually stand up for myself
>I've never truly done anything like this before, so I'm kind of nervous (I'm average height and overweight, and the two chads had chad-bodies)
>Come in one day and wait
>Give him a warning
>He laughs and does it anyway
>Literally just stand up and walk over to him in a sort-of intimidating way and get in his face a little bit
>He immedietely backs down
>He never once bothers me for the rest of the year
>fellow betas congratulate me after class since apparently that one Chad had a history of being a jackass to them
>use the masculine aura I got to try and be more confident and dominant during the last months of school
>tfw no one messes with me
>tfw girls start looking down when I make eye contact with them
>tfw stuck-up Staceys start respecting me and treating me like their Chads
>tfw mutually flirt with a couple 7/10 qts

I would recommend

Was he a robot?
Or was he a robot turned normie?
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Robot turned normie
Nishi was a true robot
>File name
kek, okay you win.
japan society is different . none of them are a robot. only hikikimori are true robots.

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YEAH BITCH, you're the one who dresses your daughter like a whore
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