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Stop complaining aboyt >tfw no gf. Why don't you just settle for a girl like this?
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I kind of think my gf would enjoy watching me split open a feminine dude's asshole but she's too autistic to admit it despite having proposed it as a counter argument to me watching her fuck a girl several times- and even bringing it up as a "joke" without any prompting.

Anal sex is worse than vagina and I'm not into dudes at all but I'd do it if she wanted as some kind of bizarre power-play wherein she acts like a cuckquean but is actually enjoying my bending to her desires.
I am now a fully realized bisexual male. I don't think I'll ever do anything gay because I'll never meet a boi like pic related but still thanks for everything, /r9k/.
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What does t. stand for?
Please help, I'm an idiot
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>t. idoiot
nibody knows what it means. they just go along with it because theyre too autistic to be looked down upon by a bunch of anonymous autist
It's a code. A secret code. Once you understand it you'll know what to do next.

Good luck.

t. knower
No one actually knows, do they?

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So are you gonna do everything you can to move to Japan, or have you given up on that dream?
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>learning the language is a pain
>life won't be any better there in the long-term
>work culture sucks

I mean, why would you want to? Nice place to visit, not to live
because it's one of the most difficult languages to work, impossible to find a job, and any housing is incredibly expensive
I still have a sliver of hope that I'll be able to live out my cyberpunk dreams and get an Asian qt in Hong Kong or Singapore, but I'm getting old now. Japan was never realistic for me.

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This kid normally tops out at about 3 viewers on his youtube stream, but has the potential to be very entertaining. He has no delay and responds to every person in the chat.
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Looks like me as a teenager. I subbed.
sends like a bro bump

He's doing a second dance session in half an hour, at least give the guy a like, he's breaking a sweat for the 8 viewers...

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Looks like there's hope for the white race.
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Are you aware of what a microcontroller is? What a piezoelectric crystal is, or how a clock waveform is made from it? The white race has proven itself for the rest of eternity in my eyes.
>anon, do you feel inferior yet?
Get your forskin restoration. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=heOBu2Rzmuc https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=AHeO7w9g5UA

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trips and i post a sexy photo of hinata hyuga which i recently made by putting two frames together
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oh wait . wrong board. sorry r9k
>not posting sexy himawari uzumaki

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fembot here...
that feeling when i got scammed and now i have hundreds of detergent shit on my garage that i cant sell. all because my dumb retarded autistic brother got addicted to some stupid online video game and i cant make him to stop playing. he just yells at me and closes the door..
im so mad he doesnt even listen to me anymore. what am i supposed to do!
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Can you stop it please, the meme isnt funny anymore, the other threads are dead anyways
This whole post is a confusing mess.
Why do you have detergent?
It's a reference to a really good anime.A one you don't know you normie shallow piece of shit
btw its called Welcome to the NHK

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If you don't think Kristen Schaal is cute then NIGGA, YOU GAY.
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She has the cheeks of a fucking hamster
>Tfw you will never have a gf as based as her
Oh no, someone thinks I'm gay. Whatever shall I do?

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The last bastion of robotkind is still resisting the normalfag hordes.

>no women
>no trannies
>no unvirgins

Join now at https://discord[dott]gg/kFKHdn8 to bolster the resistance

>inb4 b-but muh discord is for normies

Normies use 4chan too, does that mean everyone on 4chan is a normie? Stop trying to find excuses to whine about. Don't be a cuck, join the resistance now robot.
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Give up, this pIace is dead.

We're aware but we wont give up as long as there are still robots left here
This discord is approved by Asuka.

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Do you have siblings?
If so, are you taller than your siblings?

>I have an older sister and a younger brother
>I'm way taller than my sister
>I'm fucking shorter than my little brother, who is 5 years younger than me
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yea I'm tallest and oldest but still the biggest loser
Height can really vary, anon. I'm the younger brother but I am 3+ inches taller than my older brother. My boss is a manlet and his wife is tall and they had two girls and one of them took after his wife and the other after him and there is a huge discrepancy in their heights-- could be 6" once they are both done growing. Genetics are a crapshoot.
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>Genetics are a crapshoot
Damn right it is. I'm not even a manlet, i'm 190cm, but when i stand next to my LITTLE brother i feel small. He's like 198. He's a lanklet though, and i have a way stronger build, but still.

Is robotics genetic? Because he's not one..

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>finally get a job
>dont know what to spend my money on
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>inb4 rent (if you fell for the rent jew, you're doing it wrong)
>save the rest

Fuck the banks.
Save fucking everything so you can own your house outright. Then invest in some solar panels for no electric bill.
camgirls, my ribbit

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Does anal masturbation really feel better than jerking off?
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For me it's fucking fantastic. Definitely not for all though.
Holy shit that's a dude? Name?
gonnna need u to post sauce op

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I'm going to die a virgin, aren't I?
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Not if u let me lick ur booty
Tell us your rejection story, OP
>rejected once
>I'm going to die a virgin
Nigger even Chad gets rejected. Try again with another girl.

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>mom asked me if i'm gay
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Well... Are you originally gay?
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>mom thinks I'm capable of finding a wife
Not him, but my mom did the same and I actually am. I just said I'd answer the question when it mattered.

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Any of you NEETs reached the point where there's nothing fun to do on the internet any more
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I reached that point about 5 years ago
Yeah the depression has lifted it's about time to get out again.
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come back laid :(

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