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Ask I crazy person anything.
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What u got? Me? Schizo or bipolar disorder.
What kind of crazy things do you do for fun?

Btw, crazy like insane or crazy like creepy?
Psychosis. Doctors don't know if it's schizophrenia or not.

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Is there a place where intelligent black people conglomerate online?

Being here for so long has dehumanized the race for me, I see a non-black person and I presume any number of complex thoughts, concerns and emotions could be going through their head. I see a black person and my presumption of their inner thoughts doesn't go much beyond that of an animal.
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Twitter is the place you are looking for

Is this bait? You just used the word conglomerate when clearly you meant congregate

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Why is family guy still on tv, who the fuck watches it, who the fuck laughs at that stupid show?? I don't get it..
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my dad likes it
> Lots of people watch Family Guy
> Companies pay FOX a lot of money to air advertisements during Family Guy
> FOX and previously-mentioned companies make a lot of money off Family Guy
> FOX orders more episodes of Family Guy
That's how I feel about the big bang theory. It's so fucking cringy and embarrassing.

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I like being fat.

Skinny people are fucking disgusting.
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yeah yeah you fatty boomba
Both are gross and valueless as human beings.
Reads just like an /r9k/ post. Maybe we aren't so different

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Is it just me, or does anyone else here want to fight a goose?

Geese are mean motherfuckers, I dream of donning a suit of armor and just beating the crap out of one of those assholes for what they've done.
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What have they done to you?
riginial [spoiler/]
They shit all over my fucking lawn like a bunch of autists.
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It's more of a pride thing. They strut around like they own the park. They need put in their place.

Help me out goyim. Dubs decides. Im not going to do anything to sabotage this though
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For the record I don't breed with shitskins.

Now that we got that out of the way have you got any plans for today?
You know what I just realised? Avatar: The Last Airbender, both the movie and the show, are kinda ridiculous. Don't get me wrong. I love the movie so hear me out. How people were using their bending skills is ridiculous. Because can't water benders just drain all of the water or any other liquids out of the enemies' bodies? Like the entire war could have ended just like that. To be completely honest, the water benders should have been the bad guys. It'd be more of a challenge. Or Earth benders. Those guys are fucking crazy. They can just build a wall around themselves and fire or air can't get through. The only thing that could get through the rock would be water which be erosion and that takes so long. And water benders can just splash out any fire that comes by. The only thing that could be real help other than Earth benders sheltering people would be air benders. Boom! Story would be better if the water benders were bad guys. The stakes would be higher and it'd be much harder to defeat them. Sure. Fire benders can melt the ice caps which is where the water benders live but the water benders can just as easily work together to form a big ass tsunami and drown everyone. So why is it that fire benders were the bad guys? Because fire is bad? Man, fire is good. We wouldn't even have Avatar: The Last Airbender without fire.
why would anyone want to participate in this?
especially originally

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>Size doesn't mat-
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This made me feel so ashamed of my 4 incher and yet so horny
Of course it matters. If you don't have a large dick you will never be loved.
>tfw white
>tfw will never have a big dick compared to nonwhites

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What is your religion and how did you come to it?

I'm Orthodox Christian, I converted when I moved to Washington DC for college, I used to be Pentecostal.
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Muslim. Raised with it.
What country are you from? If you're not from a Muslim country were you raised in a Muslim area?
I was raised in Australia with a Malay dad and Aussie mum. My town was very christian and I was probably the only non-white guy there.

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>be me, 21, teach retards for a living
>live with grandparents
>havent had a date in months
>ask a 9/10 cubana qt to a date with me
>she agrees
>i decide to bring her to my house
>cook up steak, shrimp, chicken for us
>having a good time
>grandmother starts talking to her
>asks her what part of mexico she's from
>asks if she has her greencard
>girl has to explain that she's american-born and of cuban descent and that she doesn't need a greencard
>grandma tries to speak broken spanish to her
>qt gets up and leaves the house
>spend the rest of the night guzzling pisswater beer until i pass out

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Because you're dating spics. Date white grils like abnormal human being.
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Pic related, it's your only way Anon
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>abnormal human being

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Why do girls only care about money?
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Because the society they were brought up in is one that orbits about material wealth, narcissism, and inflated self worth.
I'm a guy and all I care about is money.
You guys like appealing to nature, right? Girls care about money because they desire security at a base level. The more money, the more security.

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Millennials are actually more educated and work more than boomers, but they don't get married or have sex, and they don't move out. Millennials are not lazy, they are like insects. Ants never leave the hive, never have sex, and expend the minimum amount of energy on their routine, working constantly.

Millennials are not some generation of hippies. We are the kafkaesque insects of late stage capitalism. Sexless, genderless, fat blobs of menial labour, brimming with credentials and low on hormones.

Just think of how you live Anon. You're like a little beetle, cloistered up in your parents' house or studio apartment, no partner, no attachments, no deep emotions, other than hate, and no future. Just quietly aging, not accumulating capital and not reproducing. You are an insect. You are what happens when human beings imitate ants by piling on top of each other by the millions and everyone has 5 times Dunbar's number of Facebook "friends." No intimacy. No mammalian activities. A bipedal bug.
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doesn't really bother me if I'm gonna be honest
>don't... have sex
Your definition of 'millenial' became bullshit as soon as it got here.
Anyone who uses "kafkaesque" needs to die. Anyone who likes Kafka needs to be maimed.

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Is boypussy the most POWERFUL substance on earth?
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It is powerful because it can entice the most alpha of alphas
It's gay and revolting, stop using R9K as a dumping ground for your degeneracy, I know you faggots get off on forcing your selves on people.
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why don't you make me, big guy?

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tell us about your delusions
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Hiw presumptiosuu
I'm being watched constantly. Cameras are everywhere, and all of my actions on and offline are being recorded.

I live a very boring life, the idea of someone watching me sounds boring. Moreover, I think someone's cataloging everything I do to use as a form of blackmail.

I know it's delusional, but I still can't help but feel watched pretty much all the time.
People often travel through time just to fuck with me. for example, my stepdad is a time traveling wizard biker who traveled through time and manipulated it so that he could give the same christmas gift 10 years in a row to another one of my relatives without anyone but him and his time traveling buddies knowing about it so they could laugh about it

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>Discord bf keeps playing games and wont talk to me
im bored reeee
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Post pics of your assholi. That should alleviate the boredom for a while
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get a new bf
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but i dont know anyone else

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Are you gril?

I'll fuck you so good that you'll think you are stacy.
why would you want to be a subhuman woman
Better than a subhuman autist I figure

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