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europejski neet.png
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Who else /european/ here?

Things are comfy desu
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this has to be bait right?
i live in europe too
orignal comment
Watch out for trucks.

>This is unoriginal, lol.
No I am British. I am comfy.

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How bad is suicide by dehydration?
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it's fucking awful
i tried it kinda on accident
just hang yourself or something
Horrible, a cool way to die is to climb a mountain, get wasted and freeze to death in your sleep
dehydration fucks you up
don't do it

I was talking to this chick on /soc/ and I kinda sperge out on her. I wrote this long ass paragraph to her and I'm really regretting it. Here .Is but I will also be providing screenshots for proof.

"Deep question. What do you actually think about my looks? I have lived my whole life thinking that I'm ugly and what not and have kinda just felt with it. I have never had a girlfriend and the thought of it is so far and foreign to me that even the idea of having one seems like a myth to me. When I went onto /soc/ I was told that I'm an 8/10 and what not. I tried looking at the average and it came out to 7.7. That would mean that I'm handsome and would get girls but for the most part I don't even get second looks from girls. Now you in the thread said that I was good looking but after talking to you I have realised that you're just a generally nice person and would never tell someone that they're ugly but I want the truth. Don't worry about myself esteem I have made melancholy my friend and depression my home. One could not possibly make me feel any worse about life. But lying will. I want you as a woman to look deep in yourself and tell me the truth non of this "just be yourself" bull shit but actually truth. Because right now I don't know what to believe but if you lie to me I will be basing my entire life on a life and I don't want that. If I can help you come to a any harsher judgement I will insult you so that you will give me a more honest answer. Is that too much to ask for?"
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Part two of my sperge out!
Part three of my sperge out!
yeah I ain't even gonna read all that but i'd regret it simply for volume.

gj you sperg

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Describe the perfect gf.
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She looks like Leah Gotti, but she isn't in the porn biz and especially isn't fucking niggers.
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Basically A. Short hair and glasses kill me

I'll never have her ;_;

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>tfw just reached the one year mark for being a hikkikomori
>newfags on this board have had sex, have houses, have friends
>still live with my mom, addicted to cigarettes, and have no friends and jack off to hentai 3 times a day
what do i fucking do? i'm serious, i really want help here.
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it's okay anon, i think you can make it. you just need to change yourself to become someone who works.
>stop watching anime
>stop fapping
>go outside
>grab some food at mcdonalds
>go back home
>eat it outside
try something like this to get you used to travel and doing things.
it's really hard man, i just can't go outside without feeling fear, and want to just crawl back into my weeb chambers and sleep or eat.

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If the earth is flat, how is it possible for the moon and other astronomical objects to be round? Dont they follow the same laws of gravity?
Feel freee to debate me, im legitimetaly interested in what flat earthers have to say about this.
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they're all plates that spin really really fast and the sun and the moon is the same just 2 different sides they flip really f ast from day to night
Where do they get the momentum to spin?
it cant be because of the suns gravitational pull, and it cant come from nowhere.
um.. wind

WTF Anons


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No one is watching the news on this?
That's fucked up. Poor old guy
This fuckin' shit right here is why I don't go outside

Tell me about things you've done in a post masturbatory state. Anything, as long as you had jerked off sometime during the day before it.
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Fallen asleep right away
I visited my grandmother on her deathbed and then proceeded to furiously masturbate to hentai the next hour
I always shower and wash everything, sometimes never using things I've jizzed on entirely. OCD and obsess over the fact that jizz is really hard to wash, dries, and would flake off in a fine powder to be spread around your house, picked up and preserved forever in your books, your belonging, couch, pillows,anywhere and everywhere

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Realistically would you date someone that had an interest in trap or loli doujinshi?
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Yes, it would be refreshing to see a girl with a fetish besides " lol being ravished by a man in a suit".
it would be a good way to relate
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>"Would you date someone that had the same kinks as you?"
The answer is yes

>current year
>all the qt non-slutty white girls are with beta asian guys
>I'm a college dropout with 2/3 of a web design degree so all I can get is a low-self esteem asian GF
>fuking white sluts
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inb4 someone says someone says turks arent white
wrong choice of pic op. eurasian and asian.
anzu pls break up with that gook. I'm more masculine and will treat you better
where the fuk do u live that all the qt white girls date gooks

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Are you ready for WW3? Will you fight?
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No, let it all burn.
please just don't blow up japan I don't know what I'd do
no lolor!

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The fuck is with all this race bait?
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Nerd virgin shills paid to divide the people. Watch this documentary.
Is it really shills or is it just retards trying to troll?

Retards is the simpler explanation.
The simplest explanation is not always the true one.

Where did he get the shades? Where can I get them?
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>"Eric was a bit of a loner but Dylan had friends -- people liked Dylan."
Why did he do it? Quote is from mom in zero hour.
Obviously just pretending to be a normie. He was handsome enough anyways.
Eric was the good-looking one. Dylan was a weird-looking kike.

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What are your thoughts on this girl /r9k/?
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My thoughts are that I would hold her hand.
She's perfect desufam

Would take her out on a nice date and cuddle watching animu
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She is a grill that I like, how can I be her bf?

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Anyone else want to kill themselves but not die?
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why is this so funny lmao
Sounds like you just want attention. Try cutting yourself
yeah it's called drinking and doing drugs and sleeping from 6a-3p

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