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Start of the weekend. Gonna open up a ballbusting thread. Also The wife is here so if you wanna ask about breastfeeding do it cuz I didn't know alot of the shit I'm witnessing now
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How to induce breast milk
You have a child and your clauastrom? Comes in and your baby has to work hard to get that out of you. After a few days of that your milk drops and that's much easier for your baby to get. To the point that your almost drowning him.
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Found out its spell colostrum. Here are a pair of boobs for the trouble (random Pic online)

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What do you do when shit doesn't feel right? Like when you have lots of worries
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literally drugs and alcohol.

I wanna get some coke too so I can replace ritaline.
Running helps.. any exercise really
play dota and rhythm games to forget

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i dont like you at all anymore
youre stupid
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What is of the matter, anon? 3:
I'm sorry, I didn't mean it. Email me at [email protected] and I'll try to fix this.
I've felt that feeling before
>Be 15, dating hot 17 year old half white half Mexican girl
>dated for a few months, had crazy times
>she had an adorable biting fetish
>she becomes friends with this fucker named Jorge
>tell me not to worry, but I'm not stupid
>soon things start going south
>she tells me she wants to just be friends
>I can't handle that, I say we'd be better off just not talking at all

Haven't talked to her since, felt just like you OP especially when I'd see them making out in the halls

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Liberal GF.jpg
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Do liberal girls make good waifus and moms when they settle down? Or should I become conservative to meet better girls?
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>good mum

lol nice meme
If you're conservative when you're young you don't have a heart. If you're a liberal when you're old you don't have a brain.
t. 13 year olds

Was the world actually happier when we had more defined gender roles and people weren't as "liberated"?

Sure seemed that way.
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>posts a propaganda picture
I love these old-timey, color-saturated happy family images.

Do they have a name?
For non-Chad men obviously, anyone who says otherwise is just a Tyrone/Chad or a roastie who are starting to get scared of the incel guys who go on shooting rampages due to never getting laid.

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>dad got my hopes up again for another round of job hunting
>actually got the job
>can tell dad it was all in the firm handshake because the guy hired me on the spot
"we gonna need a guy"
>go back to the car and dad is happy, he is going to get me a mcflurry and fries
>he walks in and buys me a mcflurry and fries, but he asks to thank the manager
>manager comes back and dad asks if I can start as soon as possible
"yeah he can work till closin. we gotta line so you goin work the register. you gotta take that tie off and imma get you yo hat and shit"
>dad proudly reads the posted schedule, closing at 10
>alright anon I'll be back at 11 pm to pick you up after you and the good ol boys clean up the place
>points his thumb over at the garbage scattered around the trashcans
>put on job hat and manager puts me on the register to take orders for the line
>humiliate myself 20 times in 10 minutes before manager takes me to his office
"you a new guy on the register. boys been thievin an you gotta enter a PIN to keep the register accountable to yall kids. gimme a 4 number PIN and not one you gonna forget"
>not even racist, fell for saying the first 4 digits I knew I'd retain through repetitive exposure
>fired on the spot
>autistically wait four hours out front for dad to get back
>too much shame to go back in for the food dad bought for me
>through window see the manager eating it
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originallly wat
I think you can sue your employer for that
that is, as long as this story is true
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>14 word sentence : "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children."
>88 : 8th letter in the alphabet is H, therefor 88 = HH -> Heil Hitler

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who is this and where can i find more?
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Have you tried Google image search?
yes, but i just get other r9k threads
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posting the rest of what i have but please give more

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femanon here with terrible social and performance anxiety and starting classes next week. i want to dress so no one approaches me or notices me, any tips? also hoodies and sweatpants all the time is suicide here since i live in AL
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Clothes don't actually matter, if you wear revealing things you might get looked at more often but bodies are what they are. If a guy wants to talk to you, he will.

Enjoy your free practice socialization, anon.
wear a german DDR uniform
No matter what you wear there will be some schmuck desperate enough to talk to you unless you're literally deformed or morbidly obese

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Where should I live in the USA? I was thinking Seattle.
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If you like SJWs, Mexicans, niggers, nu-males, pretentious restaurants, homeless people, and depressing weather then please come!
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That's where he wanted to live, too...
Get surgery to look like cat and Econ bodega cat in New York, perfect NEET life

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Dizzy Blonde.jpg
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>what are you using today
>what's your favorite drug
>favorite combo
>what you wanna try
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Does weed have a plateau? I've been smoking for a year but I've never smoked more than 0.5g's at once. Will I get twice as high if I smoke a gram at once?
i live in alberta how can i get weed delivered to me? i dont wanna ask the flips at my job and im too scared to talk to spooky people, or people in general
Use whisper, I live in a small town and even I've found a couple of dealers

Sad nigga thread
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Doesn't feel too good man
Sad nigga hours

About to finish the final season of The Blacklist, any good shows you know I can binge watch before I an hero?
>tfw 6ft1 black guy with a 5 inch noodle dick

This world is a joke, at this point I'm just getting as many laughs out of it as I can before I jump off a bridge

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watch me cum.webm
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Does anybody eIse on r9k ever get vagina envy?

l'm not sure if l realIy want to be a woman, but l look at my dick and just wish l had a vagina sometimes. I hate having a refractory period. I realIy wish l could have multiple orgasms. Good sex and masturbation just seem so much more pleasurabIe for women it makes me deeply depressed...
It just feels like both biology and my body have betrayed me. Anyone else here know this feeIing?
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Female orgasms aren't the same as men's and half of "multiple orgasms" is just twitching responses which is not nearly as erotic as you think.
>wanting to bleed for a week every month from the age of 12 to 55
holy shit, vaginas are disgusting

Do modern women have any goals, opinions or aspirations besides being a whore?

They "go to the gym" to stand in the same position exercising the same muscles over and over for an hour straight to make their ass comically oversized

They shop for clothes, which is either vaccuum-sealed spandex or linen ponchos that are one gentle breeze away from showing everyone their tits

They take photos of themselves in these clothes in contrived positions trying to make themselves look as fuckable as possible and upload themselves to various social media outlets

The closest thing to any kind of interest or "opinion" they seem to have is consuming entertainment other people created, meaning the new Kodak Black album. Which most of the time still seems to go back to sex, being songs you can shake your ass to

How many women do you even see doing jobs? As in actual jobs, not "social media managers" where they reply to criticisms of the company they work at with inane platitudes on Twitter, not "receptionists" where they type in someone's name into an Excel spreadsheet at a leisurely pace, not Instagram models where they show up to a location and stand still in clothing for 30 minutes while people take pictures of them. "Actual jobs" as in a skilled profession that people will pay you for both because it offers something valuable to the company.

I'd be a cunt too if this were my existence and I were so incredibly useless I couldn't change despite anyone and everyone despite it being so incredibly easy
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Thanks for coming.
mom works at the old folks home but she's not a modern woman
my older sister works at a makeup store so yet
Hell yeah
Goals slay yass

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How do I become good at illustrating
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Constant practice.
How do I even start though
There aren't any guides
There are, go to /i/. Try using depth, it's like you're drawing on 1 plane, flat. You'll get what I mean

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Anyone else drinking tonight? It's Friday, so get in here and celebrate with all of us.
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last time i got drunk i posted my dick to r/twoxchromosomes so no more gin for me ever again
I'm drunk to forget my crush and focus on my gf
>last time i got drunk i went to reddit so no more alcohol for me ever again

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