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Feel ph.D.gif
2MB, 696x478px
Well meh mistake actually, if my life wasn't back on tracks i'd feel depressed as fuck. I can't imagine how it feels for people who peaked at elementary school or high school.

While you're a racist NEET fapping to animes and crying about minorities all day long, your old classmates are now successful happy dentists,engineers,lawyers,doctors,other professionals, they're travelling the world, living life to the fullest while all you've been doing for the past years was cry about minorities and roasties on a japanese cartoon site + fap to little anime girls,make the same threads everysingle day and post the exact same shit

Exact same routine forever..while others are out there fulfilling their dreams and living to the fullest

Man,that would be depressing as fuck. Thankfully i came back from rock bottom and can live life again
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>going on Normiebook
Heh. You deserved it.
So what do you for a job OP? Other than post here

You ruined my day.

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Are mixed girls the cutest girls in the world? Also why are mixed girls the cutest girls in the world?
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nice repost, someone posted this same topic and this same picture a week ago or something
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Screen cap or you're a fag
>>>/s/ more than likely will find a thread about mixed girls

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Which one are you? I'm a bit of chad, le gentleman, and the neckbeard
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Yore ass loel
odd mix of the bottom three except I have a mortgage and live alone.

you need a cyborg/MGTOW tier with money and no gf.
i hate the faggot nu-males the most

Femanons, would you wear this at the gym?
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Women have to go through this much training just to get BLACKED?
>implying fembots go to the gym
>implying fembots FUCKING EXIST

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>be extremely hungry
>feel like shit, depressed, want to kill myself
>everything is good now, what was that I was worrying about?
why is this?
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Low blood sugar? Some people just get irritable when that happens.
idk, I didn't eat any sugar nor did I crave any. I ate some toast and I feel like another person now.
It's your hypothalamus. Imagine you're freezing to death in the winter. Someone offers you a painting. You wouldn't have a damn thing to do with the painting, you're interested in warmth. The same applies for food and other basic needs (including socialization).

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harris klebold.jpg
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When did you realize they were normies?
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When I read about them going to prom. They were turbo autistic normie niggers with their own clique.

Shame they didn't decide to just pop each other. Instead they had to sperg out the cunts.

Finding out they were normalfags was one of the biggest disappointments of my life desu. I bought into the "they were bullied and only shot the popular jocks who tormented them" meme but when I started reading about the shooting and saw a few docs it became clear they were just a couple of normalfag scum.
How were they normies? I'm ignorant

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Thank you
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Then why do I always see chads or other Stacies around them?
I have big boobs and a big butt and I am not around any Chads or Staceys. Stop generalizing.
Post asshole you dirty slut

File: 1471185070845-1.png (275KB, 615x932px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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woman hate general.

>tfw you will never live life on easy mode
>can commit crimes and get away with it
>it's illegal to mutilate your genitals as a child but ok to mutilate boys
>all sorts of publicly and privately funded support networks, shelters, programs
>your health problems, like cancers, are given top priority (never see any ribbons/blue for prostate or testicular cancer)
>even for male dominated issues like homeless, you have special female only shelters despite being much less likely to be homeless and less at risk (and will have a much easier time finding someone to be a roommate with, or leech off of)
women just coast by in life without a worry
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It's just sex and was most likely consensual, but why is she allowed to teach, be in school or have contact with kids(while in a position of authority/power)?
If she was a man, she'd have lost her job, friends, family, reputation, and everything else. Unbelievable.
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You could fill a woman hate thread to bump limit just by using female prison officials as examples

>cigarettes are 10+ a pack for a brand that's not HiVal tier
>fucking Taxachusetts
>decide to pick up pic related
>go the day without smoking
>decide to go for a similar product with reloadable cartridges
>2 pack costs about $7, go through about 2 cartridges a day
>saving a total of about 3 bucks a day
>decide to look into actual vape
>a 50 investment gets me a vape, 300 ml of the liquid, ranging from some nicotine to zero
>pumped, ready to quit, already see savings
>read about vape "culture"
>fucking christ, man
>sicc clouds, bomb juices yo
>now afraid to be seen in public with one

What the fuck man, why do these faggots need to make a "lifestyle" out of this? Its just a hobby at best. I play several instruments, but you don't see me make a lifestyle out of it. I just want tp quit smoking
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>a robot
>caring about our social status

It's as if you are a normie
Just wait you'll be #vapenation blowing clouds in three months
I wonder what your first coils will be, their ohm reading, what mod will you have? Drip or tank?
I just got a cheap, chinky 20 dollar model from vape.com or some such site. Believe me, it does the trick just fine, amd you wont see me doing modding or fucking with ohms.

More a cyborg. I relate to robot tendencies, but I'm no aspie, and I understand how to navigate the social infrastructure. I feel like a sociology class would help you faggots a little.

6 months ago i thought i had found my misaki on a forum. she cared about me so much and i always talked with her when i felt sad or happy. i only talked with her and couldn't tell my love to her. last month she didn't write me for a whole month. now 2 days ago she told me that she got a boyfriend.
then i told her my emotions and she said she was feeling the same for me but couldnt tell me because she thought i was just wanting her as a friend. since i called her "my best friend" always.
im crying for 2 days. she really loved me. but im so stupid. i lost her.
and what hurts me most is that faggot is now holding my misaki's hand and probably kissing and whats even worse is fucking her. goddammit i want to kill myself.
>tfw you will never find your true misaki
>tfw all misakis in 3d are just whores in disguise
i miss you so much misaki. i want to come to your hikikomori training again but you never come
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File: WelcometotheNHK-2.png (34KB, 200x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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misaki i'm sorry that i went into 3d shit. i promise i will never go back to 3d again. can you please forgive me.
hug me now and tell me that everything is going to be okay
Go outside you pathetic freak.
File: misaki2.jpg (10KB, 200x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10KB, 200x200px
thank you misaki that felt so much better.

anons she is the only person that will truly love you and only girl that will never give you up. dont hurt your misaki. she is always there within you.

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Do any fembots want a black boi bf
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I'll date you anon, I'm a wetback though if you don't mind :3


Do you enjoy fighting games?

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>you will never know what it feels like to have your dick sucked
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But I do, it happened yesterday kiddo
It doesnt feel that good. It sucks desu
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Sometimes i put my saliva in my hand and beat my dick.
Is the same feel anon ?

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How's the neetbux going fellas?
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What do you do for work? That's not bad, about 25% more than my paygrade but my skills are in very difficult work
This is neetbux, you don't work for neetbux?

He's not aware on dat der ceno lmao, he thinks you actually work.

What payment are you on? Disability?

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> normies calling a PM "inboxing"
> normies taking video in portrait
> normies happily watching video shot in portrait being reduced to a 5th of the screen space when played back in landscape.
> normies are openly taking thousands of pictures of their face, even in public, without a hint of shame for their narcissism
> normies posting a picture of their face at every opportunity while writing about matters completely unrelated to their face
> normies not sharing a link, just writing a friends name in the comments

inb4 "using facebook". I use for private messaging (with people who wouldn't communicate with me otherwise) and organising a boardgames club, which it works well for and is free.
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Disgusting normies: basement-dwelling manchildren virgins who think they deserve everything for free, including a gf.
>using Facebook
Check out my discord
File: Fedora.png (139KB, 466x466px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>boardgames club

File: 1494798116860.jpg (1MB, 2978x2237px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 2978x2237px
>suicide hotline
>(caller) my life sucks
>(me) why is that
>(caller) ...
>(me) wow that really sucks, guess I would kill myself too if I was you
>hangs up

I wonder how many people I helped die before I got fired
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You are a true God among men, OP
haha, le legend xd
Suicide Hotlines calls are monitored by trained psychologists so your bait is fucking weak anon

I worked 6 months on one

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