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>go on youtube
>search for videos from the current date
>edit the filters so only the newest videos show up and their length is below 4minutes and around 0 views
>shit bricks

just found these

im still looking for something
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interesting approach
but what's so interesting about the first video?
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If you want to see something really cool, type in "webcam video from" and then browse through the top results!
the nogs are wearing autism shoes kek

So my therapist recently advised me to "restrict" my self-awareness and take life "less seriously" to overcome my depression and existential crises. She thinks I lack the mental mechanism which prevents a young man from becoming too intelligent, too soon. I can't say I disagree, but I am also very hesitant to impose any restrictions on my intellect or the profound self-awareness.Either I continue to be extremely intelligent, self-conscious, mentally liberated yet depressed or I resign myself to an extended period of intellectual mediocrity, willed ignorance and contentment. My therapist has been in the profession for some thirty years altogether, and she tells me that I am the only young person she has ever come across who struggles with such intense mental turmoil at such a young age. She insists that this is a case (so she tells me) of me being so intelligent at such a young age that my brain has insufficient means, due to my neurobiology being underdeveloped for the type of thoughts and cognitive functioning I experience, that I am simply burdened by a kind of genius that it is almost impossible to bear without quote "burning out". Needless to say she is very concerned (she treats me a little like a son, though I can't deny the fact that I've noticed a certain look in her eyes at times which suggests she is also attracted to me in an erotic sense) and has suggested that I take a break and either defer my studies for a year or become a voluntary patient at a mental health facility. But still, my native inclination is to avoid any triviality in life or any "easy going" form of philosophy which endorses physical pleasure over the riches of an organized and disciplined mental life. And this inclination is so powerful and my instincts to stubborn on this issue that I am afraid that it is unavoidable that I continue to be a genius and to suffer only as a genius is able to do, and I am consequently afraid that some form of breakdown is inevitable at this point.
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Thanks for the copypasta, I'm gonna keep this one bud.
Nice blog post.

>take life less seriously

LMAO LOOK AT THIS HILARIOUS PILE OF WORK! Lmao what the fuck does this even mean? Wow!
>fast forward a few days
Boss: Did you fill out those papers like i told you?

>You become a retarded tumblrfag or stay sad. Pick one

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Where has all the Rose bread gone? Rose draad.
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The people in rose threads are largely insignificant; every now and again, someone from the past shows up, and some new guy will try to mimic the pseudo-cryptic declarations about having unearthed the ultimate rose treasure trove. Let me save you some time and give you a word of warning here: rose threads are a maze of smoke and mirrors. They are filled with trolls, most of whom troll themselves as well as the rest of the thread, and people stroking their ego about being in control over material they will tell you they will not share ever. The rest of the threads consists of beggars, non-rose posters who unsuccessfully try to derail the thread with boxxy, gore and other trash posts, and the (sometimes persistent) deluded ones who tell themselves and anyone who listens that they are going to move close to rose, get into her life and force her to accept them, or otherwise destroy her.

When will this end? No one knows. The crowd changes, but the subject is fixed; she has attracted these people for close to a decade, and there is no shortage of new guys. Soon she will be 30, and may at some point vanish from the internet altogether. Some fear she even may settle down, have a family and be happy. The rose posters will be left with memories that become staler and dimmer, and the feeling that they lost something. And that will be the end of it, and no one will remember anything but the loss they felt and a yearning that is left unfulfilled.

Please this is not the time for your jokes.
slash thousand roses slash

What do next?
This roastie is getting upset.
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I think she was raped guys :,(
>using 'ive been raped' as a defense to a guy you clearly don't like
it's like giving ammunition to a guy who has a gun to your head, lmao what
So sad, I cry every time

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It was better in 1999.
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In 1999 "nerd" meant "nerd". Today it means "hot guy in glasses who plays videogames"

foood oregano

what do you robots usually drink?
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Usually high abv craft ales or vodka mixed with Gatorade. For the past 28 hours I've been drinking Bacardi and Gatorade and I got into my second bottle at 12:20pm today.
I did that math wrong, it's been 16 hours.
I drink sarsaparilla

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Just get a grip anon!
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If I won any award in my life I would never be depressed

What a fucking cunt
>it's just some roastie blabbing about her past attention-seeking tactics
>By Angela
Stopped reading there.

I want to go to a Event but my own parents won't let me have autonomy because i'm fucking stupid
>other dumbasses have more agency than I do
>they don't know how good they have it

>You don't know what you got unless you know others more unfortunate I guess
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Leave and never return, underage
I'm fully grown

And I'm smart enough to know I can't survive Alone, can't do it jpg
File: sillyCamwhore.webm (2MB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 1280x720px
Very motivational anon, we all have our little issues

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>Hi there handsome. Care to buy a lady a drink?
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No? Leave me the fuck alone, creep.
Sorry I'm a proud feminist.
File: 1495048356395.jpg (274KB, 708x1099px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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"no thanks, fatty."

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Hey robots, how are your finals going?

>tfw have 9am exam tomorrow
>spent most of today shitposting about that new Sonic OC game
>tfw don't even care at this point
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>98% on Thermodynamics exam
Was feeling really happy with myself
>59% on Linear Algebra exam
Now I'm butthurt.

Also it's funny how my History prof basically hates all STEM students. He's passive aggressive as fuck all but somehow I still have an A in that garbage class.
Social Anxiety: The Campus Year 2 is almost over lads, two more years till I can start sperging out in interviews rather than in the school cafe line
File: 081 - fjhVAZ6.jpg (12KB, 196x185px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
081 - fjhVAZ6.jpg
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>98% on thermodynamics

I have a fluid dynamics exam on Friday - I need 50% to pass. I'm not even a mathematician I just took it for the funnies

I honestly think I'm going to kill myself tonight. I literally can't handle it anymore. I want to die. I just want to die.
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The pressure is building inside your head, it's a shit feeling. I know it well.

Don't do it, anon.
But then who will post this thread tomorrow?
Would you be willing to kill me first before you sudoku

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>tfw unable to look my own sister in her eyes even during a videocall
End this miserable existence already
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>tfw unable to talk with your own mother when she visits you
>tfw you overheard she saying is her fault for be like the way you are

I used to never look people in the eyes, I would always look away, I felt intimidated and anxious. but I kept doing it again and again and again, now I can lock eyes with someone when having a conversation. before when I looked into someone eyes i would be waiting to "feel" something, I thought you are suppose to feel a connect with someone when you look them in the eyes, but I always just felt awkward. now it's just the default place I look when in direct conversation with someone, it just feels normal now. it also kind of feels more personal, when you lock eyes it's like you are giving them your sole undivided attention and vice versa.

I still have low confidence and low self esteem which is think is why I had trouble looking people in the eyes and when I am feeling shitty or down or sad, the tendency to look people in the eyes dissipates and I will look in their vague direction of their head without making contact.

comes down to how confident you feel in yourself, in your own skin. also practise as much as possible and make a conscious effort to try to look people in the eyes whenever the situation arises, it will get easier if you work on these 2 things.
that's literally a sign of asperger's, anon.

get checked out.

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This thread is only for those with a sufficiently high I.Q. to even have an inkling as to what is going on in the world. No "hurr durr the conspiracy is that nobody is controlling the world" brainlets allowed.
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I did but then they silenced me.
AMN(nothing) I rely only on memory now.
Shit gets weird and 2deep but it is also surprisingly easy to circumvent given the correct circumstances. Like everything else, weak and strong all at once.

so (((who))) do you think is controlling the world?
of course humans are controlling the world

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wow, what a fucking whore

well from now on, im just gonna leave her on Read, that'll show her
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Yes, that will surely teach her
Yeah anon, I'm sure she'll care very much about that.
Probably'll come crawling back by next week
Just send a single middle finger emoji, thats what i do when a girl disapoints me

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I miss when Ayafag gave me hugs and paid attention to me
it felt like I had a parent sort of for once
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Aya hates me now and he said he wont ever be my friend again
i want Aya back
i can't think of anything else
File: 1494453285196.jpg (31KB, 400x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I miss when Rem gave me hugs and paid attention to me
it felt like I had a parent sort of for once
Rem hates me now and he said he wont ever be my friend again
i want Rem back
i can't think of anything else
im sorry

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