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Let's get a good old fashioned women hate thread going
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These lowlife threads again? Oh my gosh it's like you losers never quit. It's embarrassing.
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>women aren't brainle-
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How to detect rostards

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You have 10 seconds to convince me that I don't have a human right to a gf.
(Protip: you literally can't)
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>Because women are plebian tier
>Traps are the key to ascending to the highest state of being, mein gutt man.
no one deserves anything in this world
Normie-tier just world logic is the least convincing shit in the world.

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>women 20 years older than you will probably still outlive you
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the age gap isn't genetic, but rather the fact that men almost always work harder and do more dangerous things than women.
That's because you're 5 years old.
> having any interest in living past 30

why are you here normalfag

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My main goal about losing weight is to finally have a better sex life. I can't stand that i can't fuck because i'm not sexually attractive or i can't get a gf because i'm a fat fuck.

My main inspiration is to have a better look so i can perform better at REAL LIFE and stop being a fucking fat piece of shit.

I want TITS in my life, in my face, in my cock. I wanna be a fucking chubby chaser and fill my fucking dream and stop this madness.


Today i started my diet (2000 cal goal), i left soda and all that shit behind. COME WITH ME ROBOTS, WE CAN DO IT. It's dinner time and i've only eaten 900 cal and i'm about to go and start jogging in the local park.

also; fat feels thread, share why you want to change you fatfuck robot.
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My goal is to just be in the normal weight range to stop being a statistic for obesity. Also being able to wear normal size clothes fresh out of the dryer and have them just fit would be nice
>I wanna be a fucking chubby chaser
>jogging when you're fat
don't do that. You'll just fuck up your knees. Do cycling instead
With you. Counting calories. Not eating dinner. About a month in. Also working out but if I don't get a run in in the morning I get exausted after wage work. Also it's like 110 here by noon. Also addicted to sugar. Hard to break those habits. I'm down 10 in a month. Should be doing better.

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Is 23m and 19f a big age gap?

How much is too big?
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For sex, no limit within legal bounds
For relationship, I just have to say that the younger the woman is the more unbearable she is to be around.
Not really.

But you better not be coworkers.
Half your age plus seven, so they say.

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>wake up at 3am
>immediately jump out of bed and go for a 5k run
>ice cold shower
>pull out a chilled Huel(TM) from the fridge that I prepared last night
>turn on a new album that I've been planning to listen to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOZuKsGHfwE
>sit down on my computer and browse r9k until I'm ready to work

self employed life is the best
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What do you do for work?

you have been muted for 5 seconds because your comment was not original
i wanna be that girl
do fake titties still feel pain and how big of a hit can they take?

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If i join the taekwondo club at uni this fall will i secure myself as the weird guy for the next 4 years?
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>Still taking a martial art that's for children
yeah because self defense makes you a fuckin weirdo...
>i dont have a comeback but fuck you

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>skipped the bottle and pissed on the floor
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>used my autistic sister for sexual relief
>eat from the trash sometimes
>don't clean the cum of my handsand floor when i fap
>browse porn in the table when eating
>use shorts everyday
>dropped out of highschool and quit my job
>i believe im the chosen one
>spit inside my house on the floor
>killed my pet to not feed/take care of him
>told my mom "why did you have me? imnot good and only cause disgraces for everyone i should kill myself" she started crying and tried to take me to a psychologist i declined of course
> lazy to lift toliet seat and piss in the sink

Holy shit anon you need some serious help.
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If /b/ took form of a person you would be it.

Not a compliment

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Is exclusively listening to ex-Yugoslav songs retarded?
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I listen to Yugoslav war songs mostly. Serbians had the best music during the time
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i think bosnian is better desu
only serb singer i like is roki vulovic

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I'm sick of being skinnyfat. How the fuck do I fix this? I keep getting different advice
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obviously you already know the answer deep down. stop asking for advice and stop eating and start working out. just imagine what it would be like to not be skinnyfat until you're not anymore.
Eat healthy and workout. Cardio will burn the most calories but you'll look like shit so lift some weights and do some core exercises too. Read the fucking sticky
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>tfw skinny but low body fat
if I lost a bit of muscle on my upper arms I could be a qt trap

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can nu r9k manage to get the joke
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Haha, that's pretty good OP. I wonder if anyone else gets it? Not gonna spoil it, I suppose.
Is this the one about the green sound waves?
No wait that was something else.
>newfags wont get this

Aren't you dying just picturing this?
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I don't originally get it
Sounds like what happens if you fuck with the physics in San Andreas
What the fuck is this orginalano

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I've been a NEET for nearly 4 years now. I left school at 16 and I'm almost 20, how the hell do I ever get out of this? Like honestly, just the thought of going outside gives me a panic attack and the thought of working with people and just the work enviroment in general makes me feel depressed. Is there any way to overcome these feelings? I'm scared to talk to people, scared to see people and extremely nervous whenever I go outside. I'm fucked for life right?
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go to night school. less normies and you can do something other than shitposting.
That could be a good idea, night school is just full of adults right? like people in their 30s-40s?
Na fuck high school i had a teacher, a fucking teacher, that dropout at ops age got his GED and went to college asap now he left the shity job he had which was teaching high schoolers and is now a geologists over in Antarctica, so op if want to get life started go to college

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>Finally wins an NBA Championship
>Only congratulated by his mom on national TV
>Teammates celebrated and he cries on his mom's shoulders

He's a robot right
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Is this dodgeball
I hope he fucking dies

Yeah I'm sore fuck you

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>Join a Discord server
>Log on the next day and you're no longer in the server

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>start several conversations about vidya or life
>they die within 2 responses
>somebody edgeposts some alt-right stuff
>3 hours of "debate"
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This happens to me typically within 30 minutes.
We need more piety friendly servers.
yooo thanks for posting again, I needed to filter you.

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