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Who else /comfy fiber optic internet/ here?
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AT&T's fiber offering just recently became available in my area. I'd have switched already if they didn't have a goddamned data cap in all but the highest plan.
But, at the same time, I'm not sure if I would really benefit from it. I currently have cable with 15 mbps and it serves me well. Shit loads fast and streaming at 1080p is smooth. I rarely download large files and when I do I just leave it overnight and it's done by morning.
wat do
35 ping
11.86 down
1.12 up
It's shit but at least it's only 10$/mo

What does a ice cream dick taste like?
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Like ice cream, retard
It tastes like thumbnails.
guess you would know, fag.

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Why has crying become impossible to do?
Anyone here having trouble crying at all?

I can't even fucking cry for the deceased of my family.
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me right now333.jpg
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i haven't been able to cry for the last 6 years. i always thought it was just a result of living with untreated depression for so long.

i've just become so numb
few months back my dog got cancer and had to be put down. My dad cried. I didn't
Similar thing happened to me, but it did mess me up. Afterwards I learned to never allow myself to get emotionally attached to something ever again so I don't have to feel that way again. Probably wasn't the best option, but it works so I'm not complaining.

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This board has become a disgrace.
A pathetic shadow of it's former self.

Populated by normies, cucks, and faggots, sometimes even all three at once.
Roasts are now looked up to, and "fembots" are actually considered a valid term.
I used to fight for salvation on this board, but it is too late.
There is no light at the end of the tunnel anymore.

The last robots are either leaving, or have moved on.
This board has been normiefied, filled with gullible degenerates, and monetized so Hiroshima earns his shekels.
Watch this thread get flooded by orbiters trying to justify female whores being on this board.

Regardless though, I thank this board for the joy and pain I shared with it.
Goodbye, /r9k/.
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Bumped, so that the world may know the truth
Only a handful of desperate betas say this who have hope they can get a gf here. No one actually believes it.
Never heard this .

Just do your part. If someone has been loved before and have been in a past relationship, give them a bitter insult and move on. Bit over-dramatic, OP.
The only real thing that's changed on this board is that the loneliness turned some of us gay.
Not OP, but if you don't think this place has changed very much, go look at archive from like 2012 or 13

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Why is sex SO FUCKING IMPORTANT to normal fags? I get it, it feels good. What wrong with feeling good right? But IT'S FUCKING EVERYWHERE. It seems like everyone is obsessed with it to the point of being unhealthy. Sexuality is constantly on young people's mind and it's adding unnecessary stress. How much sexualized shit can you see in music, movies, video games, etc. before you get sick of it? How many social issues are being caused because sex keeps getting pushed in our faces?
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It's just a normie thing? Because all I ever see on this board are threads and threads about virginity/losing virginity/sex.
I would like to draw your attention to fitting lyrics from a particular cartoon:

'I seems today, that all you see, is violence and sex on TV'

It is and has always been a thing.
Once Not-Normies get the sweet taste of vaginal fluids on their dicks, they become the same.

Studies have shown that a male orgasm shows the same effect on the brain as cocaine does but only for a few seconds.

Orgasm = 5 Second Drug Effect
What I mean is that therefore the same way get addicted to drugs, you can also get addicted to orgasms

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how are those famous big old concrete buildings still standing after literally hundreds of years while modern stuff have to be demolished for safety after like 50 years?
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They took pride in their work and built them to last. Modern buildings are flimsy shit they just slap together as cheap as they can get away with and just dress it up to look pretty.
only a few out of millions are standing and even some of the ones you see standing have been renovated to a point thats its almost new
There's your answer.

Modern shit is all made of wood and plaster.

4'5" here, everyday is pure hell. It's hard to get a job, the only job I had was to go to a kid's birthday party and dressed up as a donkey while my dad dressed up as a clown. I had a butt pad so the kids are able play pin the tail on the donkey. There is no God.
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>4'5" here
So you're legally a dwarf?
Please post some form of proof.
Can't. I'm a NEET and I don't own many things. Me and my family are poor and we live in one of the poorest streets in Mexico. I fucking wish I have job.
What the fuck your life is a joke man that's awful

Imagine all of /r9k/ Trapped in a spaceship far away from earth together. The ship is filled with unlimited resources and futuristic technology.
>no sexbots or holoporn tho
How would /r9k/ do drifting through the void
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There be lots of gays and transbots there. I would kill myself along with everybody on that ship.
There already are robots in space, though
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I would just stay in my room, eat, shit, piss and sleep and use any form of entertainment available to me without ever interacting with anyone else.

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Whitebots, why do you still chase after white women when there are Asian girls?
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Jewbot, why do you try to promote race mixing?
How about you just give me one. White, Asian I don't care i'll take either if they god damn fucking LOVE ME
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delet i am upset

I hope I get a chance to put my seed in an Asian woman and give her my babies someday.
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>that disappointed look in her eyes
More like glazed over from obsession to the BWC.
enjoy raising the next elliot rodgers

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Anyone else listen to the beginning part of porn interviews to feel less lonely?
> mfw when she makes eye contact with the camera.
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Who is this girl motha Fucka??

Way prettier than usual for that site
I use late night talk shows too. Only segments with women. Feels nice when they get flirty with the host.
Never mind found her easily

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dance for us anon!
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Im not gonna dance on demand, do i look black?
Yo mann fuk yo mama

>tfw panic attack

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i get an occasional prince myshkin in front of my family too
what can you do
i described in vivid detail how my panic attacks are like to my general care physician, she had a scared look on her face and immediately prescribed me xanax
doctors are retarded. my gp didn't even know what anxiety attacks were. whenever a normie belittles this condition i feel like throwing acid in their fucking face.

>Welcome home, anon!
>Another long 12 hour day at work, huh? how about you lie down?
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That's a nice white kitchen, how about you take the hint?
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12 hour work days would be bearable if you had a qt asian wife to come home to and bang every night after you eat her lovely cooking.
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download (1) 2.jpg
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anon your cock is kind of salty
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I know, I've tried it.
How do you know what my dick tastes like you fuckin creep
why the fuck does it look so disgusting and sick at the top?

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